woo atom bombs

the atomic testing museum is the greatest museum EVER!!! it was so cool. just lots of archival stuff to see, gadgets and stuff that i want, and video footage. in one theatre they simulate what it was like to see one of the tests, complete with wind to simulate the blast. haha how cool. i got myself a ms atom bomb magnet hehe.

after the museum we went to the fashion show mall to meet tony tim and JC. had a snack at this tapas bar, had a pitcher of sangria and then went down to mandalay for some reason….ended up playing there a bit, and we tried to go to the burlesque show but it was dark on tuesdays booo. drove down town to see the berlin wall in the bathroom of main street station then adr and i headed home. had a very fun time. tony was drunk and ridiculous. lots of funny pictures will be coming out of that haha.

hanging here til it’s time to go to the airport. home soon 🙁

desert rain

so off to rhyolite today. and fyi i’m not sure it could be any LESS commercial considering not a single thing was there! i guess unless you consider a sometimes manned chair with info on the town as commercial hahaha.

anyway. the drive wasn’t too bad, scenery much like the drive to cabazon. desert and mountains and sparse vegetation. we passed an exit for Mercury, which i thought was interesting, since Mercury is also the name of one of the base towns on the Nevada Test Site. driving through these “towns,” if you could call them that, was unbelievable. why does any one live out there?!?! and what on earth do you do?!

we kept seeing signs about yucca mountain…which is the federal government’s target for storing vitirified nuclear waste. of course there’s all kinds of opposition, GOD KNOWS WHY considering there is NOTHING out there. but it was odd cuz i had no idea yucca mountain was in the area…i definitely needed to see a map haha.

yeah. when we got there there was no “guide” or any other people to speak of. it had started raining shortly before we had gotten there. started looking at the bottle house and the other ruins and a few other cars with people showed up. no one else was at all interested in entering any of the structures, wimps haha. i really wanted to go in a mine but i am a bit too scared to die in one. checked out all the structures and the “open air art museum” much like that place down in west valley that i can’t think of the name of right now haha. a few random structures including a lego girl. pics of everything to come. for there not being ALL that much to see, i somehow took 3 rolls of film and some digital.

headed back towards LV and we passed an Historic Nevada Marker, and driving by we notice it said Nevada Test Site. um WHAT? ok now i FOR SURE needed to see a map because i always thought the NTS was north east of vegas and we were going north west. but sure enough, we turned around to see the marker and it was about NTS and there we were. so Mercury really was THE Mercury base camp on NTS. of course now we had to take that exit and see what could be seen. which was not much BUT I WAS ON THE NEVADA TEST SITE!!!!!!!!! i was so excited. took a few pictures of signs, some were about needing a docimeter and all that. drove up to the gate and turned back around. god i’m such a dork hahah. looooved it. back home looking at the map we basically drove the complete west side perimeter of the base. cool! next time i plan to come back to vegas it MUST be when i can take a tour of the complex. no ifs ands or buts.

so back in vegas we got dinner at buca since i can’t anymore, and waited to hear about the show we were supposed to go to tonight. turned out there weren’t enough tickets for all of us so adr and i just drove around. went to wynn…and while i think it’s rather unimpressive on the outside, it is pretty inside. well, the non gaming floor is pretty. the rest is just…a casino. went to circus circus and wow it is so awful. and it’s borderline awful-to-the-point-of-not-even-being-fabulous. reno was much better haha. stopped at sahara and it is totally cheese fabulous. LOVE IT! drove around some more waiting for the others to get out of the show but by that time i really didn’t feel like doing anything. tired from the day in the desert. tony didn’t arrive until after midnight, and they were all checking out other strip places before going back downtown to find him. tomorrow going to atomic testing museum to be a geek after adr gets home from school. i figure i won’t be up til then anyway haha. dunno what’s going on at night but group dinner had been tossed around and i’d like to hang with tony before leaving. not gambling anymore tho, i’ve lost my share already.

Rhyolite Photos

sunday vegas sunday

forgot to mention about last night…we were in aladdin and everyone disappeared so adr and i were standing where i was playing waiting for them to reappear. these 2 guys and a girl walk by and apparently the one guy was staring at me. i’m oblivious to this stuff. he finally said something and i looked. so like 15 min later they come back and he is like “here this is for you” and he gives me a slot ticket. he starts going on about how i’m worth every penny of it, and he wishes he had more to give me but that was all he had and i was worth it. and it was 75 cents LOL. adr2 is like…was that an insult or a compliment. then a few minutes later they come back to clarify that i was worth way more than that. LOL

anyway. sunday was catching up on sleep day. adr2 “left” in the morning and we slept til afternoon before going to dinner with some of adr’s teacher friends for a birthday. came back home and decided to go get tattooed. that’s when adr2 called to say she was still in vegas. we knew she had been delayed but hadn’t heard from her so we figured she was home. nope. flight was cancelled til tomorrow so they put her in a hotel. so we went and got her, went to the tattoo shop but then didn’t get them done. went off to treasure island to see the fabulous pirate show haha. that was fun. then went drove downtown with me standing out the sun roof, and the adr’s singing “reptile” out the windows at top volume. hahahah it was fabulous. met up with bobref and tim at fitzgeralds and hung out there.

tomorrow we’re gonna try rhyolite, and then hook up with the home people to go to an adult hypnotist at stardust (i think). tuesday is gonna leave me the atomic testing museum while adr is at work.


this has been the 2 weeks of “only me”.

i’m in LA… i shouldn’t be. i should be in the air on my way to san luis obispo, but no i’m in LA.

i managed to get 3 hrs of sleep before going to the airport for my flight to dallas. no problem. i didn’t even really have to wait to board cuz i was sorta running late. but then there was a head wind and we were late getting into dallas. so i almost miss my flight from dallas to LA cuz i have a whole 20 minutes to get to another terminal. and of course there are no signs, and the ones for the sky tram aren’t clear. then ass holes are slow and i miss the sky tram. but i get to the gate and board the plane….but it’s snowing, a whole 5 snowflakes (i counted) and they have to spend an hour and a half de-icing the plane. SUPER! my layover in LA was an hour and 15 minutes. no way am i making the flight. we get to LA earlier than they said but it took so long to get to the gate i’m late again. but then the gate i need is only a few away from where we got off the plane. COOL! people let me deboard and run only to find out that i have to take a shuttle to gates that are only a few numbers away. with 5 minutes to get there, so not happening. fuck. they try to get me on a united flight at 1:15 but don’t because for some reason i wouldn’t be able to get to the gate in the next 45 minutes before it leaves. ?????? so i am now booked on a flight at 3:40 out of LA to san luis obispo.

but of course i’m on a wild goose chase now cuz i gotta get to the united terminal. so i have to take a american airlines bus from point A to point B. then i have to take the continental bus to point C. then walk down an alley. wtf. so i find united finally and my ticket makes it seem like i’m paying another 235$ to get from LA to SLO. NO FUCKING WAY I’M NOT PAYING THAT. so i go to customer service to ask if i’m being charged and then they can’t find my reservation in their computer for the united flight. wtf. they finally find it cuz they had my name wrong and are trying to call someone about something. they can’t get through to them so they tell me to go down to the gate. but i don’t know why so when i get there i’m all…i don’t know why i’m talking to you they told me to come down here. they don’t know why i’m there either and tell me i can leave to get food or whatever but then they call me to come back cuz i need to go to TSA to get searched. wow i’ve never been so thouroughly frisked before. i was violated haha not really. but wow. was surpising. ok now keep in mind this is alot of walking and i haven’t really slept in 24 hrs and i’m freaking starving cuz i couldn’t get food or go pee in dallas since i was late for that flight too, and have a massive headache. soooo tired. and the duty free shop is closed wtf! BUT…while waiting at the gate, a man got arrested for being drunk. haha.

meanwhile…now that that’s out of the way…so the flight from dallas to LA i got to sit next to the most typical dallas old lady…er at least, she was my stereotypical dallas old lady. bright pink and orange leopard print shirt, big diamonds, poofy blonde cotton candy hair, fake eye lashes, fake nails. yeah. twas fabulous. of course she violated the i-have-my-book-out-and-am-“reading”-so-don’t-talk-to-me rule. blahblahblah talk talk talk yuck.

FINALLY get to san luis obispo which has the smallest airport i’ve ever seen. basically one room, with a baggage belt. i definitely won’t be able to come back there and sleep til my flight. crap. ok. i call a cab which takes forever, and i see the greatest woman ever. it’s a grandma picking up her family. she’s got blond hair all big in ringlets. she’s wearing a white knitted sweater, a homemade skirt with snowmen on it, blue leggings, and white cowboy boots. so wonderfully horrible. i took a pic on my phone but it’s crap of course. had the coolest cab driver, he knew that adr2’s ringtone when she called was animotion. and he’s the first american cab driver i’ve ever had.

so i get to the venue and find adr2 and bliss and get let in. waited forever for autolux to come on, and i must say they were very welcome compared to having to see dfa or queens again. these supremely annoying people ended up behind us, but they told me that i had cool clothes and looked exactly like what a nin fan should look like…?!? ok. satin pants from guess and the pirate jacket from hot topic. nothing fancy. ok. anyway….the show. josh freese has replaced alex who had replaced jerome dillon. i like josh. so that was cool. same basic setlist with the addition of starfuckers, which i did not miss from the other shows haha. got a bit killed. not the front of my rib cage this time, cuz i had a girl in front of me for padding, but 2 guys on the sides of me beat me up with their elbows and arms in my rib cage. was a bit rough though i have no visible bruises. club shows are amazing. er rather…college gym shows LOL. trent commented that it was the strangest place he has ever played, and that he was going to fire his booking agent except that it turned out to be pretty cool. he talked alot. it was cool. great great show. as always.

after the show, since i couldn’t hang at the airport, i had adr2 take me to a hotel, so i did manage to sleep for 6 hrs. back to the one room airport to leave for home. slept through most of the flight to dallas. ah dallas. did i mention how i fucking hate dallas? because yeah, guess what, we were delayed in dallas AGAIN. at least this time i didn’t have to make a connection, i just had to go find my car to get home. i wander all over to find the gate, then sit there and sit there and sit there and why aren’t we boarding? and why has the time when we were to have taken off come and gone and we haven’t boarded still? oh because one of the flight attendants decided not to show up. WTF. so it took over an hour for this girl, who we were told was IN THE FRIGGEN BUILDING to show up. the excuse was that dallas had a hard day yesterday what with the 32 degree temperature and all the delays because of the 5 snowflakes, they were all still recovering. YOU STILL HAVE A FUCKING JOB AND RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW UP. she should be fired. how irresponsible. an entire fucking plane of people stuck because you can’t get out of bed or whatever? fuck that. so pissed. anyway, so we take off an hour late, but beat the snow storm home. uneventful flight.

home now. tired. desperately need to brush my teeth. after all the trip was still totally worth it, the show was awesome, and yeah. i’d do it again. and i liked the area in california. it turns out it was near where michael jackson lived haha. my total travel time was 25 hours. lol i’m insane i know. and i got tix to the toledo and cinci shows for us too.

this was more entertaining in my head before i actually got home and a chance to type it out. boo.

i realized how stupid i am to be going on this trip. it’s going to be a rough 48 hours. cuz i realized that i have to leave my house at 5:30 in the morning. which means come home from work, shower, and go right to the airport. no point in going to bed, since i haven’t been going to bed til 6/6:30 every day anyway. then to not have a hotel and just be up waiting at the airport to fly home…more no sleepy for me. thankfully i don’t have to wait in buffalo for adr to get home from vegas so i’ll have time to come home and sleep more. and since we’re not planning to sit out in buffalo for u2 all day i’ll have time to sleep. but wow. yeah i’m gonna die. i supposed its not as bad as the trip to boston where i didn’t sleep at all and had to drive. at least i’ll pass out on the airplanes. maybe i’ll get that hotel afterall.

i had crazy nightmares last night. the only one i remember now involved me driving somewhere on the highway. i took an exit and when i was exiting i went off the road a bit, as i was going right to turn right onto the main road. but i went slightly off the road. i couldn’t steer back onto that part of the road because suddenly there was like a foot drop in the pavement between my left and right tires. so i had to back up to where the drop wasn’t so much, to steer back onto the road. but then the drop became even worse so i tried to jump a small area of road, so i could get back on the pavement and i didn’t make it so i plunged down a cliff. cuz suddenly there was a cliff. somehow i managed to not be in the car, and it crashed at the bottom of this cliff. then suddenly i was in toronto, but this canyon was still there, because i’m looking down at my crashed car and suddenly someone else had been driving it and is still in the car. so i’m standing on the street and trying to get someone’s attention to call an ambulance. a guy finally sees what happened and starts to go down into this canyon to try to get her out of the car but he’s all wimpy and trying to find a good way down the cliff. meanwhile someone else sees, and this guy just bounds across the rocks and gets down to get the girl out. and someone calls an ambulance. so now we’ve gotten the girl out of the car and we’re back up on the road, which is now in toronto if you recall, and we’re waiting for an ambulance but it’s taking forever. i try to find out why it’s taking so long, and apparently the ambulance got into an accident and is tied up. so these other people and the girl from the car decide to walk to another street to get a cab, and of course as soon as they leave the ambulance shows up.

the other dream was scary too. i think they were due to having gotten a massive headache while i was sleeping. so painful.

it’s a travel day for trent, so it’s a travel day for us

10 points to whoever can figure out the movie reference in the subject line. adr2 – you’re not allowed to compete haha.

so today was the big drive home from boston to buffalo. left around 9, made decent time. at times it felt so long but in the end it didn’t really. drove through absolute shit weather. started raining around utica, then got worse and worse and stormy, and wind, and yuck. drove right through the weather front. i can’t really complain though because we had really good luck with weather. with the exception of the insane wind in wilkes-barre, it was sunny, and beautiful, and in philly it was actually HOT. we had nice days on the exploring days, and except for the 2 long drives down to dc and home, it was rain free. dreading the weather tomorrow though. it’s going to be in the 40s with rain/snow/wind in toronto. according to the spiral email about tomorrow’s show, if i understand it right, the spiral line might actually be inside where you go between ACC and union station. which would be totally amazing. oh yeah, forgot to mention. we (well adr2 did) talked to sweeney, trent’s…body guard/security guy/runs the show man…about getting trent to do a meet and greet tomorrow. he said he had some influence and he’d try to see what he could do. amira who we met in philly and WB is coming down from michigan to use my extra ticket. she had good luck when she traveled without her boyfriend to madison, got into the aftershow party, so here’s hoping. it was our last chance, until brandi from the spiral said they’d be back january 17th for more shows, and now they’re doing 3 more club shows out in reno and northern cali again. unfortunately the same week as u2 in buffalo but i might try to get out there anyway hehe. not like i have the money or the time off work. and oh yeah…the red tour bus thing. it’s totally trent’s bus. the busses were driving up the ex-fleet center ramp, and the red bus was the only one sweeney escorted. we yelled to ask who was on the bus, and he said he didn’t know, some guy haha. sweeney is really really cool. most body guard/security people are dicks. but he is totally approchable, talks to all us crazy fans, is a really nice accomodating guy. nice to see really. and the ex-fleetcenter is really the best run venue i’ve ever been to. the guy who runs the shows there, jeff, does a fantastic job letting fans know what is going on, and how he organized the wristband thing for u2 was just fantastic. i told him that too haha.

regardless of them coming back and maybe going out west, i still almost cried on the way home today. piggy from the live cd was on, and i was just like I DONT WANT TO GO HOME and totally almost started to cry. the song choice might not make sense, but it does for me. only one more show tomorrow. only one more time suffering through dfa1979 and the queens, which is fantastic, but only one more time for seeing boy tummy, and trent bounce, and breaking shit. ok and i’ve been really good, but i gotta say it now. Trent is so fucking hot. this dj on the radio today in boston referred to him as “one hot piece of ass”. lol

and now, sky mall…

i love flying, and one of my favourite parts of flying – as long time readers know – is the sky mall catalog. this time, it was the christmas edition!! i figured it would be absolutely chock full of useless gadgets for sale just in time for the holidays. it was sadly disappointing, but it did have a few things to mention…

never-lose-another-golf-ball putter: a customer favourite for golfers, this putter is the easiet to practice with because it eliminates scrambling after practice putts – thanks to the attached reel you can simply wind in the ball after each shot. the putter is an authentic regulation 32″ club with rubber grip, and the reel is a quality spincast model that holds a 10lb test line attached to a regulation size golf ball. the line is so thin it doesn’t impede the ball. in a hammacher schlemmer exclusive design, the reel on our putter has a metal housing.

ok maybe it’s a typo, or i dont know enough about fishing reels, but i’d say something that holds 10 lbs of test line is pretty heavy and would affect the way you putt. but whatever. not too funny of a description but the picture is great. it’s a combo fishing rod golf putter. it’s really someone who got bored and hooked up a ball to their fishing rod. clever. stupid looking.

gravity-defying boots: these boots have a patented t-spring system that transforms walking, jumping, or running into an exhilarating bounce that builds balance, burns calories, and strengthens muscles. the boots buckle over athletic shoes and can be used by children and adults alike. gentle on joints and bones, the boots have a high-traction, non-marking tread for use indoors or out. for use on dry, flat surfaces while wearing appropriate saftey gear (not included).

again – not an interesting description, but i really need a flat bed scanner, the picture is incredible. maybe i can find one online. just think, the hard outter skeleton of roller blades attached to the bottom of a small tire. AHA, photo, check these things out

i’m mentioning this cuz i thought it was way cool and i want both of them
the csi young investigator’s forensic/dna kits: these official forensic/dna kits contain 22 realistic experiments that allow your child to crack two different mysteries in the style of the investigators on the popular television series. Children learn the basics of forensic science as they dust for fingerprints, extract dna, analyze inks and synthetic blood, and evaluate hair samples under a microscope. clear step by step instructions are written as if the child were taking part in the investigation, analyzing clues alongside the csi team members. ages 10 and up. forensic lab kit includes 200x zoom microscope, 24 plastic slides, light table, vials, beakers, and more to perform 12 experiments. dna lab kit includes miniature centrifuge, electrophoresis chamber, beakers, chromatography ring, lab glasses, and more equipment to examine dna code (dna samples and instructions are included). 59.99 each


lasting reminders that miracles still happen: a quarter of a century after the fact, the “miracle on ice” remains a shining moment in sports. our 16″ x 20″ photo is autographed by the late coach herb brooks and all 20 members of this historic team including neil broten, dave christian, jim craig, mike eruzione, mark johnson, ken morrow, mark pavelich, dave silk, and more. professionally matted and framed to archival quality with a certificate of authenticity. quantities limited. allow two weeks for deliver. also available, an individual autographed color photo of jim craig or mike eruzione from the 1980 olympic’s gold medal USA hockey team. matted and framed with a certificate of authenticity.
Autographed “miracle on ice” photograph 799.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16″x20″ jim craig autograph and photograph 220!!!!
8″x10″ autographed mike eruzion photograph 220!!!

relax the mind, body and senses with the soothing effects of this wonder: a revolutionary ultrasonic water atomizer and humidifier that cleans and moistens the air. a water fountain and a multi-colored light. a modern glass bowl supported by an upper steel support and mahogany wood base. it is quite simply the most amazing combination of nature and technology

lol i’m sure it is. the picture makes it look STUNNING hahahaha.

also something else i want
name that tune: frankie went to hollywood. the bangles walked like egyptians and cyndi lauper just wanted to have fun. relive the 80s and take a walk down musical memory lane with the Name That Tune DVD board game – the 80s edition. here’s your chance to play the classic game show at home, complete with all the original video clips of your favourite 80s pop icons. so break out the shoulder pads and skinny ties, and put your 80s music and video knowledge to the ultimate test. can you name that tune in one note? 39.99.

carry the holy bible in your pocket: now you can enjoy the scriptures any time you want with this remarkable USB holy bible. the complete bible is contained in a fixed memory test file format that you can easily access through your computer or notebook’s usb port. small enough to put on your key chain, the usb holy bible has a highly detailed leather look with gold lettering to make it an attractive and meaningful piece to carry with you.


collect your favourite limited edition president or historical talking figurine these unique talking action figures celebrate the life and times of george w bush, bill clinton, ronald reagan, john f kennedy, theodore roosevelt, abraham lincoln and many more. each detailed 12.5″ figure is dressed in hand-tailored clothing with realistic accessories. push the button and hear an actual recording of their voices (except for Lincoln) – they come alive with 25 authentic phrases. historical figures include albert einstein, princess diana, benjamin franklin, pope john paul II and many others. each arrives in a special “cabinet” collector’s box with stand. comes complete with a biographical pamphlet, historical timeline and individually numbered certificate of authenticity. *edit* looking at skymall.com for photos, apparently they don’t consider grant, eisenhower, wilson, andrew jackson, and truman presidents, because they are only listed as historical figures – along with jesus, moses, and Ah-nold.

i return to the only place i’ve ever felt that i belong….

alright, home. how depressing. now where did i leave off?

friday: went and got adr2 at the airport. we were late, the family running around trying to get ready for their own departure from ohare a few hours later. it was ok though, cuz she was lost anyway haha. went to the apartment and then shopping. it was a crummy day, drizzly and grey and cold. we’d either sit in drizzle at the show, or shop in it, so we shopped. went back to uncle fun again – bought more stuff i didn’t see the day before, like a huge pirate flag! hehe. and i got the best, pin ever – so niagara falls – it’s a drawing of a steel barrel with a skull and cross bones on it LOL. i finally got a pair of roos too. navy blue and pink, i like em. back to the apartment to get un-yuckified from the rain, then out in terrible traffic to the arena. didn’t get their til the doors were about to open.

friday’s show: we ended up 1 back from the barrier on aaron’s side again. we were behind 2 bigger guys, who were great for providing padding during the show haha. autolux played first. they were alright. they make alot of noise for just 3 people. it’s sorta art metal i guess. it was ok. then queens of the stone age. completely unenjoyable. the singer looks like anthony michael hall all grown up. he does this elvis type dance thing when playing guitar. it’s strange. and i don’t like them. and i still don’t like them after seeing them 3 times. 6 more times to go…

nin opened behind a sorta mesh sheet, starting with pinion into love is not enough. quite cool. love that their opening with that.

the setlist was the same for all 3 shows, because of the new drummer. his name is Alex something or another, he’s from australia. the chicago show was his first show. we figure as more time goes by, and he learns the other songs, the set will change up. and jerome is supposed to come back next month i guess.

1. Pinion
2. Love Is Not Enough
3. Wish
4. Terrible Lie
5. The
Line Begins to Blur
6. March of the Pigs
7. The Frail
8. The
9. Closer
10. Burn
11. Gave Up
12. Eraser
13. Right
Where It Belongs
14. Beside You In Time
15. Sin
16. Only
18. Suck
19. Hurt
20. The Hand That Feeds
21. Head Like
A Hole

beginning with eraser, the sheet comes down around the stage again, and a projector plays a big montage of nature clips, monkeys, bugs, george w bush, onto the screen. eraser is so cool, very powerful. once eraser is done pummeling you right where it belongs provides a break, much like the la mer/the great below section of the fragile show. besides you in time is going to give me a seizure at some point, but it was cool. they do the end a bit different, and made it a better song imo (not my fav song, probably least fav nin song ever). and then..friggen only!!!!! i just about died. no one even recognized it at first. but holy crap it’s such an awesome song to go nuts to live. screaming the chorus is one of the most cathartic things ever. loved it. so dancy and wonderful.

the sound was kinda weird, but dunno what was wrong. sin, and reptile just sounded not right. they sounded much better the following 2 nights. i thought maybe it was like u2 in boston, up front things just dont sound right in an arena, but up front again in cleveland sounded fine. dunno.

shared a cab with 2 guys back downtown, who were in love with depeche mode. and they gave me 35$ for the cab ride, so we only ended up having to pay 15$ nice!

saturday: adr2 flew back home, and i flew to detroit. waiting at midway i had the most disgusting bagel in the world. i swear it was made out of rubber. barf. this kid came into the C line wearing a nin shirt. so i stared at him until he looked at me, and asked if he went to the show. he hadn’t, but he was going to detroit for that show. ended up sitting with him on the plane, which was cool. we had the nin row haha. no one else sat with us we were so scary and intimidating hahaha. his name was caleb and he was from minneapolis. once in detroit, i got luggage and went to get my rental car. blahblahblah the lady says i have the smallest car they have, cuz i wanted cheap economy car. i go to get the actual vehicle and…it’s some sort of minivan/suv thing. so i go back inside and inline and tell them i think something was wrong cuz it was a minivan. they said it wasn’t a minivan. either way i said, the said SMALLEST CAR AVAILABLE and it was a truck! so they give me the car next to it instead, which was a FORD EXPLORER. what about “smallest car available” did they not understand. it wasn’t that i didn’t WANT the first suv/van thing, it’s that they said small car, and that was not a small car. whatever. so i had an explorer. i dont know how to drive a friggen suv! i managed tho. got a hotel near the airport, then drove around and found a walmart. my belt that had been breaking, did finally break completely, when security made me take it off at the airport. without beating myself up i had THE MOST FIGHT CLUB moment EVER at the hotel. went to open up my suitcase and something was making a noise inside. my electric toothbrush had turned on. hahahahah. took a nap at the hotel, and planned on going up to the venue late so that i didn’t have to see the openers again. ended up getting their before doors opened anyway. super.

saturday’s show: didn’t feel like going up front, so i hung back at the sound board for the whole show. froze my ass off since i wasn’t upfront haha. openers were the same eh as chicago. queens seemed slightly more tolerable, but i think that’s cuz i kept spacing out and forgetting i was even there. nin’s set was the same as chicago, as i said, but the crowd was way way better. everyone was super into it, singing along, trent actually would stop singing so the audience could. he didn’t say a word in chicago, but he talked in detroit. said thanks alot, then after hurt he said something like: i just want to say something. i don’t do this because i don’t like to talk about it. i just kinda got caught up in the song. 4 years ago i never thought i’d be on stage again in front of a great audience, so thank you. he went on to thank the new drummer, and the openers. it was cute :). now enter the stupidest girl ever. as i said, during the middle of the show a video gets projected on the sheet around the stage. and at one point they show george w bush dancing with his wife. everyone usually starts flipping him off. this girl behind me goes, in the whinest voice ever “they’re all flipping off the president, why?” omg. hahaha

after the show, was stuck in the joe louis parking ramp for an hour. and i just want to say joe louis arena is super small for an NHL team like the red wings…i also did the stupidest thing ever. this lady was trying to switch lanes, as if either one was moving, so she was sorta between lanes and kept trying to get in front of me but i wouldn’t let her. i was bigger! finally she beeped the horn so i’d look at her, asked if she could get in front of me, and i said no. then i remembered I’M IN DETROIT SHE COULD SHOOT ME!

left detroit early sunday to drive to cleveland, which did not take me 3 hours. if you think buffalo radio is bad, try finding a station between detroit and cleveland. barf. gave the car back, and waited for adr2 and bliss to come pick me up. once they did, we had nothing really to do. it was blah and cold again, so we weren’t going to sit in line. went to the arena to see if we could pick up our tickets yet (couldn’t) and ran into none other than caleb from the airplane. he had remembered that i said i was driving down to cleveland, and so he rented a car and did the same hahah. went into the building with him to find the box office so he could get a ticket, and nin was sound checking love is not enough. pretty cool.

sunday’s show: drove around cleveland to waste time, went to a starbucks, then finally back to the arena around 6. there were 2 cool girls behind us in line that we talked to. after reno, this city had the coolest people in line haha. we had gone at doors open so bliss could see autolux. bliss decided we could go up front, so we did, 2nd back from barrier on aaron’s side….again. haha openers, the same. the show was great again. aside from the girl humping me at the beginning of the show, and the one time i got slammed into bliss, we didn’t get touched at all. no pushing, no being smooshed up against everyone. you could breathe and move and dance around and whatever. it was great, and a great break in show for bliss. same set list, except during right beside you in time the movie projection stopped. once the song finished, trent asked if the fuckers in back fixed the projector or if they were just going to move on with the set. and they did, skipping beside you in time. he told them he was going to kick their asses hahaha. reptile in cleveland was incredible. when it started, it just slamed into you, like woah. it was fantastic. and i am officially going to hell. sometime during autolux a little boy, around age 12 i’d say, and mom and a guy appeared up front to our right. well during queens he decided to try to get in front of me. he was doing it all stealth, as if i wouldn’t notice this little munchkin suddenly in front of me. so i look down and ask “where you going buddy”, he just looks up at me all angelic and smiling and i shake my head at him. so he stops, stands there, then later tells his people that i won’t let him by. he goes away, and ends up at barrier to the right of us. ok fine. if people want to give into a child, whatever, that’s their problem. but then, he tries it again. HE WAS AT BARRIER?!? WTF. this time he actually asked me if he could get in front of me, and i flat out said no. i’m mean to children.

great show. after, ran into caleb again and talked for a bit, then out to the car where we ran into the 2 girls behind us in line and talked to them to see how they liked the show. finally headed out back to buffalo. stopped at a gas station store, and 5 other cars of nin fans ended up coming in too hahah.

aside: 1. when did hurt become a make out song? in detroit there were like 4 couples around me who were all huggy and yuck during hurt. hello! have you LISTENED to the song? “i will let you down, i will make you hurt”, not really a good relationship song. 2. fangirl moment, the “trent bounce” is so friggen hot.

awesome awesome trip. so depressed now haha. few more weeks and we’ll do it again. bliss said she’s addicted now, and that we can go to boston. so gotta look into getting boston tickets. also need to find out when depeche mode is playing toronto and hope for no conflicts (dec 1st, a thursday, so going!). i so don’t want to be home, though i did enjoy my bed. not looking forward to unpacking, laundry, etc. gotta go get kitty from the parents.


aloha. chicago is cool so far. went out for dinner with my aunt and 2 friends of hers from detroit. came back to the burbs after. going shopping tomorrow. adr2 arrives fri morning, and then the plan gets all screwy, cuz we’re gonna get her, go back to the suburb house, get my luggage, then train it back into chicago to the apartment. then we have the rest of the day on our own to either hang in the city or go to the venue. doors are at 6 apparently.

took kitty to the parent’s house before i left, and wow kitty was not handling it well. he was panting, tongue out, like a dog hyperventilating in the car. then was all freaked out and hiding in a corner of the basement and wouldn’t come out. 🙁 so i hope kitty is doing better.

nothing else to say i guess. oh! sabres won their opening game vs the islanders. yay!

Exploring with Mom

a few things from the past hour of my life before i start the trip rundown
1. i don’t normally listen to the radio, but i had the edge on cuz i didn’t want to listen to whatever mom left in the cd player…they had a commercial for WB49. the premise of the commercial was that a weird guy made some kind of remote control that would make his neighbors want to watch the ryan seacrest show, simpsons, king of the hill, and will and grace. it’s a skit between the inventor and someone else, demonstrating the device. the “someone else” tells the inventor to make his neighbors want to watch treasure island. the inventor says it only works on 4 shows. when asked why, he replies “Because there’s nothing else worth watching” ROFLMAO that struck me as so incredibly funny that they’re dissing their own network like that
2. another commercial…this time for the Quote bar down on delaware and chippewa. it is asking people what they want in a bar…one of the girls, the one who says “hot people” sounds like kristy from high school. then at the end of the commercial they have a contest, if you can identify this movie quote you will win a party for you and 10 friends. the quote was: “happy anniversary wayne…don’t you want to open your present…if it’s a severed head i’m going to be very upset”…..now maybe it’s just me and the fact that i know every word of that movie, but how does anyone NOT know it’s wayne’s world…especially after hearing Wayne talk…?!?!?! too bad i don’t like to party and don’t have 10 friends
3. niagara falls has smelled like alot of things..chemicals, trash, landfill…but just now was a new one..fruit loops.

And the trip…

Mom and I left around 10 am on tuesday and headed out for our first destination, Sharon Springs. Sharon Springs is an old sulpher spring resort town. It’s boom days were in the mid/late 1800s, but survived into the 1900s too. Even tho my mom read outloud a book she had borrowed from someone about Sharon Springs, I’m not really sure when it went into decay. I know about this place because my parents used to always stop there enroute to visit friends in Albany. Yet another place they dragged me as a child where I never thought I’d appreciate it. This was the place where the hassidic (horribly spelled wrong) jews thought I was jewish and started speaking to me in hebrew. All I remembered about the place was the overpowering smell of sulphur (rotten eggs, if you’re not familiar with it), broken sidewalks, and institutional green paint. Quite possibly my first exposure to instutitional green paint ever. Well it didn’t disappoint, in the paint department at least.

We rolled into Sharon Springs around 2:30 and drove a few streets at first. It looked alot like my little 4 year old mind remembers it looking. White, and green, and broken sidewalks, and decay…and sulphur. The smell wasn’t really all that bad. Overall I mean…There is lots and lots of decaying things here. Houses, one major hotel, and the baths just along the main street. Up on the other streets were more empty homes. First stop was the major abandoned hotel. It was sealed up pretty well, despite the fact I know people have been inside. We cased the joint, and when rounding the 4th side, cops… haha. I say “cops” my mom goes “WHAT?!” i go “cops” haha. Mom made up a story that I was taking photos for an art exhibit. They told us not to go inside. My mom said it looked sealed up pretty good. The cop said they get people inside somehow. Mom said we’re not the kind of people interested in going on roofs and things like young kids HA! So the cops left, but they stayed parked in the driveway though – stayed there even after we left. There were a few windows in front that had no boards on them anymore, and probably could have given us access…damn cops.

So from there we headed down the main street to the bath house and gazebo thing. I definitely remember these 2 things, and that’s where the smell is at its worst. Still wasn’t SO bad because it wasn’t all that warm out, but it was bad enough to make you gag if you got close to the water. This is when I started giving my mother a heart attack…by going in the various entryways of the various buildings in the area. But she survived. Some really beautiful things in the buildings, pretty pretty.

Finished up in town, and headed out for Woodstock. Uneventful ride to the town, found a place to stay the night, took my film to CVS and got dinner. Mom was freaked out by the hippies…and HELLO you WERE a hippy! After dinner, drove around the mountain looking for the trail head for Overlook Mountain House the next day….didn’t find it. It reminded me of driving around Achtung Mountain with Leighanne, looking for a sign to steal haha.

Got up early, mom talked to the hippy in the sitting room of the hotel thing. Headed to the trail. Wow. I hurt so bad. I can hardly walk. Especially if I’ve been stationary for a while. It was an approximately 2 mile hike, I don’t know the incline, but it was pretty rough at times for a weakling like me. We were resting (because of me) every 100 feet it seemed. But it was more than worth it, and once you’re at the hotel, the hike doesn’t seem so bad hahah. Beautiful place. I’m not sure who or when it happened, but all the inside of the hotel was taken out…so it’s basically just the shell of the building, and some walls on the bottom floor. Same with the smaller building near by. Which is sort of odd, but yeah…it’s a very clasical ruin…sorta like the parthenon, but sitting in the catskill woods haha. Very very pretty place.

After finishing at Overlook, we stopped breifly at the Tibettan Buddhist Monastery across from the trail head. Very pretty as well. And since I’m asian and all….haha funny thing. I told mom that some chinese guy at work asked me if i was chinese, cuz i have black hair, she said she’s going to start telling people that i was adopted and that i’m a half breed hahah.

Headed out to Saugerties to hit the thruway up north. Since we were in Saugerties I figured it’d be worth it to try and find the Woodstock site/memorial. So we tried and didn’t find it. Oh well. While on the highway we passed an “oversized load” truck. I didn’t pay much attention til I was passing it and realized it was hauling a TANK! LOL That must be how my relatives got their tank delivered to the woods in Bradford hahaha.

So we had alot more daylight time than I had figured, so I decided I wanted to try to find Frontier Town in North Hudson when we got off the interstate in the Adirondacks. If we didn’t find it, no big deal, but we had time. And boy did we find it. It’s kinda hard to miss as it’s right next to the exit. Mom was like, there’s nothing there. Yeah right, there was a train depot…and following the tracks into the woods, the entire frontier town. Oh my Bowie it was wonderful. It made my entire trip. It was so friggen creepy (but for reasons only brian and james will understand…to be explained when i have the photo). Spent a bunch of time wandering around there. Lucky for us, there was road work being done around the exit, so all the work people parked in the Frontier Town lot, and my car didn’t stick out and attract police attention. But yeah…wonderful place. Mom’s a thief haha. Or well I am, but only cuz she suggested it, she wanted the thing. shhhh

After we walked back to the train depot and got the car, we drove it up the hill to where the Frontier Town restaurant and hotel were. The hotel was still fully furnished, with some rad 70s chairs in the rooms. One of the rooms windows was open, could have crawled in but there was no reason to. We couldn’t have taken the chair, we had my car, not the station wagon hahah. Creepy again, for a Bates Motel reason haha.

Drove from there towards Tahawus, very much in the middle of nowhere. We weren’t sure how to get to the mine once in the general area, but we experimented on the few roads, and did find the place. By this time it was around 7 and mom didn’t want to go in with “failing light” – but in retrospect we should have….more to come. Left the site and drove towards a somewhat populated area to find a place to stay, get gas, and eat. Did the 3 and went back to the bed and breakfast.

Thursday now, we got up and headed for Tahawus. I was excited. Got there, the gate was open…bad sign. Walked in anyway, and halfway to the site, the caretaker/whatever drove out and found us. He nicely told us we couldn’t go in to take pictures, but we could take some from there as we left…As soon as he was out of sight in went back towards the site, but not too far…he had said he was coming back after checking on “the other side”. Disappointed. Should have gone in the night before.

I remembered that there were some of the employee houses in the area still, so we went out in search of those. We came upon the blast furnace which is burried very far offsite in the woods, and we did find the houses – completely falling apart dangerously. There is one shot I took that I desperately want to come out. We’ll see soon…

After that, it was 11:30 and we had nothing to do. So we left…headed back home. Of course, there was one more stop. We happened to drive by some wonderfully decayed building along the highway. Detoured to that and explored that a bit. I can’t figure out what it was. Mom thinks maybe a small power house, since it was along a river, but I really have no clue.

That’s about it. Off to scan. and develop….9 rolls of color, 4 of b&w. and tho i’m totally sick of b&w, i hate color.

Roadtrip Photos