another dream nightmare. i was out with some people driving somewhere, and we ended up driving down highland to college st, where globe and carbo-sil are. whoever was driving was an explorer i guess because they suddenly turned to go by globe. they wanted to go explore it, and i told them it was still half open so we couldn’t. then we saw some trucks and people so the others finally believed me that we couldn’t do it. i pointed out carbo-sil though and noticed that it was really neatly trimmed (the grass i mean) and cleaned up. then i noticed one of the buildings didn’t have a roof to it anymore. so we drove into the driveway for it and saw some trucks but no people. i realized they were doing work on it though, which bummed me out for some reason cuz i had only gotten to check it out once and now i wouldn’t be able to. we decided to go in anyway, and try to avoid the people. but we went into one building and there was a kid with a williamsville varsity jacket on, and for some reason we were scared to death of him and decided to leave. so we’re trying to run away from him (who had already run away from us) and then we were in a maze and couldn’t find our way out. and i had screamed when i saw the kid, way to be stealth. so then we’re in the maze and i turn the corner and am face to face with sweeney, trent’s bodyguard. and i scream again cuz i was scared of him too.

i could take what’s apart and put it back together…

So today was a driving day. En route to Boston we stopped in Poukipsee to meet up with Drie from synestheticlight.com and go check out the Pines resort in the Catskills. We were going to go to Concorde too but there is very little light these days, so we only had time for the Pines. wow lovely huge place. Totally didn’t see all of it, but she took me to the highlights. i got me a “new” pines summer camp tshirt as well 🙂 i took a same picture as eatstoomuchjam, the mossy desk drawers. we’ll see how it looks hehe. Drie was way cool, gonna have to plan a trip back out there on a weekend to do Hudson psych. I haven’t looked at my pictures yet. I bought a card reader at walmart cuz i figured i’d take tons of pics at byberry, take pics at one of the shows, and need to clear the card. but byberry was boring, and i haven’t taken the digital to any shows, and it’s pretty worthless without a tripod so it didn’t get alot of use at the Pines either, so i don’t feel like opening the reader up. i’ll just take it back to walmart back home.

So currently in a hotel in Revere, MA (reveah if you live around here haha). There are 2 bands staying in the hotel tonight. but not trent haha we’re in a freaking rodeway haha. oh!! haha on the drive from wilkes barre to poukepsie, we passed this red tour bus. at the WB show, the same red tour bus showed up at the venue. it was the last bus to arrive. after soundcheck and we were being herded around the arena, adr2 was spying on the security guards to try to find out how they were going to let us on the floor, and she overheard them saying that Trent was late arriving at the arena which was why the soundcheck was so late. incase you haven’t guessed, red bus arriving last at the arena, same red bus on the highway in the direction of boston….we noticed the connection and put a hi trent sign in the window as we passed HAHA we’re insane.

Trying to get tickets to the show tomorrow. Crap balcony tickets still available, but we’re gonna see if anyone from cragislist gets back to me, and see what shows up tomorrow in the drop line. we’ll have to settle for nose bleeds in the end, because we know that the show we don’t go to will be the show they do the meet and greet at (like NYC for example). kate’s not going with me to toronto on thurs anymore for the show so i have an extra ticket. can’t scalp it cuz it’s a fan club ticket. called tony to see if he can find leo at work and ask if he wants it. can’t think of anyone who might want to go. anyone local reading this, if you want it, let me know. eric – i know you work, and i’m going up way early to try to get into sound check, but you can take it if you want.

i really need new socks. they all have holes.

oh and on the mass pike, a radio station did an emergency broadcast that wasn’t just a test. i’ve never heard one that wasn’t a test before. they used to scare the crap out of me when i was a kid, much like the Durez siren. but the emergency broadcast was for an amber alert of a missing girl abudcted by her mom. by the time we got to the hotel they had been found.

voyeur of utter destruction as…disappointment?

went to byberry today. we found it fairly easily, and oddly, maybe it was just timing, but the security truck right away came and drove by where we were parked on a residential street behind the property. he went down the street, turned around and sat there watching us. so of course he saw me and adr2 and a tripod and getting jackets on etc. he drove back and by us again and we pretended to get back in the car. we didn’t know what to do cuz he so knew what we were doing. so we drove around to the other side of the property, thought we could go through the woods from this big office complex. so we went into the woods which seemed great til we found the creek. backtrack again, back to the residential neighborhood. parked a few streets up and walked to the property. then we’re walking into the complex and there’s someone else walking and watching us. great now what. well…no one came after us, so we just stayed.

sadly i was really disappointed. i can’t tell what it was that we went in, because the map shows a whole lot of stuff that i don’t think is there anymore but i think we went in w6 and n8. we walked around c10 and c11 but no way in. they looked like much older buildings, so we thought they’d be more interesting than the ones we went in – which seemed too new for my taste. the place is really destroyed, stupid graffiti everywhere. graffiti in meyer malting is really cool, good artistic tagging etc. this was just, so and so was here, and welcome to hell crap. but TONS of it. so it was yuck. and every floor looked the same, and it was uninteresting sameness. so yeah. maybe if we had been able to go with a “guide” they’d have been able to show us highlights. most likely won’t be making another trip back – possibility of finding brains or not. i took half a roll of film and maybe 15 digital pics (it’s completely useless without a tripod).

we are going to go to the pines and concord instead of hudson psych on monday with a “guide”. so i’m looking forward to that. should be much better than today.

nice day out at flinkote with dustin and his friend marcine. the machine room is still one of my favourite urbex locations ever. fence gates added to all entry ways but none were closed or locked. they had locks on them, they just didn’t use them. so it’s as accessible as ever. we found a really really nice bike in the lowest level, so there might have been someone else there. didn’t see anyone though. and i came home to an IM from chris that he was going to lockport. haha.

and i had no idea the 80s song “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off” was by Jermaine Stewart…A MAN! have you ever heard that song? years and years and years i thought it was a woman singing. but nope. it’s a man. wow.

i had the asbury park dream again. this time i was explaining the dream to an ex friend on a bus. but it was the same dream.

new location

david from forgottendetroit.com was in town for the weekend, and we headed out to carbo-sil in niagara falls today. i hadn’t paid much attention to the place before yesterday, then realized, hey, i should go there! very cool place. very easy to access. alot of abandoned vehicles in there, including a school bus. and lots and lots of barrels of crap. it’s so niagara falls hahaha. i wasn’t too fond of some of the “mud” we had to walk in. but my shoes haven’t melted yet. it’s a strange place. it’s pretty when you are there, but just looking at my digital thumbnails, it doesn’t photograph well. and digital sucks. i took 2 rolls of real film, but probably won’t get them developed til i get back from vacation.

in one of the buildings, which appeared to possibly have been used as a mechanic office at some point, had a big shelving unit full of bags of rocks. labled samples, with the location they’re from. sometimes bigger rocks, sometimes more gravel like, and some really fine material maybe not rock. didn’t want to touch them too much though. there was also a 45 of a madonna song “stay” which i’m not sure i ever heard.

across the street from carbo-sil is globe, possibly one of the most beautiful factories i’ve ever seen. i think it’s still in use though, so no attempt was made to check it out closer. i’d love to. at olin yesterday security came immediately and weren’t all that happy with me taking pictures. i don’t think they understood why anyone would want to do such a thing. you know, except terrorists taking pictures of chemical plants to bomb or something. they kept asking me who i worked for, MYSELF AND MY OWN ENJOYMENT thanks. all i was doing was walking down the sidewalk in front haha.

“He’s a fine musician that boy” – david bowie on trent reznor hahahha


really really utterly fantastic day!

after not getting u2 vegas tickets, adr1 and i headed out to meet leighanne and adr2 at the shady nature preserve where i once met up with this complete stranger who convinced me to leave my car there and go off with him. lei had some time to drive around lost, and found a road that went all the way down to the opposite side of the river from cargill, so we headed down there first, then back passed the incompetent rail police and drove all the way up to the front of concrete central. we decided to do concrete first since every other time we just stay at cargill and run out of light. concrete was wonderful as before. i found a new place to add to my list of favourite urbex places ever, but it did not photograph very well. adr1 was my camera assistant, lei and adr2 went off wherever. 2 little boys showed up followed by their white trash looking parents, who said they’d bring them back tomorrow with spray paint. the kids thought we were filming a movie haha. later the father pretended to fall off the railroad bridge. a kid on a bike showed up too, wondering how we got the car all the way to the building. we wondered how he got his bike inside the building. he seemed sort of weird. and not cute like the kid on tuesday haha.

so after concrete we backtracked to cargill and wandered around the inside this time. then chilled on the veranda (where 2 other people showed up looking for their wallet). the next non party will be a bbq picnic on the veranda of cargill. it’s just a really awesome place to just sit. not sure why. so we hung out there for a while, and lei, totally uncharacteristically, wanted to be brave and try to do the great northern.

after taking enough silly pictures of eachother on the veranda the 4 of us headed out to great northern. parked between some semis and walked right up to the rumored entry way. again, being brave, lei totally tackled the fence, followed by adr2. and walked right into 2 very very very angry geese. LOL commence geese hissing, lei freezing then running to the corner of the fence and building to hyperventilate while adr2 very speedily went back around the fence away from the geese. continued hissing and honking from the geese, and the 4 of us completely being way too loud laughing/freaking out. i must say the geese are a very good security system because we almost gave up. but fear not, we continued on our quest. as advertised it’s definitely a fully intact elevator. went to the top of one of the marine stacks since we didn’t see the spoken of entrance to the actual building. we tried to be stealth but it was tough haha. came back down, started to head out when i noticed the way in. the only problem is it’s way above our heads, and then the opening is hardly big enough for me to go through. but holycrap!!!! another day i will take the drop inside and figure out some way to get back out again because boy is it a dream exploration. can’t do it alone though because i need someone to boost me up the ledge.

and i really don’t care if cops find this. come arrest me! haha.

but yeah. wow. incredible place. but then we had to face off with the geese again. almost got attacked, but managed to escape hahah. damn geese. and from there, with 2 more hours of daylight left, it was off to the marine star. we thought maybe, with our good luck today, there would be free admission and a stairway to the deck haha. unfortunately there wasn’t, but that’s ok. and continuing to press our luck, we went off to the psych center, but forgot the bolt cutters haha *joking*.

faaaaaaaaaaabulous day. had to call in again. i’m pushing it now haha. i think i get a point for today cuz it’s a saturday, but i still get paid. i can’t use anymore sick time though incase i need it for concerts in the future hehe.

off to edit some pics. yay. 6 rolls of film to develop and i mostly filled up my 512 card. took some video of great northern but it needs to be edited (it’s sideways…)

i managed to deal today. roulette. and left early. jerry is coming over tomorrow afternoon to go to the murder bridge and command center. we’ll see how things go. can’t do my hair tomorrow now, but that’s ok.

my bed is all messed up. i dunno why. as if someone slept in it. i know i didn’t leave it that way, and i don’t mess up my sheets when i sleep….


had lovely weather for the afternoon out with jerry. took him to the 2 pedestrian bridges over the lasalle expy. the murder bridge had kids hanging out there by the memorial. so i waited in the car while he went to check it out.

then we headed to the command center, which he loved. i don’t remember it being so overgrown when we went there the first time last summer…but vines weeds grass and assorted plants have taken over. into the barracks first as always…smelled really bad in there. an assortment of mildew, rot, and urine. it was bad. there was also a dead animal inside, which isn’t all that unusual or creepy…except….it was hanging over an opening in a door. the doors all had little windows in them, and the glass is now gone. so it’s like a doggie door. well the animal was half in side, half outside the door. as if placed there. and it looked more like the pelt of an animal rather than the entire guts and bones of an animal. so it was really creepy. didn’t go very close, cuz i was just totally weirded out by it.

tried to take some photos of the mural to make a panoramic of, we’ll see how it turns out. also went into the gym complex, which we didn’t do when we were there on valentines day. i forgot it was so oddly colorful inside. and we figured out that the long part of the building on the other side of the gym was a bowling alley. one of the closets had a rack labled with shoe sizes. because it was either bowling or a pool that was filled in with concrete. bowling alley for sure.

ran out of time, tho we had seen most of what there is to see. jerry had to leave for his photo class back downtown, he was already a half an hour past when he was supposed to leave here. he was just too enthralled with the military stuff.

ran errands, took the film in (scanning now) and bought hair bleach/dye. hopefully it doesn’t all fall out. i wouldn’t look good bald.

so i’m back!! here goes nothing…

headed out pretty early for asbury and made decent time despite some traffic en route to the thruway. yahoo weather was predicting severe thunderstorms for asbury during the afternoon and night, but we got there around 3 and everything was perfectly sunny and warm. score. but before that…when we got into new jersey there was a sign for “the land of make belief”…the possibility that it was abandoned made us have to find it. but to our dismay it was fully functioning and full of people. they had fun signs that we went back at night to try to steal with no success. haha.

drove past the back end of the palace, where they started demolition. everything is still fenced as it was when we were there in november. the back wall and half of the building has been torn down, but the front half (where tillie is) and the attractions under that part of the roof were intact still (er well…urbex intact i should say). we parked at the stone pony, and walked along the beach side of the casino instead of parking in front of it like last time. the casino was very freshly and newly boarded up since november. the 2 entrances that were on the sides last time were enclosed, and the missing panel out front was fixed. seemed as if there would be no entering the casino. the one promising thing was…there were 2 vans there from a company that i now want to start (more later) doing work inside the casino. we stood around waiting to see if they’d come out but they didn’t. so we walked over to the palace…

the most amusing thing to me is how many people were around. while we were walking to the palace a woman parked and got out with a camera. an older man on a bike stopped with a camera. while we were talking to the woman and casing the property there was another man on the other side taking pictures. 1 in every 3 cars stopped or slowed to look. the whole time we were there at least 15 people came to see the palace. anyway…walking around with pink shirt lady, we found weak fence areas. suddenly the fence just fell right open. for such a dead town there were alot of cars passing by. we would run in behind the fence, take a picture, run out. take a brick, run out. and by then i just said fuck it and ran into the debris. o.m.g. i hate those bastards. such a pretty place, gah. most of the castle was still standing, and other various parts of rides that had once been inside. so colorful and just wonderful. as i was intending to walk out, i see leighanne walk by the outside of the fence and she yelled stay. i’m like oh shit. so i ran and hid behind the orient express structure thing. stood there hiding for a while. i didn’t know what to do, i kept peeking out but didn’t see her or any cops. i was seriously shaking and anxiety filled. i didn’t REALLY want to get arrested haha. i figured she would have to come back for me and let me know it was safe to come out, so i just hung out there til she did finally come back for me. it probably felt like i was waiting longer than i was, but i feel as if it was at least 15 minutes.

turned out the local foot patrol police or whoever had come by and asked her and pink shirt lady what they were doing. they had tickets in hand. pink shirt lady sacrificed herself for me and engaged them in conversation while stealthily leading them towards the casino and away from me. when they turned the corner onto the board walk leighanne gave me the all clear sign and i was able to get out. by that time, 2 more youngish people with cameras showed up. they all saw me run out, so everyone else figured game on. the 2 of them went in, pink lady and her husband (who had just shown up) went in, followed by 3 more people who happened to arrive while i had been inside. and they weren’t stealth about it at all. hahaha.

leighanne and i left them to go back and see if the workers were around the casino. walked around there and waited, no sign of them. pink lady and husband came over and we tried to find an entrance in, but still no dice. watched more people show up at the palace, then we decided to go back in again. before leaving we checked out the metropolis hotel and called to see how much they were selling it for (2 million for the lot, the building isn’t worth saving or restoring). by then it started torrential downpouring, so we headed out.

pretty successful trip i think. have some souveniers in the trunk. after asbury we went to freehold (where bruce springsteen lives) for dinner at a pizza place he frequents (but no sign of him). then headed back to asbury because of the nice lighting conditions (sunset, clouds, but the rain had stopped).

asbury becomes a much scarier place once the sun sets. with nothing else to do we started the drive home. stopped for the night in watkins glen, at a hotel my parents and i would stay at a few times a year. talk about trip down memory lane. it was exactly as i remembered it. stopped at wixons before we left for home this morning…also found a closed semi-abandoned winery (used to be the home of the barrel people) but couldn’t/didn’t try to do any exploring because people were living next to it.
now…i found a new career. the people doing work at the casino were photographers. they’re van said the company did “current condition documentation”…which is just an uppity legal way to say “we do urbex and get paid”….we took a picture of the van with the company name and website so i’m going to look them up. i figure it can’t be too hard to start a service like that. get some asbestos gear, hire lawyers to figure out liability waivers and insurance and stuff. and then cameras. from what we could see inside the casino, they had things set up on tripods, with these marker things that i can’t quite figure out the purpose of. so it’s probably more complicated than i’m thinking, but that’s ok. must definitely look into it. there are lots of places in buffalo that could use current condition documentation. it’s all sort of funny, because the times i was at the terminal last year without permission, that was going to sort of be my story to the cops if we got busted. that i/we were doing work for the CTRC documenting the building’s current condition.

so anyway. good good trip.

and i decided that blue, is absolutely not my color. maybe it’s just this blue shirt doesn’t really go with THE urbex pants, but…i dunno. it makes me feel like a boy. it’s such a fun shirt tho.

Exploring with Mom

a few things from the past hour of my life before i start the trip rundown
1. i don’t normally listen to the radio, but i had the edge on cuz i didn’t want to listen to whatever mom left in the cd player…they had a commercial for WB49. the premise of the commercial was that a weird guy made some kind of remote control that would make his neighbors want to watch the ryan seacrest show, simpsons, king of the hill, and will and grace. it’s a skit between the inventor and someone else, demonstrating the device. the “someone else” tells the inventor to make his neighbors want to watch treasure island. the inventor says it only works on 4 shows. when asked why, he replies “Because there’s nothing else worth watching” ROFLMAO that struck me as so incredibly funny that they’re dissing their own network like that
2. another commercial…this time for the Quote bar down on delaware and chippewa. it is asking people what they want in a bar…one of the girls, the one who says “hot people” sounds like kristy from high school. then at the end of the commercial they have a contest, if you can identify this movie quote you will win a party for you and 10 friends. the quote was: “happy anniversary wayne…don’t you want to open your present…if it’s a severed head i’m going to be very upset”…..now maybe it’s just me and the fact that i know every word of that movie, but how does anyone NOT know it’s wayne’s world…especially after hearing Wayne talk…?!?!?! too bad i don’t like to party and don’t have 10 friends
3. niagara falls has smelled like alot of things..chemicals, trash, landfill…but just now was a new one..fruit loops.

And the trip…

Mom and I left around 10 am on tuesday and headed out for our first destination, Sharon Springs. Sharon Springs is an old sulpher spring resort town. It’s boom days were in the mid/late 1800s, but survived into the 1900s too. Even tho my mom read outloud a book she had borrowed from someone about Sharon Springs, I’m not really sure when it went into decay. I know about this place because my parents used to always stop there enroute to visit friends in Albany. Yet another place they dragged me as a child where I never thought I’d appreciate it. This was the place where the hassidic (horribly spelled wrong) jews thought I was jewish and started speaking to me in hebrew. All I remembered about the place was the overpowering smell of sulphur (rotten eggs, if you’re not familiar with it), broken sidewalks, and institutional green paint. Quite possibly my first exposure to instutitional green paint ever. Well it didn’t disappoint, in the paint department at least.

We rolled into Sharon Springs around 2:30 and drove a few streets at first. It looked alot like my little 4 year old mind remembers it looking. White, and green, and broken sidewalks, and decay…and sulphur. The smell wasn’t really all that bad. Overall I mean…There is lots and lots of decaying things here. Houses, one major hotel, and the baths just along the main street. Up on the other streets were more empty homes. First stop was the major abandoned hotel. It was sealed up pretty well, despite the fact I know people have been inside. We cased the joint, and when rounding the 4th side, cops… haha. I say “cops” my mom goes “WHAT?!” i go “cops” haha. Mom made up a story that I was taking photos for an art exhibit. They told us not to go inside. My mom said it looked sealed up pretty good. The cop said they get people inside somehow. Mom said we’re not the kind of people interested in going on roofs and things like young kids HA! So the cops left, but they stayed parked in the driveway though – stayed there even after we left. There were a few windows in front that had no boards on them anymore, and probably could have given us access…damn cops.

So from there we headed down the main street to the bath house and gazebo thing. I definitely remember these 2 things, and that’s where the smell is at its worst. Still wasn’t SO bad because it wasn’t all that warm out, but it was bad enough to make you gag if you got close to the water. This is when I started giving my mother a heart attack…by going in the various entryways of the various buildings in the area. But she survived. Some really beautiful things in the buildings, pretty pretty.

Finished up in town, and headed out for Woodstock. Uneventful ride to the town, found a place to stay the night, took my film to CVS and got dinner. Mom was freaked out by the hippies…and HELLO you WERE a hippy! After dinner, drove around the mountain looking for the trail head for Overlook Mountain House the next day….didn’t find it. It reminded me of driving around Achtung Mountain with Leighanne, looking for a sign to steal haha.

Got up early, mom talked to the hippy in the sitting room of the hotel thing. Headed to the trail. Wow. I hurt so bad. I can hardly walk. Especially if I’ve been stationary for a while. It was an approximately 2 mile hike, I don’t know the incline, but it was pretty rough at times for a weakling like me. We were resting (because of me) every 100 feet it seemed. But it was more than worth it, and once you’re at the hotel, the hike doesn’t seem so bad hahah. Beautiful place. I’m not sure who or when it happened, but all the inside of the hotel was taken out…so it’s basically just the shell of the building, and some walls on the bottom floor. Same with the smaller building near by. Which is sort of odd, but yeah…it’s a very clasical ruin…sorta like the parthenon, but sitting in the catskill woods haha. Very very pretty place.

After finishing at Overlook, we stopped breifly at the Tibettan Buddhist Monastery across from the trail head. Very pretty as well. And since I’m asian and all….haha funny thing. I told mom that some chinese guy at work asked me if i was chinese, cuz i have black hair, she said she’s going to start telling people that i was adopted and that i’m a half breed hahah.

Headed out to Saugerties to hit the thruway up north. Since we were in Saugerties I figured it’d be worth it to try and find the Woodstock site/memorial. So we tried and didn’t find it. Oh well. While on the highway we passed an “oversized load” truck. I didn’t pay much attention til I was passing it and realized it was hauling a TANK! LOL That must be how my relatives got their tank delivered to the woods in Bradford hahaha.

So we had alot more daylight time than I had figured, so I decided I wanted to try to find Frontier Town in North Hudson when we got off the interstate in the Adirondacks. If we didn’t find it, no big deal, but we had time. And boy did we find it. It’s kinda hard to miss as it’s right next to the exit. Mom was like, there’s nothing there. Yeah right, there was a train depot…and following the tracks into the woods, the entire frontier town. Oh my Bowie it was wonderful. It made my entire trip. It was so friggen creepy (but for reasons only brian and james will understand…to be explained when i have the photo). Spent a bunch of time wandering around there. Lucky for us, there was road work being done around the exit, so all the work people parked in the Frontier Town lot, and my car didn’t stick out and attract police attention. But yeah…wonderful place. Mom’s a thief haha. Or well I am, but only cuz she suggested it, she wanted the thing. shhhh

After we walked back to the train depot and got the car, we drove it up the hill to where the Frontier Town restaurant and hotel were. The hotel was still fully furnished, with some rad 70s chairs in the rooms. One of the rooms windows was open, could have crawled in but there was no reason to. We couldn’t have taken the chair, we had my car, not the station wagon hahah. Creepy again, for a Bates Motel reason haha.

Drove from there towards Tahawus, very much in the middle of nowhere. We weren’t sure how to get to the mine once in the general area, but we experimented on the few roads, and did find the place. By this time it was around 7 and mom didn’t want to go in with “failing light” – but in retrospect we should have….more to come. Left the site and drove towards a somewhat populated area to find a place to stay, get gas, and eat. Did the 3 and went back to the bed and breakfast.

Thursday now, we got up and headed for Tahawus. I was excited. Got there, the gate was open…bad sign. Walked in anyway, and halfway to the site, the caretaker/whatever drove out and found us. He nicely told us we couldn’t go in to take pictures, but we could take some from there as we left…As soon as he was out of sight in went back towards the site, but not too far…he had said he was coming back after checking on “the other side”. Disappointed. Should have gone in the night before.

I remembered that there were some of the employee houses in the area still, so we went out in search of those. We came upon the blast furnace which is burried very far offsite in the woods, and we did find the houses – completely falling apart dangerously. There is one shot I took that I desperately want to come out. We’ll see soon…

After that, it was 11:30 and we had nothing to do. So we left…headed back home. Of course, there was one more stop. We happened to drive by some wonderfully decayed building along the highway. Detoured to that and explored that a bit. I can’t figure out what it was. Mom thinks maybe a small power house, since it was along a river, but I really have no clue.

That’s about it. Off to scan. and develop….9 rolls of color, 4 of b&w. and tho i’m totally sick of b&w, i hate color.

Roadtrip Photos