i might have a new job. i think i have a new job, but i’m not 100% sure because they didn’t say “congrats you’re hired” or anything like that. it’s at the casino, but not dealing. it’s doing data entry crap on the casino floor to keep track of the money going in and out of the casino – what was the official job title?…um…i forget. but anyway. it’s not good pay, but better than i’m making now, with full benefits, full time hours, and opportunity to move up… i guess. i don’t really care at this point lol. the girl at work was going to call the pit boss to dig out my application so maybe i’ll get hired as a dealer anyway. but with this job i think i have, she said she’ll call in 10 days to 2 weeks when they get the computers in and start the training classes. 2 weeks of training, 3 hours a day. the actual job hours are swing shifts, 3 morning shifts that start as early as 10 am, 3 afternoon shifts that start at 5 or 6, and a grave yard shift that’s like 10 – 2 am. apparently the casino is still on schedule to open on new years eve, so if i do indeed have this job, that’ll interfere with new years in toronto plans. oh well.

anyway. got out of work at 8 today. soooo dead. had to converse with bitchy self centered girl again, and i got to listen to her tell me about how she modeled for all these famous designers in NYC…cuz i care. oh i forgot to mention yesterday, there is this old woman who comes in all the time. she’s got some weird foreign accent, she’s small, shrivled, leather skin from too much sun, all kinds of black eyeliner on…just very odd. i can’t really understand her when she talks, but whatever. she drives everyone crazy cuz she talks and talks to everyone and won’t shut up. i have been able to avoid her in the past, when it was busy etc, but now.. i just stand around so she comes and talks to me. yesterday she had me calling someone to pick her up, and then was telling me about how the man she was sitting with at the bar asked her to go to bed with him LOL so she was like, “i will not go to bed with you, i know i’m a very beautiful woman, but i’m not easy and not a ho.” ROFL i was laffing so hard. so then today she made me call this person to pick her up like 3 more times, and then the person called back to talk to her, and then she told me she was going to make these fried pumpkin things for me and if i liked them i could come to her house with a container to take a bunch home to my family and stuff. i’m like yeah. ok. haha. mgr kept asking me if i was being driven crazy yet. i’m like YES hahah.

anyway. massive headache cuz i had to clean at work, with chemicals with bad fumes. blah. tomorrow i have off, dunno what i’m gonna do with myself all day. but that’s ok. i’m working on a proposition to design a site for our hard rock, one that i’d get paid to do. maybe i’ll make a formal proposal for that or something. draw up some prototypes of my ideas for the site…and figure out what i’m taking to indiana. i hate all my clothes. i keep having dreams about going to buy nice clothes to wear for nate LOL.

do you think it’s weird that i’ve been hit on/propositioned by 2 girls in my life, and they’ve had the same name? i’m not sure i mentioned that the one server at work wanted to have sex with me on halloween. like, she propositioned me. seriously. which is more than the first girl who hit on me did…she just talked about doing sexual stuff to me to other people…then today, the server was like, you should totally grow your hair out and then get blond highlights, you’d be so hot blah blah blah. i’m like, um. thanks. she was one of the many people who told me i’d make a great hippy…all these people on halloween told me that i totally fit the hippy image. nate thought so to. i don’t know why, because i don’t consider myself to be anywhere close to the hippy mentality, or the whole stoner/hippy look…but whatever.

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