the weirdest phenomenon is going on right now. it is really friggen cold. and i’m driving home and i see all these bizzare verticle streaks in the sky. coming from ground straight up into the sky. they weren’t northern lights-ish, it was just…concentrated beams of light into the sky…sorta like the luxor in vegas has the spotlight that goes straight up. so i decided to try to figure out what they were….

apparently, it is so friggen cold out, that something is happening to the air, and that every bright light is producing this intense vertical streak of light. parking lot lights, lights on buildings….it’s incredible…and incredibly weird.

i was going to grab the camera and take some pictures, cuz i doubt it’s something i’ll see again….. but it’s just really too damn cold. it hurts to breathe, and it makes you cough it’s so cold.

has anyone ever bought stuff off cafepress before? anyone know about the quality of the stuff? i bought a few things yesterday and i was wondering. i guess i’ll find out. it could be a good thing to use to raise money for the terminal. they offer lots of different kinds of products, and it’s not like we’d have to spend the money to produce them right off the bat. there’s no inventory and stuff, so we wouldn’t get stuck with 100s of crappy things no one will buy. we’ll see.


it’s 5 degrees out. you know what’s the best thing to do when it’s 5 out? go urbexing!

brian called and got me out of bed around 130 cuz he was going to stop by while he was in the falls. so him and james came over, and we chilled here for a while, then went out to take pictures of a place in the falls. really great place, the sun was out, so it had a neat glow…or maybe it was all the toxins…but yeah. haven’t been at a site in a long time, so it was nice. even if i thought my hands and feet were going to fall off.

we might go back out to flinkote tomorrow or monday. we’ll see. it’s supposed to be warmer then. haha

i floor on my own tomorrow for the first time. i ended up shadowing most of the night last night. the 10pm bacc crew took us out, and we were sent to muck chips in roulette. instead of standing there and doing nothing, i asked to shadow again, so i stood there and did nothing too. haha. i did the roll, which was way better this time. so hopefully it’ll go smoothly for me on my own tomorrow. then i floor next fri and sat.

and holy cow i got the biggest pay check ever yesterday. *drools* i feel as if i can go and get a complete new bedroom set.

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