i am so exhausted. i’m about to pass out lol. i guess that’s what you get for not getting much sleep for 5 days.

back from indiana, obviously. soooo here’s a recap.

we left from nate’s house around 9:30. i drove really fast, because there were no cops anywhere. it only took us two and a half hours to get to cleveland heehee. but my fast driving didn’t seem to make up any time, because we didn’t get to danielle’s until 6ish anyway, which was longer than the directions anticipated. probably because i went 90 and nate went 75 when he took over the wheel lol. so yeah, got to danielle’s and saw her apartment. it’s really nice. 2 nice sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big living room, kitchen, little porch thing. very nice. she has a kitten, he’s cute, scared of people. hehe.

the three of us went out to dinner to a steakhouse place, like outback but cheaper, and had a good dinner there. rented 2 movies on the way home, because danielle was too tired from school to do anything out, and nate and i weren’t that up for going out either. so we watched queen of the damned (surprised?) and true romance, cuz it’s one of nate’s favourite movies. drank half a bottle of southern comfort…lol all good. danielle went to bed, and nate and i followed around 2. let’s just say this. i’m too old to sleep on the floor. it was beyond frustrating. so painful, couldn’t sleep, frustrated that nate was sleeping and i wasn’t LOL. he’s like, just relax, i’m like ARG I CAN’T haha. but when we got up in the morning he was like, tonight, definitely going with the futon.

so saturday…went out for breakfast, then back to the apt to get directions to dayton. headed out there to find shannon hoon’s grave. the directions didn’t make sense to danielle so she went looking at blind melon fan sites to see if they had directions, and shannon’s mother has a site with directions…and apparently if she’s there when you go she’ll take you home and feed you and stuff. we were all like, thank god she wasn’t there, because really…we didn’t even like blind melon LOL what would you say to his mom?!?! but yeah, it wasn’t hard to find at all, so we stood there, looked at all the stuff people left at the grave – a bottle of ketchup, checkers, letters, etc. i took a picture, i’ll scan it whenever i get that role developed. that took all of like 15 minutes LOL so we went to the mall after that, then back to danielle’s to chill since we were all still tired. ordered pizza for dinner, watched tv, and went out to the neon cactus that night with 2 of her vet school friends. it’s a bar/club/piano bar thing. very country, but they don’t play country music or we wouldn’t have been there. yeah nate made me dance. alot. it sucked LOL. nah it was fun, but i can’t dance, so i’m sure i just looked dumb. got to dance to nin’s “closer” oddly enough haha. it led nate to calling me his dancing queen for the next 2 days. but yeah. nate and i wandered around, danced some, went outside for a walk, wandered back inside again etc etc etc. it was a good time. got back to danielle’s around 2, and confisgated the futon cushion into the bedroom and passed out. ok well tried to sleep, and slept better than the night before at least.

got up late sunday, went out to lunch at bob evans, and packed up our stuff to leave. ended up leaving around 3 i think, and nate and i went and found the mall again. nate wanted to buy a purdue football, so we did that, and hit the road. nate slept, i drove. i made him drive once we got to the interstate cuz i was falling asleep. we stopped around 7 somewhere in ohio…wauseon or something…and found a motel for the night. got fast food dinner, and then went on an adventure to find some beer. first stop, grocery store. of course, they think our IDs are fake. they call the manager and she’s like, we’ve been advised by our legal counsil not to sell alcohol to people with NY licenses. we’re like wtf, we both have them, you can compare them and see they’re not fake, and we have 9374937 other forms of ID we can show you. they’re like we can only take ohio ID’s, do you have an ohio ID. i’m like WE’RE FROM NEW YORK! so NO why the hell would we have an ohio liscence?!?!? so they told us to try to get beer at the drive thru alcohol store (?!?!) so we drive around and find that place, go inside and they won’t sell it to us because it’s sunday. they’re not allowed to sell alcohol on sundays..so why was the grocery store going to sell it to us? and why did they sell it to the bunch of hispanic kids in line next to us?! so that person told us to try this OTHER place “downtown”…so we go “downtown” and find that place, and they lady doesn’t even ask for my ID, just nate’s, and sells it to us with no problem LOL. that was our little adventure in the middle of no where. so went back to the hotel with our alcohol for the night haha. didn’t sleep much that night either. we watched all of the 4 channels on the tv, and i was falling asleep but once we turned the tv off we were wide awake again. so nate was going to read, but i told him just to turn the tv back on that it didn’t bother me. so i tried to sleep and dozed off with the tv on, while he watched tv til like 4 lol. he started talking in his sleep during the night, first it was something that wasn’t even words so i was like what?!?! then he said something about adrienne, and having the thing adrienne has, i was like what?!?!?! and then something about how it’s ok cuz he has bad breath. i was like ok whatever LOL i didn’t know if he was awake or not, cuz he was sitting up talking to me, so i just ignored him and went back to sleep. and so did he lol.

today, got up at 10 with our wake up call (since there was no clock in the room…yeah the room…was interesting. it was nicer than our ghetto room in new orleans that’s for sure, but definitely not 5 stars…the shower, which was a midget shower – i have no idea how nate took a shower in there – was kinda scary…and the room was hella small but it was all good, and it was cheap), checked out and got some breakfast and hit the road again. nate drove most of the way this time because i was so tired and in pain from sleeping in bad places. got to his house around 4:30, dropped him off, came home. and here i am.

random remembrances i don’t feel like adding to the above in the appropriate place.
– apparently on the way to danielle’s i went the wrong way and was going south instead of north. all i was doing was following the signs, and staying on the route we were supposed to be on but nate claimed i was wrong. so mr map god (he is a geography major) gave me new directions etc. so sunday night, he randomly gets off the interstate, and i’m like ok?! where are we going? i thought he was just stopping at a restaurant to pee or something, but he didn’t. he’s like, i looked on the map and this is way shorter. of course it’s this 2 lane highway, and we’re stuck behind a truck going like 45 in a 55…so it probably ended up taking longer than if we had stayed on the interstate. he said that the road we were on would meet the interstate…and it did. we drove under it. no way to get on. ROFL so i’m like I’M TOTALLY ALLOWED TO MAKE FUN OF YOU NOW!! lol so we had to look at the map again to see if there was a way onto the interstate if we stayed on that road more, and there was. so i can’t make fun of him 🙁 hahah. it would have been hilariously irritating if we had to turn around and go back or something.
– almost got in 2 car accidents. when we were heading to dinner, danielle was driving her car, and just didn’t hit the breaks when the cars in front of us were because the light was green and green means go. so she had to slam on the breaks and swerve to not hit the car in front of us. then on sunday on the way out of indiana, it was raining, and i was driving. a car pulled out in front of me, with no problems, but i had to slow down a bit. well the person in the suv behind me wasn’t paying attention and had to slam on the breaks, you could hear the ABS working, and the tires squealing and sliding, to avoid rear-ending me. yeah that wasn’t pleasant.

i work tomorrow morning, OF COURSE lol. and then wed and thurs night, and i guess sunday night. friday is the sabres game with adrienne, and all i have to say is they better start winning. or at least have friday be a good entertaining game. it’s against toronto, it has to be good. thanks. 🙂


trying to keep myself awake since it’s far too early to go to bed. read the new rolling stone magazine. it was decent this time around, nice article about the simpsons, and a surprising pictoral on u2..written by bono, talking about pictures taken by anton corbijn over the past 10 years.

so my parents asked if me and nate got sick of each other, being together the entire past 4 days…no. we didn’t. we might have been too tired to hahah. as we neared his house, he said he was going to go to bed tonight, he wasn’t up for going out. i was like, um, we were supposed to go out?!?!? we just spent 4 days together, did not expect to see him tonight, or feel the desire to…i do expect to spend alot of time with him the next 2 weeks, because then he leaves. but i didn’t tonight. it didn’t even occur to me to go out once we got home lol. but anyway…i had a really good time this weekend etc, almost started crying today on the way home as he slept in the car tho. some stupid song was on that made me think about him leaving and stuff. but i controlled myself. lol. i actually feel sorta lonely right now. it’s weird. cuz i’m not lonely, but i feel as if he should still be here with me. lonely isn’t the right word. i guess i got used to spending the last 96 straight hours with him. despite of all this, oddly enough, i may be getting a better handle on him leaving for africa tho. there were times today where i was like, everything will be fine. life will be fine. it doesn’t matter what happens when he leaves, everything will be ok. i think communication with him will be there, albeit slow, over the next 2 years. i think i’m gonna stop talking about this now tho, because i don’t quite know what i’m saying i’m too tired to think. and i could talk myself into a really bad place with this hahah. so i think i’m more ok with everything, even tho sometimes the thought of him in the future with someone else makes me want to throw up. lol

i am so bored. i need a hobby.

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