gah dream come true!!! after seeing queen of the damned i had mentioned to danielle that it would be cool if when they release it on DVD if they put Lestat’s music videos on it…since obviously they actually made music videos cuz they show them in the movie… and turns out they’re on the net!!! omg so great!!!!!!! the way that stuart/lestat acts in them, and things he does with the microphone, he looks like Trevor from EC…when i finally manage to download them all (is taking forever) gonna make pics of the trevor-esque parts. and stuart has short hair in the videos, they were recorded before the movie, before they decided how long lestat’s hair should be, so it makes him REALLY look like trevor. and gah they are just so good! yay. aaaaaaand they’re the jon davis versions of the songs, since they’re from the movie…super!!….AND i realized whatever version of quicktime i have, it let’s me go frame by frame using the arrow buttons, which i ADORE, cuz i can never pause it right…lol.

*is predicting a new delirious design…poor trent*


another music theory….

“the rise of rap rock” by sara

there is a very good reason why rap-rock became so huge a few years ago with the rise of limp bizkit and all the knockoffs. part is due to MTV of course…but MTV was only responding to the people watching the channel.
the big reason is that my generation…born in the late 70s/early 80s really responded to the music. why? because this generation came of age in the early 90s…when the big types of music were gangsta rap out of california and grunge out of seattle. we grew up with dr dre and snoop doggy dogg on one hand, and nirvana and pearl jam on the other…
so the rap rock bands…they were just combining the best of both worlds… the rap and the guitars, and created this new genre of music which this generation couldn’t not like, considering what they liked and were brought up on in the early 90s.


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