october storm

so while the rest of WNY lost power during the snowfall, i didn’t lose power until 5pm yesterday…after the snow here had all melted. business was usual until then. went to work early cuz there was nothing to do here, and it was getting dark. i was hoping it would be back on when i got home from work but nope. still off. 57 degrees inside. so cold. it went back on at 11 this morning, so i’m doing ok. but my parents and most people i know still have no power, and are being told it’ll be out til thursday…what exactly are we supposed to do with no heat for a week?!?!

sleeping last night reminded me of geneseo. specifically, the year we lived in suffolk. the brutal wind that came through the valley would howl so loud that it was unbareable. the only way to reduce the noise of the wind was to crack the window open a tiny bit. but that meant freezing cold air blowing on my head all night. it was terrible. slept with 2 pairs of pants, shirt, sweatshirt, gloves, fleece sabres blanket, and 2 comforters last night. i managed.

doors open niagara is this weekend, so we were supposed to be open at the terminal both days. mike went out in the morning, called at some point to tell me not to bother coming in. i slept through his call and my alarm, but it was good that when i woke up at 3:30 i heard mikes message, and didn’t feel bad for not showing up haha. don’t know if we’ll be opening tomorrow.

work was slow for a friday but busier than i had thought it would be. but no one has power and nothing to do, so they came to the casino. i actually had an amusing night with my players. we’ll see about tonight.

october storm

yahoo’s weather forecast says “thunder snow” hahaha. besides the snow, lightning and thunder, there is also fog. or there was on my way to and from work. apparently buffalo has 6 inches, a driving ban, and a closed airport but that’s just the rumor. my parents have no power but i obviously do. party at my house, i have heat! no one was at work so i went home early, 6.5 hrs early. i said i’d make sure to be productive, we’ll see how that goes. i may go out shooting later. it’s the good wet sticky kind of snow stuck to everything.

i got elevated tonight! woo hoo. dad set up the dvd player, got it all working. proceeded to get elevated. i’m so confused by all my remotes and buttons now. when i put the dvd in, it automatically started playing the show instead of giving me a menu thing. so i was all confused. eric came over later and got elevated with me – i realize that sounds REALLY bad…hah. but yeah. and then we spent like 2 hrs watching the bonus stuff, and trying to find the 2 hidden “bono-cam” performances. the 1st one was easy, we got that one quickly. but the 2nd one on the 2nd disc took FOREVER to find…like, we had the instructions on how to find it from the u2 msgbd, but i kept doing it and it wasn’t working. of course as soon as eric tries, he gets it… cuz he was doing the thing from the menu screen where i wasnt…and it worked! yay. so then we looked to see if there was bonus stuff on rattle and hum, but nope. and then we quickly looked at the fight club hidden stuff.

so my parents kicked us out of my room at 11 cuz they were going to bed. so we headed out to dennys cuz i was hungry, and then to walmart. well on the way there we got into this really great conversation about politics, which moved to religion, and other stuff. it was super great. well at walmart, it appeared that the 24 hr walmart was closed, and there were some shady looking ppl hanging out so we didn’t bother to stop. so driving back, we were so engrossed in our conversation that we decided to keep going to see if the other walmart was open (just so we could drive somewhere)…it wasn’t either, so we drove around more without a destination so we could keep the conversation going LOL. rock on.


everyone’s gotta be famous for something. buffalo is famous for snow


i went to bed at 2:30. it wasn’t snowing. i woke up to pee at 6:30 and had to use the bathroom downstairs. that gave me the opportunity to see outside. in the 4 hours i was asleep we got at least a foot of snow. we were only predicted to get 2-5 inches. the walkway by my front door, which was snowblowed to the pavement before i went to bed, was filled up to the level of the snow on the lawn. yep. the snow is starting to intervere with my view out my bedroom window. and it’s severely interfereing with my new years plans now.


we’ve gotten 6 feet of snow since monday


arg. my hair looks semi cute today, and my makeup is good… and it’s too snowy so i can’t leave my house. ARG!!!!

i got to do something today that most people never have the chance to do…shovel their car. my car had a good 2 feet of snow on it. yep. no lie. i used a shovel to get the snow off. hopefully i didn’t do too much damage to the paint, i tried not to. it took me a half hour to get all the snow off. i told my mom and she yelled at me for using the shovel. “dont ever do that again! use the brush” i’m sorry but it’s not practical to use a tiny snow brush, to clean TWO FUCKING FEET OF SNOW off my car.

mom said theres another few feet predicted over the next few days…so who knows what’s gonna happen with the whole Toronto trip. if it doesn’t happen, hopefully the weather will clear up so i can go visit on a normal weekend during break sometime. yay for buffalo winters.

well i took a bunch of pics of the shoveling of the car, and will post them once i get them off the camera after dinner.

oh and yeah, eric did the whole VCD thing for me today, and we watched them to make sure they worked. allllll good! a few are screwed up, like..there was something wrong with the format, and so maybe 2 inches of the left side of the picture shows up on the right side. and one of the EC vids the sound doesnt follow the picture…but other than that, the rest is fine and dandy. and they look really good too. we were watching the orgy in montreal vids, and yeah i miss them so much. they need to get on the road pronto!




if i die today, blame the red cross. cuz SOMETHING is wrong with my arm. when i move my hand/wrist, it feels like all the tendons, veins, arteries etc in my crelbow where they take blood from are moving and tearing apart. it REALLY hurts. this is so not normal.


did the gift thing with eric, adr and danielle today. eric came over around 3:30 cuz we were gonna go out. then it started snowing alot, so we didn’t. but we decided to go out to eat, got adrienne and went to fridays (so i could stock up on mints, since i was low lol..i got 3 handfuls yay). we walked around the mall and headed back home in the snow to watch the sabres game (we actually won!). danielle got home from wherever she was and came over at like 9:30. i must say i’ve gotten tons of stuff on my xmas list this year YAY!…eric got me rattle and hum on dvd, adr got me my phrenology head, and danielle got me something i have to take back. my mom got me the same thing, and i might actually be getting a 3rd one LOL. so after the gift thing we went to dennys, duh, and Tops to buy food for the concert tomorrow. i keep forgetting that we’re going to the Goo goo dolls charity show. it was 15 bucks and a bag of food. so we bought ramen and saltines LOL.

last week i downloaded U2’s remix/cover of “pop muzik” by M. just listened to it today. yeah, it’s scandalous. it could cause a car accident if i was driving while it was on. lol. let’s just say…. fake orgasming in the recording studio.  yeaaaaah

so it’s decided we’re going to toronto on saturday afternoon, until tuesday afternoon. unless it’s blizzarding. and yes that is a verb. it’s a verb if you live in buffalo.

realized today when reading my dvd player manual that it plays mp3s and VCDs…which means all the mpegs i’ve dled i can play on my tv. HOW SPECTACULAR IS THAT?!?!?!? LOL so excited. so tomorrow going to erics with my mpegs to burn them the right way so that i can watch them on tv. hehe yay! i’m so lame.



well eric just informed me the googoo dolls show tonight is probably cancelled. southtowns and buffalo got hit with tons of snow last night, and it’s moving up north here later today.

so now dunno what’s going on. there’s a driving ban i guess, the thruway is closed in areas, and if it’s gonna come up here that means more snow on my car. maybe i should do an experiment and not brush my car off yet…see how much more snow accumulates on it tonight. eh but i need to use my car so…i guess it’s getting brushed off. maybe i’ll start doing a digi cam snow update in my blog. hah  it snowed about 3 more inches between the time eric got to my house around 3:30 and when we left my house around 4:45. probably got 5 inches total yesterday afternoon.