Full Circle

First a little story.

Some of you know how I was led into my NIN fandom and some of you don’t. I don’t like talking about it, not because it is bad, but because it’s strange. Long story short, I had an odd dream that revolved around Julie, an old friend and ex-babysitter who was a heroin addict. The dream wouldn’t leave me alone, it led to me pulling out The Downward Spiral and listening to it for the first time in years. That was 1999. I don’t think I’ve seen her since around then or shortly after she got out of jail/rehab in 2000.

We left Gent for Brussels this morning. I had set the alarm for 8:30 and it woke me up out of this dream I was having. In the dream there were these weird storms, with lots of lightning flashing everywhere, and I was at work at the old small Tops grocery store on Nash Road. The storms ended and the power came back on in the store and we let customers in again. Who walks in, Julie. She sees me and comes over so happy to see me after all these years, and hugs me, and tells the friends that she was with how much she always liked me and how happy she was that I was there.

I thought it was strange I dreamed about her when I haven’t seen or thought about her in a long time.

We caught the 10am train to Brussels, found the hotel, and I wandered through the rain to the venue at 11:30. Rain – the good weather couldn’t last forever. Thankfully it stopped and most of the rest of the day was rain free. There were 3 people ahead of me, and Sue arrived shortly after I did. Brandy came out a bit later and said something would be happening later. Good news of course. We figured Year Zero listening party, with maybe waffels this time haha. S and V joined and the time passed away. We were moved over to the back stage entrance where the Spiral entrance was to be (odd), waited there and the band arrived and walked by. Later John came out to say we’d be going in for a few songs and the band would come out and sign one thing each.

33 shows later, I met Trent Reznor. I finally got a fucking meet and greet.

Now this completely blows my mind. At one point in the morning I realized how odd it was that I dreamed about Julie, and it reminded me that a dream about her is what started all of this 8 years ago. I just CANNOT get over this. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I commented to Sue about it, without going into details, because it was just so weird that she suddenly appeared in a dream. At the end of all this, I still cannot begin to wrap my mind into this odd phenomenon. That’s what I’m calling it haha.

But I met Trent Reznor. And I didn’t throw up, or cry, or stumble over my words, or trip over my own feet, or any other equally embarassing possibility. I should start from the beginning though. I’m trying to remain calm haha.

We went in as the band began playing The Frail. They followed with The Wretched, La Mer, Into the Void, Please, and Wish. It’s been awhile since I remember hearing Please, it was nice. Todd, Trent’s mic kid, was giving us all chocolates. They had something in them, and after I asked if it was liquor, he was like “maaaaybe”, so I asked if he was trying to get us all drunk haha. He gave me some other chocolate after that had chili pepper in it, it was weird. Anyway. They finished up and left, Ali staying on stage to mess around with his equipment. We were instructed to all stand against the barrier and then down along the wall and the band members would come out to talk to everyone. First out was Jeordie. To be perfectly honest I had no idea what to say to him. I really know nothing about him except past bands, and just…nothing. So I just was polite and asked how he was doing, and had him sign my big ticket (we had 2, spiral and venue ticket). Apparently he was in a better mood today than he usually is during meet and greets. Josh followed, and you could tell he was still stuffed up and sick. I asked if he was feeling better, he asked where I was from and said Buffalo – the one place they played all around but never in. He didn’t believe that they hadn’t played Buffalo, so I went through “Rochester, Erie, Toronto 5 times” He said they’d have to do it next time. I love Josh. That is all. Aaron followed. He’s so short. Really nice though, asked my name. I told him that 2 years ago in Reno he walked by Adr2 and I carrying a pizza and we had no clue who he was. He replied, “And you still don’t know who I am.” I said, “After the show, we looked at eachother and said, he fucking walked by us with a pizza.” One of the crew guys standing there said he liked that story. Ali didn’t end up coming down, apparently he’s really shy.

Then Trent. I watched the soundcheck songs at the rail, but everyone smooshed in for the M&G and so I moved down to the end of the line. I paced around waiting, and strangely I wasn’t nervous at all. He spent a decent amount of time with everyone, talking and taking pictures. The girl in front of me asked me to use her phone to take a picture of them, and then left. Me and Trent, face to face. And I still wasn’t nervous. He introduced himself (ha!) and shook my hand. I said “Finally” haha. Gave him my Spiral ticket to sign. I said, “I don’t have a camera but could I have a hug?” And with absolutely no hesitation he hugged me, and said, “A hug is just as good as a picture.” And it wasn’t some stupid halfass hug, it was a real one. And he smelled good. He was just so nice, and smily with people. So I let go and no one had to pry me off or anything haha. I still wasn’t nervous. I thanked him for everything and for the last 2 years being so great.

Sue and I had talked about M&Gs earlier in the day, and I had gotten nervous and wanted to cry just talking about it. But I was perfectly fine when it happened. I walked back outside, and she was like, “Are you ok?” I am/was sooo ok. Then they noticed how bad I was shaking and pointed it out. Shit. But I realized when I handed my ticket to Trent, I wasn’t shaking, and didn’t look stupid. It was just after that I was shaking and just could.not.stop. I called Adr2 cuz she’s the only phone number I have, and she had to hide at work while I told her everything. I almost cried at that point but I didn’t. I just kept shaking. Sue and I went to the bar to get a drink so I’d stop shaking haha. At at that point there was a gathering of NIN fans in the bar and I was able to find a ticket for tomorrow’s show. Yay.

So we waited to be let back in for the show. And at this point what else do I say? At rail slightly to the right of Trent. The setlist was much like London 1, but we got Dead Souls and Big Come Down. It was good and strange. Things seemed to be going very well, and Trent seemed pleased with the crowd. The whole place sang the “doesn’t it make you feel better, the pigs have won tonight…” part of March of the Pigs and he just watched, and smiled. Things went well until Hurt, when we all thought we were going to have a “Grand Rapids moment” and Trent was going to walk off. Halfway through the song, someone yelled something, someone else yelled something back, everyone’s going shhhh and Trent just stopped mid verse and stood there. As if he was thinking whether he should throw the keyboard over and end the show or not. In the end he didn’t, but I swear we all held our breath waiting for it to be the end of the show. Sadly, after he started again and for the remaining few songs he was totally gone and out of it. Just going through the motions. And it was so strange to see, just a complete change in him from before that moment to after. I don’t think we ever saw that from him before, even at the shows he was most pissed off at. You could just feel it, that he just turned himself off. (Reminded me of myself haha) Thankfully I guess, only 2 songs follow Hurt.

The venue was small, and great, and sounded awesome. No ringing ears in the slightest, and even the preshow music sounded clear and good. Apparently the venue in Amsterdam is an old church….

And I got a drum stick. I didn’t quite know that I had it. I saw it get thrown at the crowd, and I didn’t see it coming towards me, I actually was watching where the other one was going, but didn’t try to catch either. Then I look down and somehow the drum stick was in my arms. LOL. And no one else had noticed either, so no fighting. Go me I guess.

Got some fries and beer with S and V and Sue and Kim after and headed back to the hotel. David asked, now that you met him, what’s next? Meeting Trent again hahahahha. I have to remembr to tell him about how perfect the Terminal is as a set for a Year Zero movie/video and thank him for the tambourine.

Pardon me for a moment. OMFG i fucking met trent fucking reznor after all this time and all the missed chances before and i got a fucking hug and he smelled so good and i didn’t throw up on his shoes and he was so cute, and omg!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!! Thank you. I’m finished now. 🙂

Oh who am I kidding, this will get me through at least the next few days hahahahahahahha. omfg. nothing can stop me now…

Nine Inch Nails Cologne

Wednesday brought the NIN show in Cologne. Having no idea where it was, we took a cab to the venue – across the river, in a very industrial area. The venue itself appears to have been some sort of industrial structure or warehouse at one point. And as has become expected on our trip so far, there was construction. It follows us. We got there around 1 and Sue was the only one there. S & V had gone for coffee and still hours later there were only about 8 of us in the Spiral. By doors at 6:15 there was MAYBE 25 Spiral kids. Needless to say, we all got on the rail. Directly in front of Trent. It felt like Rochester but missing a few (a lot of) key players :). The day actually went pretty fast, and there was much laughter about misheard song lyrics, the Russian “I will let you die”, Sue’s friend thinking “Down In It” was “I was in a bucket, now I’m down in it.” college roommate Danielle thinking “Terrible Lie” was “Turn off the lights”. There were others I now forget, but we had a good laugh. We also discussed Trent offending every country he goes to, and Germans throwing sausages at them last time they were here. We sat in the sun to stay warm, since pretty much wherever we were, that was the Spiral line. It was sorta amusing that when Brandy came out to give us tickets she was holding about 35 envelopes instead of the amount she had in London where she just gave them to the box office to hand out. Good for us though. It was pretty chill and relaxed all day. We went into the actual Spiral line when other people started to show up and they seemed pissed that we passed them all and went to the front of the line. Um hello, you saw us sitting in the sun across the street, we’ve been here all day. Whatever. It was sort of funny, S acted as a translator for the rest of us, and when doors opened security asked us to step forward…but in German…and none of us moved. Ha ha we had no clue until S told us to move haha.

The show itself. It was mostly the same set list as London 1 – opening with “Somewhat Damaged” followed by “Last”. At that point I heard Aaron talk for the first time ever during a show. He said, “What are you guys fucking bored?” I guess the rest of the place behind me wasn’t into it. It seemed to get better though, because Trent insinuated during his funny story that we redeemed his opinion of Germans. His funny story to come later after Adr2 and Bliss get my postcard. I don’t want to ruin it for them haha. I’ve already told them half the stuff I’ve written to them haha.

In the set they added new song “The Beginning is the End” – it has tambourine – I’m happy. Having only heard it twice I don’t quite know it enough to feel like I can participate haha. Heresy, Ruiner, Burn, The Day The World Went Away, Survivalism, Suck, and the regulars. Trent’s voice didn’t seem to bother him until the end, around Hurt. He dropped notes down during The Hand That Feeds, as he sometimes does if he’s not well. And this time Josh was sick – one of the reason’s for Trent’s funny story, to give Josh a rest. But Josh was still spectacular. Trent almost fell off the stage during Piggy on his way down. And I don’t quite understand why he goes into the audience because it seems like he really doesn’t enjoy it. He wasn’t near us, so I could watch him this time (I didn’t have a face full of Trent stomach, not that I’m complaining), and he seems to almost cringe and just keep his eyes shut the whole time. It wasn’t too rough, only a few crowd surfers, and I wasn’t completely smashed. Ended up with a few nice pains though because of how I was forced to stand. Wearing a belt hurts at the moment haha.

Still waiting to get “The Fragile” and “We’re In This Together”…I think those are the only other songs being recently played that I haven’t heard yet. Of course, London 4 got “The Fragile”. They probably got it today in Dortmund too, or will in Tilburg :P. I decided to go to the 2nd Brussels show if I can find a ticket (not worried), and the 2nd Berlin show if I see everything I want to see in the city on the off days. Kim said she’d look on the Spiral for me, since we had no/expensive internet in Cologne. We’ll see. The 2nd Amsterdam show is when we are traveling to Berlin so that’s out.

Meeting Old Friends and NIN London #3


Got up early to finally meet up with Kevin at Paddington Station, before going to meet Glen and his family at St Pauls. It was sorta weird to finally meet him as well, cuz like I said it should have happened 10 years ago. We had coffee at the station, then headed to St Pauls, got more drinks, and sat on the steps to wait for Glen at noon. Caught up on everything since we were last in touch (aside from last week haha). Glen and his wife Anna and his 2 kids arrived. Cute cute kids, Syd a budding photographer haha. We walked over the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern. One of their exhibits at the moment are big slides that run from different levels down to the bottom. We all took a ride down, it was the shortest one, but wow super dizzy at the bottom. Syd loved it and went down a few times. The kids needed some food, so Kevin and I started looking around. It was one of those moments where I don’t get art…and when I think I need to stick some branches into some plaster and make up some long pretentious bull about what it represents and how awesome it, and I am and get someone to buy it for 1000s of dollars. One of the art works was a railing attached to the wall. Wtf. But then we did also get to see Dali and Picasso and some Monet, art that was actually something special and different. It was actually someone creating something from nothing, not going to Home Depot, buying a piece of railing, and calling it art. The 2ndfloor had an exhibit you needed a ticket for but part was free, by Gilbert and George, very political pieces, lots of color and text, and generally cool looking work. We went to find Glen and family, and Syd went on the slides again, then we started to walk back toward St Pauls. I wanted to get to Brixton around 3, and Kevin had to get to work.


So we departed and I headed to Brixton. Alex and David were already there and told me to get my tickets right away because Brandy had been out to say something was going to happen. Well…that didn’t work out in the end. Brandy ended up coming out around 5 or so to tell everyone that nothing was going to happen, Trent changed his mind, and we could all go get food etc.

I was in a bad mood, feeling literally sick to my stomach, and claustrophobic. Once in we were in the usual place but I decided I wasn’t going to be able to handle it today. I was getting hostile and feeling like I was going to snap at someone so I headed back a bit. There were rails in the middle of the floor every so often so I headed to stay near one of them. Well everyone I ended up being around was ridiculously annoying in one way or another. If it wasn’t couples who needed a room, it was the idiot who kept glaring at me when I’d push him, after moshers pushed him into me. Dude. Push them back into the pit retard. I finally left that area too and ended up behind the sound board…dealing with these drunk kids who were irritating. I stayed there though because there wasn’t much choice left haha.

3 shows, 3 different setlists. They began playing The Downward Spiral all the way through until The Becoming, in order, but skipping Ruiner. After The Becoming came Last which sounded way better today for some reason – not sure if it was because I was far back and the acoustics were better or if it was just better. From TDS we also got Eraser, Reptile (yay) and Hurt (boo). I thought it would have been neat if they did just play TDS all the way through. What else did we hear today…Wish, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell, La Mer/Into the Void, No You Don’t, Only, The Hand That Feeds, Survivalism, Dead Souls, Head Like A Hole….Trent talked a bit more, and it seemed as if his voice wasn’t bothering him as much. But by the end of the show, the closing Hurt, Hand that Feeds and HLAH it seemed to be bothering him again.

Awesome show of course, despite my crap crowd experience and being hostile and irritated. I must say the merch bootleggers in the UK are way better than the US. Because of the people I’m with I didn’t find it appropriate to yell “I don’t even like nine inch nails” when they would ask if I wanted a shirt. They just wouldn’t get it and would think I had tourrettes or something. But I thought it to myself. And actually I’ve bought 2 items…a black and red stripe girl shirt with the NIN logo, and a pretty nice zip up hoodie that has the logo and “performance 2007” embroidered on it. It’s also amusing to watch the coppers carrying arm loads of confiscated bootleg shirts haha.

I’m on the verge of convincing Adr2 to meet us in Brussels or Amsterdam. 🙂 Somehow things don’t feel exactly right without her next to me, and I find it hard to get as excited by myself. So much of the tour has been shared with her, that it’s just weird. I need someone I can just look at, and know what we’re thinking about, regarding some idiot near us, or a super hot Trent moment. Tho Alex did a good job in sharing hot Trent moments. And he’s straight hahaha.

So the first leg of the journey is over. We depart for Dusseldorf/Cologne tomorrow morning. The non English speaking leg begins. I won’t be nervous until we land and everyone’s speaking something else. Though that’s not that much different from work – just a different language that I don’t know being spoken.
(I remembered another Bono Trent moment – in the preshow music Trent’s now playing Lou Reed’s “Sattelite of Love” haha Maybe next Trent will come out in gold lame and devil horns haha)

London Photos

London Show 2

London show #2 3-8-07

Special event for the Spiral kids today – we were let in to listen to Year Zero and have some snacks. We got let in around 4:30, there was sandwiches and dessert things and tea. Jeordie and Aaron came out to introduce the album. Jeordie was smiling and actually looked cute. Aaron was funny, telling us they were going to have pizza for everyone but thought we’d be out of our element so we got tea and crumpets instead. Jeordie then began to play the album off his phone/pda into the mic before having the album start on the sound system. Initial reaction – it’s kind of hard to gauge, just like when Adr2 and I went up to Toronto to hear With Teeth. Listening to it that loud with echo and distortion of the venue, vocals were drowned out and things like that. Trent said it began as an experiment in noise and you can definitely hear that. I don’t really know why but it kept reminding me of Gary Numan. It’s going to take some listens by myself in my car etc before I can really form an opinion on it. It’s promising, let’s say 🙂 I’m not scared anymore haha.

After the album finished we were let back into the lobby to collect our cameras and cell phones, and instead of shipping us back outside like they were going to, we were able to queue inside to get right back on to the floor not long after.

The show itself started and I was a bit disappointed that it seemed like we were right back to the same old show… Love Is Not Enough, Sin, Terrible Lie, March of the Pigs, Something I Can Never Have, The Frail/The Wretched (which I was glad to see back)…but then he threw in The Beginning is the End from Year Zero, which came off very cool, tho having only heard it an hour before it’s kind of hard to really compare. That was followed by Closer, with super hot homoerotic trent/aaron action. Instead of Burn following, they brought back Deep. Awesome. Hadn’t seen that since..the November 05 leg. I think No You Don’t followed, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell, Eraser…what else..Survivalism, Wish, Hurt, The Hand That Feeds – renamed “A Lovesong for George Bush” – Head Like A Hole, oh! La Mer/Into the Void…no Piggy and no Suck, score! Haha. I feel like I’m missing something there.

Have you ever heard a Polish guy sing Hurt? And no this is not the beginning of a bad joke. The crowd today was 10x worse than yesterday, I was smashing this poor super short girl in front of me, then eventually got pushed in between her and V at the rail. All the pushing by these 2 Polish or maybe Russian guys, who when they weren’t singing broken english lyrics, they were talking in whatever language. But Hurt in Polish/Russian broken english becomes “I will let you go” and “I will let you die” hahaha. He continuously apologized for crushing us. Dude, we’re at a show, it’s alright. But what isn’t alright is using me for a pogo stick and humping. Brusied up real nice, but feel fine.

Great show again, and just different enough from the 28 other shows from 05-06 to make it not totally…what’s the word? The same. haha

Fangirl post #1

I’m going to post my very fangirl review of the first show first, while it’s still somewhat fresh in the mind. Family needs not to read this since I know you won’t care. This is going to be very stream of consciousness as I remember seemingly random things.

We met up with the guy who was going to sell Alex his extra ticket (for less than face value!) and headed to Brixton. Got there around 12:30 maybe, right behind S and V. It was great to see them again and hear their stories of the tour so far. The butter story was the most entertaining, as well as the almost fight/death threat story.

Fast forward to doors, 1 back in front of Aaron. Surprise? Ladytron opened, and I had been interested in seeing what they would be like after looking at their myspace. Sounded good but not extremely exciting on stage. But better than some other opening bands I’ve seen.

/begin fangirl

hfs!! trent went away for a few months and got some new ultra hot moves *dies*. just the first 5 seconds of “somewhat damaged” and the little move he did….gah. I really think he has come into his sexiness as he has aged, because I would never describe Downward Trent as being sexy…but dear lord.

/end fangirl???

As expected “Somewhat Damaged” followed by “Last”, then followed by of all things “Heresy”…incredible opening to a show. “Heresy” was totally unexpected and I was very happy that I hadn’t been looking at setlists. The whole show was really a surprise, as to what was going to come next. In the end, there was 1 Pretty Hate song, most of Broken, 7 Downward songs, a few Fragile and 2 With Teeth.

I really had forgotten that Jeordie was even there until the beginning of “Eraser” when they start playing with the old factory beat up looking light fixtures (which gave me a revelation, more later) that have strings on them so they can grab them and swing them around. He had way too much fun doing that hahahaha. It was really hard to take ones eyes off of Trent.

Setlist…this is what I remember in no particular order: Somewhat Damaged, Last, Heresy, March of the Pigs, Piggy, Ruiner, Closer, Burn, Gave Up, Help Me I Am In Hell, Eraser, Hurt, The Day The World Went Away, The Big Comedown, Only, The Hand That Feeds, Head Like A Hole, Wish, Suck, Survivalism….

It was a fairly tame crowd, smooshed, but there wasn’t a single idiot violent ass person around us, it was a nice change. Not hurt at all, tho I’ve now noticed my wrist is bruised but no idea how – I was pressed up against S the whole show. Very few crowd surfers, and it was rather cool as the smoke fans the band used blew right on us more or less. At one point the security guard offered me water, and I looked at him like “Why?” There was no need. Of course a few people back they were all hot and dying, so he stood in front of us to pass back water…right as The Big Comedown started…dude…seriously…big comedown you need to move!!! He finally did and good thing too 😛

Oh right, before the show, V had gone to the bathroom to scope out the USB situation, and S and I were talking about where they had been found etc etc etc, wondering where they’d be today…neither one of us realizing that it was right in front of us taped to a flyer on the rail hahaha. She noticed and grabbed it. We’ll see tomorrow what was on it this time.

There were alot of Americans there. A good chunk of the Spiral line were Americans. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Makes things feel alot like they did back in the states, and I had sorta been looking forward to something different.

But we did get it. We got a completely different show, and thinking about what was not played, like Terrible Lie, I didn’t miss the omissions. It was really nice to see a completely different show than the With Teeth tour. I wouldn’t say it has alot to do with the concept of Year Zero (yet) but different songs, and you can sort of see how the shows could morph into being more meaningful as to the concept of the album. Sorta seems like the songs Trent has chosen for this leg could fit into the theme of the new record if you try real hard haha.

Very awesome show. At one point while queuing we had remarked about how many security guards were around – alot – which was odd. S ended up hearing later that there were so many guard around because there was going to be a meet and greet. I swear to god, the NIN camp scopes out the line to see who’s in it, and then decides to have a meet and greet based on that. And that means I will never ever meet that bastard! haha 😉 29 shows and counting…

Ah yes the revelation…another rumor is that Trent is doing a Year Zero movie. And looking at the faux ruined “factory” lights, I realized how perfectly Buffalo Central Terminal, and other Buffalo abandonments, could fit into the theme of Year Zero. hollywoodinmemoriam.com speaks of a dirty bomb hitting the oscars in LA…the Terminal could easily be used as a set for that sort of storyline, without having to make a fake set. So many other places that could be used for sets in a Year Zero themed movie. So now my main goal in life is to get Trent to use the Terminal in his YZ movie, and then work on the piano concert on the Terminal mezzanine. 🙂 And going along with that, the art show I want to do..

the 28th and final show….for now

NIN Pittsburgh

a tornado, traffic, 2 semi’s harassing us all the way down 79, bad venue directions again, 5 hours later and a half an hour to park, adr and i got to the venue outside of pittsburgh right as bauhaus was about to go on. turns out we actually had GOOD spiral seats….1st row of seats behind the pit, dead center. it felt like we were in the pit, just with no one touching us haha. too bad no cameras….

bauhaus was great again. peter murphy didn’t want to sing the “saxaphone” song again, but daniel ash said, i don’t care i’m gonna do my tongue clicking part anyway. hahah there was mega hot action during “rose garden”.

nin’s set was pretty normal…back to the “usual” for this leg. but…towards the end of the set, after…hurt…trent started talking about how long they’ve been on tour and that it was nice to play so close to where he grew up. then he started to say they were going to play something they hadn’t before… so i thought OMG PERFECT DRUG…well no. he then introduced peter murphy, who came out and they played “final solution.” didn’t know the song, but it was friggen great, they were totally having fun on stage, and interacted well together. something special for our last show.

getting out of the venue was the fastest ever, about 10 min!?! but boots + gravel = sprained ankle. feels fine right now but we’ll see tomorrow haha. the drive home was uneventful and back to the more acceptable 3.5 hrs.

if you drive south on us-62, aka niagara falls blvd, you’ll eventually get to mercer. LOL the highway sign for mercer had the us-62 label and i was like, wait a minute! a direct link! hahahahahahhha no we didn’t go to the high school again.

so it’s over. i’m very much looking forward to not driving the stretch of the 90 between buffalo and erie for a great while. so while a break will be nice as trent finishes the album, i dont have anything to really look forward to at this point. saving money for europe will be nice….

anyway. i don’t know what else to say. good night.

26 years…

gah. way too much traveling this week. a recap.

i hate ohio.

tuesday brought the nin show in “cleveland”. got there around 3 i think and met up with adr2 and bliss. it wasn’t a too bad of day, considering the forecast said storms all day long. there was all kind of line drama again, and bull. but whatever. had pit tickets for this one, and it was a decent sized pit.

peaches – i quite enjoy her.

bauhaus – i like them more each show. peter murphy was all snarky and diva, yelling at the light guys for having things set up wrong.

nin – same set as detroit. i was really irritated so i didn’t quite have the best time. i decided that i didn’t feel like participating, so i just watched. noticed alot of things that i don’t normally when one is rocking out. like trent watches everyone in the front during “burn”. the band sounded great again. rob sheridan has been recording at least parts of the shows for an HD dvd, i hope they get the audio from these outdoor venues. it is killer.

after the show i took off out of the pit right away. just wanted to get out. walking out the same way we came in, daniel ash from bauhaus is just sitting on this cement wall on the side of the stage. apparently no one else was paying any attention because everyone just kept walking right on by. if you saw him how could you NOT know it was him. he is the most rock star looking rock star i’ve ever seen. so i went over, shook hands, said they were great and see you tomorrow. he was very nice. and hot. LOL

on the way out, walking with adr and jess and mike, 2 ppl we met in toronto, we ran into this guy being all weird who wanted to talk to us. we thought he was on drugs or something, but he was just really excited because he had recorded the show and wanted us to listen hahaha. he got all our emails to send the show out, we’ll see. sounded cool on the headphones he had.

so driving home, adr and i stopped to get food for the first time that day. after that…i got pulled over. fucking ohio. 80 in a 65, it’ll be 90$ unless i feel like driving back down there for court. which i won’t because i’ll probably get another ticket if i do haha.

too much driving.

wednesday, my 26th birthday, was columbus. i was still irritated from the day before, and from the ticket, i didn’t even want to go anymore. but i did. and yahoo directions are wrong, it doesn’t take 4 hrs and 46 minutes to get to the venue it takes 5.5 hours. we didn’t get there til 4:30. blah. met up with everyone, and i got a nice homemade nin birthday card haha. it was cute. pit tickets again, and this time there were alot of pit people in a very small pit area. we were like, wtf we’re so not all gonna fit in here. i decided to stay in the back of the pit cuz i just didn’t feel like dealing with anyone annoying up front. peter murphy played diva again, and decided he didn’t want to sing the “saxophone” song, whatever it’s really called haha.

nin changed up the set a bit. the frail/the wretched replaced something i can never have, which was nice. bored with that song. no even deeper this time. songs got juggled at the end and i thought they were going to leave out hurt for my birthday but sadly no. however, we did finally get “get down make love” which was fantastic. and i almost got a tambourine again. hahah bounced off my hand, flipped behind me into the seats, bounced off this other girl, and to the ground. some guy ran and grabbed it. band sounded great again. aaron growls during get down make love haha. it’s nice.

one more show, tomorrow, pittsburg. we have seats so not leaving here til around 2. no need to sit in line and be annoyed. i’m very much looking forward to this all being over. the shows have been great, it’s everything else that has sucked. the whole atmosphere is different this time around. the fall and winter tours were so much better, so much more chill. so there were people you might have thought were annoying, but they weren’t pulling stupid shit all the time and starting fights and stuff. it just hasn’t been fun. i think detroit was the best, because we didn’t have to go sit at the venue all day long. trent said in toronto they’d be taking a few months off to finish a new record and then coming back. very much looking forward to a break.

and looking forward to monday when i don’t have fuck all to do. we didn’t get home til 5am from columbus, having to drive 70 all the damn way home. i had to take my car to get tires and inspected at 10, went back to bed. i told them i needed it done by 2:30 so i could meet someone at the terminal at 3. that didn’t happen. it had one tire on at 2:30. didn’t get done til 10 after 3, and he said, i hope you know you need it inspected. and i said YEAH thats why i’m here! so then that took even longer, and i didn’t get to the terminal til 4. thankfully mark was able to meet the girl there for me, and they were gone by the time i got there. i need to get my dry cleaning, and my mom wants me for dinner still i think, and i have to go to work tonight. i’ll have to sign to get out early again cuz i just need some time by myself to do fucking nothing. gah!

nin show #25

well i wasn’t going to post anything until tomorrow but since i had to take care of some important emails why not…

got adr and headed to detroit, not without first hitting a bird with my car. it flew into the windshield. wtf. and this is the 2nd time this has happened to me. anyway….got through canada in 3 hours, but the bridge into michigan was backed up so we lost about a half hour. found the venue no problem, easy directions this time. only the parking lot didn’t open until 4. and it was about 2.30 and we were supposed to meet adr2 and bliss there to go off to michigan central station. through txts we went and met at the hotel room they got.

headed to MCS. holy mother of god. i don’t know if it’s just the awe of seeing it for the first time in person. but i think it’s more beautiful than BCT. my awe for BCT has run out though so…hard to say. hahah. but dear god. amazing beautiful place. we only really had an hour before we had to head back to the hotel to change and get to the show. (all seats so there was no lining up). really only went through the main concourse, after having to call dan to figure out how to get inside. lots of fences, lots of razor wire. but wow. that’s all i can really say at this point. so so gorgeous. i must go back and soon. it’ll haunt me til i do. i didn’t bother with the tripod so i doubt any of my pictures really turned out. there was nice afternoon lighting though. strangely and probably wrongly, it almost makes me happy that it is in such terrible shape. it’s in much much worse shape than BCT, i mean…BCT has roofs hahah…it’s totally trashed, yet some people in city and federal government thought it restorable to be used as the central police station and/or an office of homeland security. those plans went away, but….it was still considered. gives me hope for us. some day our prince will come 🙂 maybe the brit-arab guy who just bought the statler. hahah

headed back to the hotel and to the venue. turns out amira decided to work the show and was going to be working back stage. that is until she got fingered as being a fan and got kicked out hahahaha. so she spent the show in the aisles doing crowd control. we got to talk to her a bit between peaches and bauhaus so that was nice. she wanted to get together after but we really needed to drive home.

bauhaus great again. some really really hot action on stage hahah. anyway.

i would go see nin 10000 more times if i was guaranteed to hear “somewhat damaged” open the show. my lord, best. opener. ever. i think by any band i’ve ever seen, it could possibly be the best live song ever. since the whole place was seats, we ended up 2 rows away from adr2 and bliss, and asked the people next to them to switch. so it was the 4 of us rocking the fuck out like crazy, with everyone probably staring at us. but that song. god. wejrasdfk as so so so fantastic. it was really fun to have room and totally just go crazy.

but then the 4 most annoying people on earth arrived in front of us. first 1 couple, who insisted on talking, well more like yelling at eachother. adr2 actually told them to knock it off and later the girl apologized. but that went out the window as soon as their other couple friends showed up. non stop talking, smoking pot, some kind of groping, just absolutely ridiculous. i cant say i was as pissed off at them as the 2 guys that were in front of me and leighanne at bowie’s shea’s show, mostly because of our row being so much higher than at sheas… they weren’t totally in my line of sight. so though i still was going to punch them, and they actually caused adr2 and bliss to move to the seats behind adr and i, i managed to control my anger. but they were horrible.

setlist….no “sin”…no “reptile” or “dead souls”…added “even deeper” after “non entity”. aannnnd i think those were the only changes. great show of course. i don’t really know why, but i’ve been blown away about how good they sound. i don’t know if it’s the acoustics of being at that type of venue made for musical performances compared to sports arenas or what…but they just sound so great musically. oh and i don’t care what adr2 says, josh freese is an amazing drummer. he went off during “wish” and it was just like, wow.

and i love my boots. soooo much.

day off from the tour, work though boooo…probably won’t be leaving until 11 for cleveland tuesday, need to try to get some kind of sleep. pit tickets though so i want to have a good spot….

nin show #24

toronto show today. kate and i headed up a bit later than anticipated, but it didn’t really matter because we had seats. we had planned to spend the day at edge 102 because of the rumor that trent was to be there at 6. justin had said he was gonna call around and see what was up, so he called me right as we were getting into toronto. if anything was to happen with trent and the radio it would be at the amph because yonge was shut down because of the gay pride parade. so instead we went right to the venue, found adrienne and bliss and hung out. it was warm but there was a breeze so it was ok. even with the sunscreen i managed to get burned. blah. i guess i didn’t put it on as good this time.

peaches was entertaining again. i could understand alot more of what she was saying this time. bauhaus was good again as well. i was going to leave during it to pee, but i was so glad i didn’t, they closed with “ziggy stardust” which was wonderful. i miss bowie. kate liked bauhaus, said she’d go see them at their own show.

so nin. great as always. i decided that “somewhat damaged” is the best opening song i’ve seen them do. it is so powerful and just smacks you in the face. set list was similar to the last one, but we got “sin” instead of something…i dunno i can’t think haha. we got “dead souls” instead of “reptile”. other than that, i think the rest was the same. at least one other person near us knew “non entity” because i could hear them singing it. trent thanked another great canadian audience, said they’d be going away for a few months to finish the new record and then they’d be back. only 2 years after with teeth?!?! a miracle!

at the end of the show kate was converted. she thought that she would like it but didn’t realize just how much she’d like it. she said trent was the sexiest thing shes seen in a long time hahaha.

took an hour to get onto the gardener, so that sucked. need to try to sleep for the trip tomorrow, and i have a massive headache. the new plan, because its all seats tomorrow and with line dramas unfolding we don’t want to sit out all day. so adrienne1 is gonna meet up with her friend in detroit for lunch, and adr2 bliss and i are gonna head to michigan central station for a few hours. hopefully we’ll get to see amira, she’s working the show but is going to try to come out and see everyone in line. i just hope we’re there when she comes out.

nin show #23 – saratoga

Yesterday was the Saratoga show. It was 95 degrees, and disgusting. Adr1, her sister Amy and i made good time getting to saratoga, but then, as per usual, couldn’t find the venue. grrrrr. got settled in and found adr2 and bliss, and waited in the shade for a few hours til things started moving. spiral people have begun to number themselves a la u2 shows. which is good and bad, because we’re driving each day, we’ll never be able to get there early. and then we can’t jump in line with adr2 and bliss cuz of the number bull. whatever. despite how hot it was, and it was still brutal, it could have been way worse. the saratoga performing arts center is in a forest, so there was lots of shade, and it wasn’t just us sitting on cement in the beating sun all day.

so until a few days ago i thought i had a seat for this show, but then it turns out had a ga pit ticket LOL. so that was nice. there were only 100-150 pit tickets so it was reaaaally small. basically just about 2 people deep and a few stragglers who hung out behind everyone. so that was cool. peaches opened…she’s….interesting. she sings the “sucking on my titties” song that was in Lost in Translation. she’s hyper sexual and adr1 said she was pat benetar on crack. hahaha. she’s entertaining. bauhaus was great. i didn’t know what to expect since i didn’t quite care for what i had downloaded of them. but live was good because it didn’t sound so punk-like. peter murphy is about as poseable as bowie. and daniel ash, totally hot. lol

i had cheated a tiny bit regarding the setlist, so i knew we were going to get a more fragile leaning show, and “non-entity.” they opened with “somewhat damaged” which was incredible. great great opener. the only new songs that got played were “the hand that feeds” “only” and “you know what you are?”. they put one of my favourite elements from the fragility dvd into this show, the trent silhouette against the flashing orange screen during “closer” i was excited haha. instead of a screen they have lcd …ladders? metal rigging with lights on it that come up and down during certain songs. pretty cool. and trent hanging on it, pretty fucking hot hahah. but it was like trent hired u2’s ex set designer…the lcd rigging, coming onto the stage and starting with the lights still on, trent wearing a military shirt (so hot)…haha. “burn” rocked as always and “reptile” just never gets old. trent plays an extended piano piece into “la mer” and i could just watch him play piano all day long. “la mer” isn’t quite whole, it goes right into “into the void” which i was really impressed by. it’s not a hugely difficult song, or anything really special. but it’s so much fun, and i just thought “this is why this is my favourite band in the world.” the song trent said he’d never play “down in it” was pretty cool as well, it’s not as sparse live as it is on the cd. OH and “non entity” of course no one except me adr2 and bliss knew it LOL. ppl started looking at us. and there’s hot tambourine action hahah. it was pretty cool. neat “graphics” on the metal things. they had started the tour doing encores but have stopped again. whatever.

Somewhat Damaged
You Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Help Me I Am in Hell
La Mer
Into the Void
The Big Come Down
Down In It
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

there was a gathering after the show but we needed to drive back home. next show, saturday, toronto.