hmm how pissed off am i?!?!?! adrienne and i drove down to the psych center. it’s a beautiful day. there were other people milling around, taking pictures of the building, but no one knew how to get inside…there were no signs, no open doors. we walked around the entire building, no sign of life. finally went into the modern hospital and asked them… oh it was only on saturday that it was open. BUT IT SAID SUNDAY 10-2! yeah we know, but it was only yesterday. ARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I’m NEVER gonna fucking get inside that building. walking around i scoped out places to break in, but didn’t find a really good place. i might contact the girl who’s been inside and ask to go with her the next time she’s planning on going. it’d be weird to go by myself – even with friends – having never been inside before. i’m writing the hospital a mean letter.

so now…nothing to do the rest of the day. so disappointed. still have a whole role, minus the picture of nate, of black and white film to use now. ug.


i just downloaded 2 hours of rap songs onto my computer. the cd is gonna have to be a double album. haha i keep thinking of more songs i used to like. hehe

some of the lyrics to these songs are HYSTERICAL. i never paid much attention before, but omg. hilarious. So here is the tracklisting for my cds

Awww Yeeeaah Volume 1 Yo!
1. Dr Dre – keep their heads ringin *i see you bobbin your head, but you can’t see me*
2. 2Pac & Dr Dre – California Love *quite possibly my fav rap song ever, along with Regulators*
3. Warren G & Nate Dogg – Regulators
4. Snoop Doggy Dogg – What’s My Name *used to own this single*
5. Eminem – Lose Yourself *obsessed*
6. Coolio – Fantastic Voyage
7. Bone Thugs N Harmony – Crossroads
8. House of Pain – Jump Around
9. Snoop – Gin & Juice
10. Ice Cube – It was a good day
11. Dr Dre – Nuttin but a G thang
12. Naughty by Nature – OPP
13. Notorious BIG – hypnotize
14. Blackstreet – No Diggity *still own this single*
15. LL Cool J – Hey Lover *used to own this as well*

Awww Yeeeah Volume 2 Yo!
1. Eminem & Dr Dre – Guilty Conscience
2. Dr Dre – Let me ride
3. Coolio – 1,2,3,4
4. Coolio – Gangsta Paradise
5. Fugees – Ready Or Not *throwback from my 10th grade WBLK obsession*
6. Ice Cube – Check yo self *HILARIOUS*
7. Dr Dre – Fuck wit Dre Day
8. LL Cool J – Mama said knock you out
9. Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray *reszel middle school dance staple*
10. Dr Dre – Forgot about Dre
11. Onyx – Slam *you hear that new rap song, by Oinks?*
12. Snoop – Murder was the case
13. 2pac – How Do You Want It
14. Wreckz n Effect – rumpshaker
15. Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap 🙂


nate called. SHOCKED AS HELL. was NOT expecting to hear from him til tomorrow at the earliest. he was somewhere between Erie and home. it sounds like they had a really good, drunken, time in DC. it was more than just him and his friend who went down…ended up being 5 of them total. total guys weekend, etc. so i’m glad they had fun. he said he spent like 100$ and most of it was on alcohol lol. we’re gonna do something tuesday, since i work tomorrow night. i told him to come in to work and say hi to everyone tho, so we’ll see.

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