omg hold everything!…i slept today!!!! i guess 3 weeks of not sleeping fiiiiiiinally caught up to me. fell asleep at the early hour of 12:30, woke up at 7:30 again cuz i had to pee like a race horse…tried to go back to sleep but was painfully hungry…and i’m talking painfully. ate, went back to sleep, and got up now, 11:30…FANTASTIC! had wacko dreams about my car being stolen, my mom being an asshole and not coming to pick me up at work, my old neighbors taking me to a spa to have my purse cleaned, and something else i don’t really remember. yaaaay!!

so now i think i should definitely wash my car, cuz it’s cold outside, and sunny, and doesn’t look like rain. work at 5. we’ll see how long they keep me tonight. while i don’t want to close, i want the hours…i’m so torn lol.


i got carded to buy a lotto ticket hahah. i knew i was going to, and then she asked for ID and i laughed and said i was 22. she said i don’t look 22 so she had to check anyway. lol. too funny. went to mcds for a happy meal, saw christa. and i saw someone else…hehe…jeff stockburger. haha he looks EXACTLY the same as he did 4 years ago. i swear he had on the same outfit and everything. i guess he’s one person who hasn’t gained any weight lol. hasn’t lost any either 😡 i’m so mean. i almost wanted to say hi to him but i don’t think he recognized me.

washed the car. that’s about as productive as i’m going to be. can’t get the bugs off so it still looks gross. oh well. maybe i’ll take a step and update my resume, and then find places to send them out saturday afternoon before going to geneseo…lol. i’m such a procrastinator. it’s what i do best.

my mom said i got mail from geneseo, so i got excited that maybe it was my diploma (it’s only been 4 months), but noooo it’s an invitation for a geneseo alumni reception in Buffalo with President Dahl…12$ a person…ok i didn’t participate in college things like that when i was there, why would i go to an alumni reception with people i don’t know, and the school president…i think not.


the roof the roof the roof is on fire, we don’t need no water let the muther fucker burn…burn muther fucker burn. lol sorry, it was tonight’s theme. i watched a fire start on the way to work. i was at the stop light at river and ward, and there was a bit of black smoke coming from the trees – it looked like pollution from a mac truck or something. in the time it took for me to get from the stop light, to the junk yard about 100 feet down the road, the little black smoked turned into alot of black smoke. big ass tire fire, right in front of my eyes. it was so bad, that i watched the towering smoke in my rear view mirror all the way to the falls (10 miles or so). exciting isn’t it?!

i actually worked more than 2 hours today!! i left at quarter to 11, because they were going to close at 11 instead of 12. starting monday normal closing time is being reduced to 11. it’s creepy being in the falls now, it’s such a ghost town. still no parking, but no one around anywhere either.

so tomorrow, waking up at 7:30 to go to the 9am meeting at work. carolyn and kurt are meeting me and nate there for lunch, and so carolyn can get her books. then, i dunno. no plans after that, we’ll see what’s up tomorrow i guess.

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