stole this from a blog who stole it from another blog who stole it from the movie “high fidelity” which i haven’t seen.
All-Time Top Five Recording Artists
nine inch nails
michael jackson
ehm…i don’t know
Top Five Records To Play On A Monday Morning
nine inch nails – the fragile
U2 – all that you can’t leave behind
econoline crush – the devil you know
stone temple pilots – purple
deftones – white pony lol….(i’m having problems thinking of 5)
Top Five Side One, Track Ones
econoline crush – “surefire” (the devil you know)
nine inch nails – “somewhat damaged” (the fragile)
tool – “the grudge” (lateralus)
the tea party – “temptation” (transmission)
batman forever soundtrack – u2 “hold me thrill me kiss me kill me”
Top Five Songs About Death
i have no idea. have no clue what songs are about death really….
Songs To Play At My Funeral
nine inch nails – “leaving hope” (still)
a perfect circle – “judith” (mer de noms)
u2 – “gone” (pop)
u2 – “love is blindness” (achtung baby)
depeche mode – “home” (ultra)
All-Time Top Five Favorite Records
U2 – Achtung Baby
nine inch nails – still
a perfect circle – mer de noms
econoline crush – the devil you know
orgy – vapor transmission
Top Five Dream Jobs
Rock Star – that would just rock. everything i’d want in a career…traveling, influencing large numbers of people 🙂 rake in large amounts of money
Barbie set designer – for the photographers…yep. love it.
Rock photographer – like anton corbijn, or mark selliger…work for rolling stone, do all kinds of cool shoots with my fav rockstars..oh yeah.
traveller – get paid to be a nomad.
televangelist – well like i said in my first one… 🙂


“The choice for (`Past The Mission’) had to be somebody that represented rage and anger because this is all about a girl trying so hard to work through being a victim,” she said. “I felt like for a guy to be supporting her, it had to be a guy that could rage, because then it would really mean something if he could be tender. Trent is–well, you can’t be in all that much rage and pain unless you have a very big heart.” – tori amos




“But Bono’s songwriting craft was not why he was being honored. The EIF awarded Bono for his humanitarian work promoting debt relief and AIDS awareness in the Third World, and for his work with Amnesty International, Greenpeace International and other organizations.

The evening’s presenters and performers, including Kevin Spacey, Ray Romano and Kevin Nealon, took turns praising Bono’s efforts, though none of their kind words matched those by comedian Drew Carey on the red carpet: “I’m so glad that God sent Bono down to save us from our sins,” he joked. “Do you want to see my wristband? It says, ‘What would Bono do?’ He’s like Christ, I’m telling you. He’s like Christ and Bob Dylan rolled into one.”



i forgot to mention this last night. listened to invincible in the car with my mom yesterday. her verdict “it’s good but not great”…and i’ve decided that every single song on the album is like 2 minutes too long. lol. oh, and my moms verdict is based on the songs i didn’t fastforward LOL…no speechless, no lost children, no dont turn around (or whatever it’s called), i might have fast forwarded a 4th one too… but whatever. and i really like track one… “unbreakable” is it?…i dunno why, but i enjoy it immensly. or is it emmensly?

so then today on the way back to school i listened to tool’s lateralus…wow that’s a great album. i haven’t really had a chance to LISTEN to it… i’ve heard it many times, it had been on in my room after i got it this summer. but every time i tried to LISTEN to it, like on headfones or in the car, i just get real tired of the epicness of the songs, and just can’t take anymore. But listened to it all today… and yeah, so great. it’s still kinda hard to listen to, cuz the songs all sound sorta similar… aenima was broken up by alot of those weird interludes, and the songs kinda all sounded different so even tho it’s just as long as lateralus, it’s easier to listen to. but yeah, lateralus…super. track 10…uh “disposition” is very trent-reznor-fragile-era-ish…in particular the background. not the rest of it. but the background sounds are right off the fragile…probably from la mer or the great below maybe… i dunno. they just sounded really familiar, and really trent like. i think i had a dream about trent last night, but not sure.

but anyway. i’m home. i should probably see if i have any homework LOL.

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