May 2001 Dreams

sorry about the lack of updates…. i’m just lazy. so here are the few dreams i remember

I was out with a bunch of friends and we were in Niagara Falls. We went into the parking ramp, because we wanted to find these machines that were in there. They looked like the luggage xray machines that are at airports, but they were wood choppers. The part where your luggage goes through instead had blades in it, that whatever you put through there got shredded. Well we wanted to find the machines and go through them ourselves. So there were 3 of us and we found 4 of the machines. Each one was a bit different, one had a slide type thing on the other side of the shredder part…Well my one friend went through the machine and got all chopped up. The next friend was going to go but then i decided i didnt want her to go, and i was trying to stop her. I guess i didn’t want her to die. This one, the top part covering the blades you could take off, or maybe it wasn’t there, it was just the blades. But i kept trying to get her not to do it. Then this kid showed up who was completely insane. He was telling us not to go through the shredders either, but then he kept jumping through them and not getting hurt by the blades.

a bunch of people were visiting me and they wanted to know where they could get pizza hut, so i told them it was over on this one street with the mcdonalds, and taco bell, and that there was a dunkin donuts. Then someone asked about other donuts, so I told them that krispy kreme was down this other street, and we had dickies donuts on another street.

sorry may was so shitty… i really did have a hard time remembering my dreams for most of the month, the ones i remembered i was too lazy to actually type out, oh well.

May 29, 2001 – I was at work and my mom came to pick me up. For some reason I was going to drive home. My store was on a beach, and it had a really big parking lot. My mom had turned on the dehumidifier in the car, and that made the car not run right. So I’m trying to make the car go, and it won’t. Then it started to go in reverse so I could get out of the space, but then I couldn’t get it out of reverse, and I couldn’t get it to stop. So we were going backwards through the parking lot and I was about to hit my manager’s truck. Somehow I missed it, but we kept going backwards and trying to avoid cars, and i realized I was steering the car around the cars backwards and that’s why we weren’t hitting them. Then we were going forwards but still couldn’t stop. Then we were approaching the cliff, and we were going to go over it. So we drive over the cliff and are falling to the water below. I was thinking this has to be a dream because we don’t live near the ocean. So I’m waiting for the car to hit the water and die, still thinking i should wake up at any second. We hit the water and I woke up.

possible explanation: i dunno i was just taking a nap, I was barely asleep.

possible interpretation: my death instinct is active…or something

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