went to see the vampires (see also: red cross). of course i get there on time, but don’t get to actually start giving blood for another hour. they don’t let you fill out the health status form by yourself anymore, you have to wait to go in the little booth with the blood taker. then they have to ask you each question…takes forever that way. anyway…it was a drama, because my blood wasn’t right. they prick your finger and squirt the blood into this tube of liquid, and it’s supposed to sink. mine didn’t. so she pricked another finger, got more blood and put it into some other machine to test. well that wasn’t good either, so she was going to do it a 3rd time to make sure it wasn’t her that was making an error. but she didn’t have to prick me again (thank god) cuz my finger was still bleeding. so the 3rd time with my blood in the machine she got an acceptible result. i was waiting for them to tell me to go to the ER right away cuz i was dying or something. lol. my pulse was 92, and i was waiting for them to tell me that was too high haha. then when i actually started giving blood it only took 5 minutes, which was the fastest i’ve ever finished. they gave me one of those new Red Fusion Dr Pepper’s to take home and try. not looking forward to it lol.

so now i think i might vaccum my car. i don’t feel like washing it. but i can’t do either unless i find my new sunglasses. my screw fell out of the old ones, and this time i couldn’t find it. so i have to find one of the 2 new pairs my mom bought for me months ago cuz they were only 2 bucks. i have no idea where they are tho. she kept moving them places where i’d see and use them, but i was like no grrr the one pair is all crooked, and the other ones i didn’t want to use yet…and of course now i can’t find them. ug.


almost passed out after vacuuming my car. it was bad. seriously bad. made it inside in time to fall onto the couch.

and yeah, new u2 song, totally grown on me. love it love it. it’s on repeat lol.


i can’t believe how wiped out i am from giving blood. this has never happened before, but i feel awful. after almost passing out, i took a nap for 2 hrs or so. made dinner for me and my dad, almost passed out again. after i ate, felt dizzy. wtf. maybe it has something to do with my blood floating in the liquid, since adr said it means i’m anemic….

i think i’m gonna go lay down again. my aunt wants to meet nate before she leaves tomorrow so i guess that means i have to use the telephone lol. they’re not even home tho. mom called around 11 and said she didn’t think they’d be home before 10pm…i told her trudy wanted nate to come over, so i guess my mom was gonna rush home?!? i dunno. haven’t heard from them since this morning, so dunno what’s going on.

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