yippeee. booked mine and carolyn’s flight to new orleans. we’re going from june 5th to the 10th. we have to connect in detroit, which sucks. i’ve never had to connect before, so it’ll be stressful. there’s about an hour between flights, so hopefully there won’t be any delays that make us miss our flight, cuz then i’d panic. but at least in detroit i could call my family.

so research sara is booking our hotel tonight. it’s a days inn on canal street in the french quarter !!! we all met today to do our “homework” assignment for this week, and spent an hour talking about new orleans. there are a bunch of people going from geneseo… and not sure if that’s a good thing or not, because most of them i probably don’t like. dunno if we’d even be hanging out with them, but this kid pete is going, and pretty sure he’s gay… so he’ll be a riot. he was in toronto last year, and he said he corrupted his research group by taking them to a gay club in toronto and that he and this other girl got so drunk they couldn’t find the hotel, and that he was all excited because it had been right before pride week so there were all kinds of pride flags out.. so yeah i’m thinking he’s come out since i last had him in a class and he was still saying he was straight.

and i told everyone the only thing i HAD to do in new orleans was tour the garden district cuz i have to find trent’s house. and i think everyone wants to do a ghost tour thing, and maybe one of those gambling boat things lol. but we’ll figure it out. i know that dr schneider wants to take us girls for dinner one night, so dunno what’s gonna happen with all the friends going with us, but whatever. it’ll get figured out.

oh and the flight was only 171$! which is good, because initally it was 171, then last few times i checked, like last week, it had gone up to 210…but it’s back to 171 again so happy joy. not like it matters to me, cuz mine is paid for by the school (eventually), but carolyn has to pay herself so it’s good we got it cheaper.

meanwhile my shoulder is going to fall off. it hurts SO bad for no reason. i didn’t do anything to it. last week or 2 weeks ago i got this super sharp stabbing pain right through the middle of my shoulder/arm connection area. it went away. now it hurts so bad again, and ug, i’m dying. took excedrine before, didn’t help, so now i’m gonna take the naproxin the dead doctor gave me last fall when he was still alive… lol. see if that helps.

i had taco bell for dinner, cuz i went to the union with beth and her roommate after our research meeting. if it gives me a stomach ache again, never eating it again. i wanted popcorn chicken, but of course they didn’t have it today. i don’t get that lucky. so taco bell it was. and i finally went to campus store and bought a half gallon of peanut butter cup ice cream for 4.69$….i have 60$ left on my account. 10 boxes of easy mac LOL.


forgot to mention in the new orleans post that we’re gonna go to a drag show too. lol.



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