i stole this from steph. i don’t feel like getting dressed and starting the day.
15 Years Ago, I:
1. was 6 (i had to use a calculator to figure that out)
2. was in first grade
3. liked joe gotowko hehe
4. best friends with angela
5. played with barbies

10 Years Ago, I:
1. i was 11
2. was in 6th grade (i think)
3. i liked kris kreiger
4. still played with barbies 🙂
5. still best friends with angela

5 Years Ago, I:
1. was 16
2. was in 11th grade
3. was dating psycho
4. was working at mcdonalds
5. was planning my trip to London

2 Years Ago, I:
1. was 19
2. had mono
3. had just seen NIN in toronto
4. continued to have no idea what i wanted to do with my life
5. wanted to end the year asap

1 Year Ago, I:
1. was 20
2. lived in suffolk hall
3. had just seen 3 econoline shows in a row (or was about to see 3 in a row, i forget)
4. wondering what kind of car i was going to get
5. studying for exams (not likely haha)

Yesterday, I:
1. finished classes at geneseo forever
2. watched the nin dvd
3. went to amy and sarah’s
4. watched hedwig and the angry inch
5. was pissed off most of the day

Today, I:
1. woke up
2. went back to sleep
3. woke up again
4. tried to sleep but got up
5. turned on computer

Tomorrow, I:
1. continue to do adolescent review sheet if i’m not done with it today
2. try to start studying for adolescent
3. have dinner hopefully
4. ?
5. ?

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. nachos
2. ice cream
3. chips and dip
4. goldfish crackers
5. sweettarts

Five Songs I Know All the Words To, Even Without the Music:
1. most orgy songs.
2. most nin songs
3. most apc songs
4. most mj songs but this is going downhill fast
5. lots of u2 songs

Five Games I Like:
1. snood
2. spite and malice
3. solitare
4. tetris
5. mario

Five Things I Would Buy With $1000:
1. food
2. dts setup
3. flat screen monitor
4. new clothes
5. a life

Top Five Musicians Lately (or Last 5 CDs in the CD Player):
1. nin – downwardspiral
2. deftones – whitepony
3. tea party – interzonemantras
4. garbage – 2.0
5. u2 – achtungbaby

Five Bad Habits I Have:
1. hating everyone lol
2. chewing my fingers
3. swearing excessively hahha
4. having no future
5. eh theres too many more to name

Five Things I Would Never Wear:
1. fluffy poofed out ball gown thing
2. a normal wedding dress
3. stuff from abercrombie
4. pants up to my boobs
5. ???

Five TV Shows I Like:
1. fear
2. the osbournes.
3. snl reruns
4. gh even tho i havent seen it in months
5. ……..

Five Places I’ve Lived:
1. kenmore
2. north tonawanda
3. saratoga terrace
4. suffolk hall
5. ontario hall

My Top Five Biggest Worries at the Moment:
1. money
2. job
3. future
4. money to move far away
5. no future

My Top Five Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. almost done almost done almost done
2. graduation, so i can leave forever
3. new orleans
4. vegas
5. trent

danielle and i went to amy and sarah’s last night. we watched them make cupcakes for danielle for her birthday. amy cooked them on broil instead of bake ROFL So they have a crispy shell on top, but they’re still good. and sarah made the frosting herself, no canned frosting for us. so they were good. then we watched hedwig, so that rocked. it was cool to hang with them, since it’ll most likely never happen again.

today i have to start my adolescent review sheet in hopes that i can take some of the info in and get a better grade on the final. once again, there’s alot of material on the exam, so blah. and it’s still all review. how many times have i learned about adolescent drug use?!?! like 4….but i’ll still do bad on the final.

i forgot to mention yesterday but i love my comp art proff. he’s really weird. he’s got a bizarre sense of humor, and i think he’s funny but i can understand how alot of people would think he was just weird. so he sent us emails yesterday that said “Come by and sign up for your bagel of preference” hahahahahahahaha i was rofl-ing. i swear to god someone is on my roof, and there have been no workers around in ages (hense the reason our bathroom light still isn’t fixed, 7 weeks later).

i should get dressed etc….

my internet keeps dying on me, so i’m guessing that’s a sign to do my adolescent review sheet. went to denny’s for dinner with amy and mike (and danielle of course) came back and started the review sheet. but 3 hours later, i’m almost done with 1 chapter lol. 4 more to go.

and i wanted to say that i really hope at least one bootleg shows up from the 2 recent tea party shows. i dunno why, but suddenly i want them. so hopefully they’ll be floating around kazaa and stuff over the summer, or maybe bootleg guy at the flea market will have them. i’d think waterstreet was recorded since it’s easier than a sunset slut to get a recorder inside. don’t ask me where that analogy just came from lol.


ad emails of the day:
soccer mom forced to suck and swallow
rape sex
ebony boning ivory




i spent an hour watching danielle and 2 of her bio friends get drunk before their class. lol too funny. they’re supposed to come back when their class is over, but i won’t be here. 1 more hour until my last class at geneseo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’re supposed to hang out with amy and the suffolk girls tonight, but dunno what’s going on tonight, or if we’re gonna do it tomorrow. i guess i’ll find out later.

since fridayfive.org is broken again, i was told it’s my turn to make one up
1. if you were to fight to the death in a duel what type of weapon would you choose? whips…like in the old west lol. reminds me of the SNL skit “the whipmaster” hahaha
2. if you could have any animal kill you, what animal would it be?panther rarr lol
3. if you were an oscar winning actor(ress) and could play any movie roll past or present who would you play and why? baby houseman from dirty dancing LOL why… eh it would be fun, even tho i’d have to look at patricks lips the whole time barf
4. if you could have written any song, what song would it be? and all that could have been – nin 🙂 or like… billie jean
5. how many toes do you have? 10 thanks

even tho carolyn said it was my turn, she did her own too
1) who is your fave author? chuck palahniuk
2) what is your fave book? invisible monsters, daisy fay and the miracle man
3) do you prefer poetry or prose? prose even tho i’m not exactly sure what that means…i mean i DO but…whatever.
4) what book have u read the most times? dunno…dont read books over alot. i guess daisy fay cuz i’ve probably read it 3 times.
5) if you could be any character from any book who would you be? Danielle from Merivale Mall


classes are OVER!!! no more class in geneseo ever again, thank god! now i just have to do the exam thing, and blah graduation. which reminds me my mom owes me 100$. but anyway…going to amy’s tonight at 8 or 9 to hang out.

i think i’ve decided that i need to be a shut in again. i can’t deal with people. someone in clinical had such horrible breath and kept breathing at me, i almost died. and i hate drunk people when i’m not drunk too. lol. and leah is cooking ramen and the smell is making me sick LOL. i need to open a window.

stole this from a blog who stole it from another blog who stole it from the movie “high fidelity” which i haven’t seen.
All-Time Top Five Recording Artists
nine inch nails
michael jackson
ehm…i don’t know
Top Five Records To Play On A Monday Morning
nine inch nails – the fragile
U2 – all that you can’t leave behind
econoline crush – the devil you know
stone temple pilots – purple
deftones – white pony lol….(i’m having problems thinking of 5)
Top Five Side One, Track Ones
econoline crush – “surefire” (the devil you know)
nine inch nails – “somewhat damaged” (the fragile)
tool – “the grudge” (lateralus)
the tea party – “temptation” (transmission)
batman forever soundtrack – u2 “hold me thrill me kiss me kill me”
Top Five Songs About Death
i have no idea. have no clue what songs are about death really….
Songs To Play At My Funeral
nine inch nails – “leaving hope” (still)
a perfect circle – “judith” (mer de noms)
u2 – “gone” (pop)
u2 – “love is blindness” (achtung baby)
depeche mode – “home” (ultra)
All-Time Top Five Favorite Records
U2 – Achtung Baby
nine inch nails – still
a perfect circle – mer de noms
econoline crush – the devil you know
orgy – vapor transmission
Top Five Dream Jobs
Rock Star – that would just rock. everything i’d want in a career…traveling, influencing large numbers of people 🙂 rake in large amounts of money
Barbie set designer – for the photographers…yep. love it.
Rock photographer – like anton corbijn, or mark selliger…work for rolling stone, do all kinds of cool shoots with my fav rockstars..oh yeah.
traveller – get paid to be a nomad.
televangelist – well like i said in my first one… 🙂


“The choice for (`Past The Mission’) had to be somebody that represented rage and anger because this is all about a girl trying so hard to work through being a victim,” she said. “I felt like for a guy to be supporting her, it had to be a guy that could rage, because then it would really mean something if he could be tender. Trent is–well, you can’t be in all that much rage and pain unless you have a very big heart.” – tori amos




“But Bono’s songwriting craft was not why he was being honored. The EIF awarded Bono for his humanitarian work promoting debt relief and AIDS awareness in the Third World, and for his work with Amnesty International, Greenpeace International and other organizations.

The evening’s presenters and performers, including Kevin Spacey, Ray Romano and Kevin Nealon, took turns praising Bono’s efforts, though none of their kind words matched those by comedian Drew Carey on the red carpet: “I’m so glad that God sent Bono down to save us from our sins,” he joked. “Do you want to see my wristband? It says, ‘What would Bono do?’ He’s like Christ, I’m telling you. He’s like Christ and Bob Dylan rolled into one.”



i forgot to mention this last night. listened to invincible in the car with my mom yesterday. her verdict “it’s good but not great”…and i’ve decided that every single song on the album is like 2 minutes too long. lol. oh, and my moms verdict is based on the songs i didn’t fastforward LOL…no speechless, no lost children, no dont turn around (or whatever it’s called), i might have fast forwarded a 4th one too… but whatever. and i really like track one… “unbreakable” is it?…i dunno why, but i enjoy it immensly. or is it emmensly?

so then today on the way back to school i listened to tool’s lateralus…wow that’s a great album. i haven’t really had a chance to LISTEN to it… i’ve heard it many times, it had been on in my room after i got it this summer. but every time i tried to LISTEN to it, like on headfones or in the car, i just get real tired of the epicness of the songs, and just can’t take anymore. But listened to it all today… and yeah, so great. it’s still kinda hard to listen to, cuz the songs all sound sorta similar… aenima was broken up by alot of those weird interludes, and the songs kinda all sounded different so even tho it’s just as long as lateralus, it’s easier to listen to. but yeah, lateralus…super. track 10…uh “disposition” is very trent-reznor-fragile-era-ish…in particular the background. not the rest of it. but the background sounds are right off the fragile…probably from la mer or the great below maybe… i dunno. they just sounded really familiar, and really trent like. i think i had a dream about trent last night, but not sure.

but anyway. i’m home. i should probably see if i have any homework LOL.

i don’t know why i bothered to go to class today. we talked about research methods… have i not taken an entire semester class about research methods? have i not taken advanced stats and research methods? have i not taken 100 other psych courses that all begin with research methods? have i not RUN FREAKING EXPERIMENTS?!?!?! I KNOW EXPERIMENTAL METHODS BY NOW!!!!!!! ug, so boring. should have skipped, but ah well…

i went to bed at 11:25 last night LOL….campus internet went down. i felt like my life was unplugged. i had nothing else to do, how sad. so i read clinical, read some of the u2 book (carolyn: bono knows kris kristofferson…) and then i was like….ok, i guess i’m gonna go to bed then.

if anyone has any questions that would be good to ask a counselor about ethics, and patient confidentiality etc put them in the comments…cuz i need some, and have no idea…besides like “what’s ethics”… LOL.

i got a package today… it’s 1 of 2 things….mail bomb/anthrax or my candy from carolyn. let’s hope it’s #2. i gotta go to sundance to buy a book on adobe photo shop, like i have the money….and i desperately need sweettarts, so i gotta go to the gas station. they used to sell them there, so let’s hope…since carolyn claims not to have sent any in my package. but it’s way too windy out. if it wasn’t windy it’d be a gorgeous day, but alas…the wind ruins it all. maybe i’ll go anyway, i gotta mail something and stuff so…i could risk it i suppose.


NO ONE SELLS SWEETTARTS! WTF IS WRONG WITH STORES?!?!?!?! gas station didnt have them anymore. so now NO ONE has them….. i’m gonna die…


ok…w…t…f….!!! did willy wonka stop making sweettarts or something?! becase i’m at a candy warehouse, and you can buy boxes of candy…like remember bottlecaps?!?! well u can buy a case of them…and tart n tinys, and every other damn wonka brand candy EXCEPT SWEETTARTS!!!!!!!!!….or i forget…did i find out sweettarts weren’t wonka anymore…are they nestle?…hmm…u can buy a whole box of fundip… i’m so tempted lol. ok so sweettarts are a nestle product apparently… and u can buy a whole box of the little 3 packs… like the halloween candies… a 3000 count case for 57$…yeah that’s a bit too much for me to pay, for those tiny lil ones. WHY DONT THEY SELL A BOX OF THE ROLLS?!?!?!?! you can buy giant chewy sweettarts….WTF! i had these really disgusting candies in London…they were like, bears…like these wax bears that had gross liquid inside….they were revolting. i can’t remember what they were called tho…

i’m getting pissed off now…


AHHHHHHH I FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!! at the same site i was at before, that didn’t show me any results i wanted….Classic SweeTart rolls! Un-wrap the top and flip them into your mouth one by one. Display box contains 36 rolls. 19.80

now the question is, am i that desperate that i need to pay 20 bucks plus shipping for my very own box of sweettarts? ALL I WANT IS LIKE maybe 5 ROLLS!!!!! i don’t even think i can buy these, cuz it says min amt to be shipped to one place is 35$…i’m not about to buy 2 boxes…

if you eat a red and yellow sour patch kid at the same time, it’s really good…like berry lemonade

current mood: moral crisis over purchasing the sweettarts


LSD concealed in sweettarts….http://www.streetdrugs.org/lsd2.htm…..so that’s what those white dots are….THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!


the gross brit jelly candies were Jelly Babies…and there is no good Jelly Babies website… no one describes how revolting they are anywhere…ah well. they’re so puke worthy.


so bored. trying anything to not do work

Zodiac sign – cancer
School – geneseo
Color of eyes and hair – brown and red/brown
Height – 5’9
Pets – cat – ziggy stardust…she has her own webpage

Been in Love – nooooooo
Had an online romance – definitely not
Left the country – yes…canada, uk, greece
Been so drunk you blacked out – i don’t know 🙂 if i blacked out, i wouldn’t remember LOL
Gone out in public in your pajamas – of course.
Missed school because it rained – um yeah probably… ive skipped a total of like 3 classes ever…one of them was probably due to rain. i made carolyn call the psych department last week to ask if my professor was in, cuz i didn’t want to walk outside in the shitty wind and cold to get there and have class cancelled (and it was cancelled)
Set any body part on fire for amusement – LOL no but i’ve glued my fingers together for amusement
Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend – noo
Kept a secret from everyone – yeah hahahaha
Actually thrown shoes onto a phone wire – no…i dont do drugs.
Had an imaginary friend – no but i used to have conversations in my head with my internal voice…and i named the voice mary jo…
Had a crush on a teacher of the opposite sex – LOL yes…..*innuendo list* hahahahah
Ever at anytime owned anything New Kids On The Block – NKOTB ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Planned your week based on the TV Guide – no thats what a vcr is for….but i did used to have a weekly ritual of looking in the TV highlights part of the buffalo news tv topics to see if there were any mj programs on for that week….
Prank called someone – yeah before everyone on earth got caller ID! 😛 ruin all our fun
Been on stage – not with a band… like i didn’t get to go up and roll around on stage with bono or anything, but i was in a play, and in chorus and stuff….
Gotten in a car accident – nope but i’m waiting for it LOL
Made homemade fudge – no i tried once, but we didn’t have a candy thermometer
Seen the Eiffel Tower – not in person, yet.

Shampoo – i have this dandruff shampoo from aldi right now….
Soap – whatever’s there..
Color – black and silver
Movie(s) – Fight Club, Hedwig, waynes world, the crow
Day/Night – whenever i’m not bored
Band – NIN, Orgy, APC, U2, EC….who else is on my walls?…tool…stp…sw…inxs…
Type(s) of music – anything that doesn’t suck LOL…so that means, nothing that’s on the radio
Coffee or hot chocolate – um…depends on my mood (and cyndi…starbucks is THE WORST coffee ever…)
Cold or Hot – cold
Big or Little – now what exactly are we talking about here???? lol
Red or Blue – blue
New or Old – eh new….i dunno
Neve Campbell or Jennifer Love Hewitt – um, negative captain
Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt – braaaaaaaad
Old Madonna or New Madonna – old, all the way….
Character on Friends – i dont watch friends, it bores me, but i guess chandler – based on my old knowledge of the show
Character on Dawson’s Creek – never seen it, i was a 90210 chick
Soap Operas – gh
Cartoon(s) – simpsons

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend – nooooooo
If no do you have a Crush – not on anyone in real life lol
Do you have a best friend – yes
Who do you go to the mall with the most – probably eric…cuz we’re always bored, and that kills a whole 30 minutes 😛
Who do you e-mail the most – whoever emails me the most.
Who have you known the longest of your friends – eric. we’re up to what? 16 years now…22-6….its said i need to press the lil calculator button to do that subtraction
Who’s the loudest – eric.
Who’s the shyest – danielle
Whose parents do you know the best – i dont really know anyone’s parents…
Who do you go to for advice – don’t seek out advice usually….fab four i’d say
Who do you get the most surveys from – I would have to say.. Sara..definitely Sara. (i only fill them out cuz i get them from you, cyndi)
Who are you jealous of – Ali Hewson ROFL

Helped someone – dont think so….
Cut your hair – no
Worn a skirt – NO! i dont wear skirts
Worn a tie – i’m a girl
Been mean – i’m always mean…:P
Been sarcastic – i’m always sarcastic…
Gone for a walk – i walked to sundance and the gasstation WHICH HAD NO SWEETTARTS!
Gone to the movies – i havent gone to the movies since august…and before that it was like 2 years hah…
Felt stupid – stupid? me?!?!
Said “I Love You!” – no
Written a letter – not exactly a letter
Written a paper – hahah thankfully not yet
Taken a test – online personality test, yes
Met someone new – um..not really
Written in a journal – i have a blog
Watched your favorite movie – saturday night
Given someone a present – no…
Had a serious talk – not in the last 24 hrs, few days ago…
Missed someone – nope
Been scared – YES, YES, thats a big fat YES!! why else do i continue to have a KNIFE in my BEDROOM!?

Wished upon a star – october, at the corn maze…lol
Laughed until you cried – i’m not adrienne
Played Truth or Dare – lol we sorta played a half ass version in an mps chat in december
Watched the sunrise/sunset – dont think ever
Spent quality time alone – um i’m usually alone lol
Lied – i’m not sure what a Lie is…
Read a book just for nothing – the entire book? i finished 2 over break…read some more of the u2 book last night
Told someone you hated them – to their face? LOL or over the phone to someone else?! lol…
Ditched a friend for a girl/guy – havent
Showered – yesterday
Ate a meal – what’s a meal? i only eat 1 thing at a time cuz i cant cook.
What are you wearing right now? dark grey turtleneck, jeans
Are you lonely – no
Are you happy – ehm not really
Are you hungry – always
How many friends to death – what? i dont understand the question
Are you talking to someone online – not at the moment
Have you or are you going to be taking any vacations this year – yes…vegas, new orleans and the cross country trip, and hopefully at some point ireland…
Are you ready for this survey to end – yeah sure, i thnk i want dinner now, and my hands are frozen.
How long did this survey take you to fill out – 18 minutes
Do you have any friends you should pay more attention to – i pay attention to my friends, they just dont write me back…
Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back – i’m not sending it to anyone….

the friday 5 a day late, cuz they weren’t up when i looked yesterday
1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma? Yes…braces for about 2.5 years, retainer for 2 years or so…and 20 teeth pulled. 12 baby 4 permanent 4 wisdom.
2. Ever broken any bones? nope but always wanted to. i have always wanted a cast. when i got hurt in gym in 12th grade, i was so happy at the possibility my wrist was broken.
3. Ever had stitches? yes twice. on my back and in my mouth. the mouth ones were annoying cuz i played with them with my tongue all the time (insert fight club quote about tonguing the cut in your mouth here)
4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars? i have a scar on my left hand because i burned it on the fry station light bulb wires at work. skin instantly came off, hurt SO bad. bad ugly scar. dont have many others.
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? did some homework today, gonna watch hedwig tonight, more homework tomorrow and superbowl half-time woo hoo

forgot to mention. yet again, i wish i lived in NYC…NIN instore record signing…yeah. great. and i’m here 10 hrs away.
so i watched more of popmart before i was interrupted again. it seems like bono is a little boy trying to get your attention. it’s like the stage makes him so little, and he’s jumping around like “look at me, pay attention to me”…and it’s different than The Fly’s whole, “lookit me i’m a rockstar” fake egotistical behavior of ZooTV. and bono is really femmy in it…in his tight pants, and stuff. LOL it’s cute. and good neck shots…oops i’ve said too much.


wow i don’t think there could legally be anymore chlorine in our tap water….yick!

current mood: bored, tired, pain
current music: “never tear us apart” – inxs acoustic
current taste: haven’t spoken in hours taste
current hair: boy looking, lacking hair products
current dress: army sweater, beige bungee pants
current annoyance: the website i’m working on….
Current smell: nothing
current game: spite and malice
current thing I ought to be doing: eating.
current windows open: netscape mail, winamp, 2 chat windows, AIM, IE
current desktop picture: bono and edge trading places
current favorite group: u2.
current book: u2 at the end of the world.
current cds in stereo: phantom of the opera hahah.
Current color of toenails: chipped to hell dark metallic turquoise.
current worry: what i’m gonna fucking do in may.
current crush: um..real person, no one. lol
current favorite celeb: bono, john cameron mitchell
current hate: my shoulder.

..today have I..
Smiled?: yes
Laughed?: yes
Cried?: no
Bought something?: no
Danced?: nope
Were sarcastic?: noooooooo not me.
Talked to an ex?: no but i saw this kid today who looked like tim.
Watched your favorite movie?: actually, not today LOL

..the last time..
Last book you read: complete book? “round ireland with a fridge”
Last movie you saw: hedwig and the angry inch
Last song you heard: currently playing depeche mode “dead of night”
Last thing you had to drink: vernors.
Last time you showered: 2:30pm.
Last thing you ate: baked potato.

..do I..
Smoke?: no.
Do drugs?: no.
Have sex?: lol with who?
Sleep with stuffed animals?: yes.
Live in the moment?: nope not usually 😛
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: yes – tornados, airplane crashes, squirrels, lately airplanes that don’t crash, playing asshole with edge and bono
Play an instrument?: yes. er no…not really. i used to.
Believe there is life on other planets?: sure.
Remember your first love?: yes
Still love him/her?: hah yes – too bad we were never together
Read the newspaper?: i read the front page at work, and sabres articles on buffalonews.com
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes.
Believe in miracles?: no.
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: very. extremely, yes.
Consider love a mistake?: no.
Like the taste of alcohol?: yes. cran vodka…*drool*
Have a favorite candy?: sweet fucking tarts!!
Believe in astrology?: nooo
Believe in magic?: why did i suddenly think of mcdonalds….
Believe in god?: no.
Go to church?: no.
Have any pets: a cat. but it wasnt my cat that was outside the bathroom door today when i got out of the shower….
Do well in school?: yes, best grades ever
Go to or plan to go to college?: yes LOL again.
Wear hats?: nooooo i look bad in hats.
Have any piercings?: ears.
Have any tattoos?: no.
Hate yourself?: not really, dislike alot yes…but hate.. not really.
Have an obsession?: hahahah that’s a funny question….well no i don’t. not if you go according to DSM criteria hehe
Have a secret crush?: hmmmm since i said i had no crush, then i guess this would be a no.
Do they know yet?: uh then it wouldn’t be secret if i even HAD ONE WHICH I DONT!!!!!
Collect anything?: floaty pens
Have a best friend?: yes.
Wish on stars?: i did at the corn maze and did it come true? no.
Like your handwriting?: no.
Have any bad habits?: yes.
Care about looks?: sure who really doesnt?
Believe in witches?: not really.
Pick a song that best describes your life at the moment: “rebel yell” – billy idol… yah it’s playing right now…so therefor its describing my life at the moment.
Things you hate about yourself the most: my shoulder OMG IM DYING UG pain. need a shoulder transplant
Things you like about yourself the most: my brain i guess.
Things you look forward to: figuring out what the hell i’m going to do in may.
This makes me cry: not much.
This makes me smile: stuff.
One thing you can’t live without: music.

again, i’ve had attention drawn to my “art”…first was priest and all that….and now this site www.shadyproductions.fsnet.co.uk wants to feature some of my photographs on their site. so they’re putting up about 6 or 7 of them. rad.

heather reminded me….our strange men attracting. the kids at the river who invited us to the party. they were squirting water at us, and then they asked if they could come to our party, and i was like “i don’t think so” and we walked away. i remember we had to walk by them like twice or something LOL.

i got home from work. i took a shower. i opened the bathroom door and there is a cat sitting in front of the door. but it wasn’t my cat. LOL. i’m like GET OUT OF MY HOUSE STUPID NEIGHBORS CAT! i don’t know how it got inside. it must have snuck in when my mom went to work this morning, and must have been in my house all day long. cuz i didn’t let it in when i came home from work. so yeah, i kicked it out of the house. but it was weird, and scared me, opening the door expecting Ziggy to be sitting there like normal, and it’s a beige cat instead LOL.

carolyn and i have come up with a final count of 24 attending last nights party… of course, i don’t think we were all there at 1 given time LOL…it migrated outside, and next door…and to the hospital…but yup, 24. for me, that’s a huge success!


ok so at the party yesterday, all these boys who were visiting our neighbors decided to come party with us. they brought a camera. so i asked them if i could see the pics when they were done, gave them my IM name etc…well i totally didn’t think that they would actually come through… but an hr ago i got all of the photos in a zip file LOL…they are really funny, maybe i’ll post some later


cuz i don’t have anything else to be doing right now hehe

Last CD/vinyl/tape you purchased: ummm. let’s see….the tea party “transmission” i think…
Last music you listened to: u2
Last show you went to: u2 last saturday in hamilton 🙂
Last thing you watched on television: some stupid show on MTV starring Sum41…it was that or Mariah Carey…
Last thing you ate: spaghetti, biscuits, salad
Last item of clothing you bought: umm…i have no idea when the last time i bought anything was so…um…yeah, sorry, no clue
Last thing you said: “that’s gay”
Last person you saw: danielle.
Last time you felt scared: i’m scared every day about my lack of a future
Last time you cried: last saturday at u2…. *dork* hahahah NO WAIT.. even more *dork*… last sunday, in the car, listening to u2 LOL
Last time you said you were sorry: probably today, cuz everyone i hang around with constantly apollogizes for nothing
Last time you got into a fight: i don’t really get into fights.. i guess disagreement would be my mom last sunday… brought down my u2 high, grrrr
Last time you lied: probably today, i dunno… can’t think
Last person you kissed: i’m going to assume you mean a boy…and not family…LOL i dont even know who he was…
Last time you said “I love you”: sunday
Last time you felt inspired: i felt a bit inspired but then i couldn’t make a proper graphic so it went away..that was probably…tuesday
Last person you emailed: um.. either the u2 hamilton bootleg guy, or carolyn about pylon man love
Last movie you saw: i saw about 10 minutes of “Breakfast club” today
Last wish: LOL actually i wished last night cuz i saw a shooting star…and i’m so predictable that carolyn replied “i guess it didn’t come true cuz bono’s not here right now” LOL
Last words: that i said outloud? i already answered that.

happy october! best month of the year!

ok so my shit day is over…slept badly. woke up at 6:55 because of construction noise, and the fact i was paranoid about oversleeping. alarm was at 8:30…fell asleep a bit but kept hearing my housemates getting ready for class. but whatever. i had a dream that my test was postponed, i go to class and there is a big orange class cancellation notice on the door… for my professor!! for a moment i was overjoyed with happiness until i realized it wasn’t for our class. she cancelled her stat’s class, not neuropsych. so we still had our exam. had to answer questions 5 and 6… 5 was the big outline of mamalian brain divisions and structures inside them.. oh, and their functions…and 6 was about the thalamus and hypothalamus which i didn’t bother to study until this morning. the drawing was of a neuron, how easy is that, and the labels were only 9 of however many were there… so that i did fine on. and i looked over my outlines after and i remembered pretty much everything i had studied for my essays… still don’t know if that’s enough info for 35 pts, but i guess we’ll find out.

and i changed my cds today lol…put in u2 bsides which i’ve only ever listened to once, and put in duran duran medazzaland, cuz i got one of the songs in my head during psychopathology today… left in pop, cuz i’m not quite over my obsession with “do you feel loved?” yet… 🙂

hmm what else do i have to say? i’m tired as hell. was gonna skip psychopathology to go nap, but decided to go. i should have skipped cuz all we did was go over friday’s exam (got an 88)…we got our paper assignments too. big deal. i spaced out for the entire class period lol.

i don’t know if i ever mentioned this, but in batavia there were a couple of these big billboards and on them were pictures of jesus that said “behold i am coming” or something. well right after the attacks last month (jesus, it was last month already) i went home on a friday, the billboards were there, and then saturday when i came back, they were gone. they changed them to ads of the corn maze in Mt Morris, and there was a picture of the statue of liberty on the billboard. so i was like, wtf, jesus is gone, and now the statue of liberty is up…wtf does the statue have to do with the corn maze, or is that just some kind of patrotic statement after what happened. LOL wellll i found out today from danielle that the corn maze is in the shape of the statue this year LOL makes sense now. how appropriate 😛


i’m really really happy right now, and i feel stupid cuz i’m sitting here by myself laughing…no i’m not going psycho. there actually is a reason i’m so happy (it has nothing to do with u2 😛 so don’t even think it)….

i decided to go read the old IRC foo quotes…good times good times, back in the day. i miss it.. how sad is that? some of the funniest times in my life involved sitting in front of a computer talking to people across the world….well whatever. it was fun, we had some seriously good times on IRC…and meeting all the ppl i met in person etc…robin, sandy, em, mand, lau…various others. yeah we rocked.


even tho i’m revelling in sexy bono-ness at the moment…sometimes there are a reason B-sides are B-sides….


OMG carolyn has a survey that i filled out on…… JANUARY 28, 1998!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO this is too great! lets look at some highlights
(keep in mind, this is when i was a big dork… like i’m not a dork anymore)

SCREEN NAME: My AOLIM name is ImaMJfan98
NICKNAMES: My Awesome Friend Dan calls me Figgy
JOBS: Student, professional McDonalds worker (that hasn’t changed lol)
COOLEST EXPERIENCE: Going to England by myself
SCARIEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE:Going to England by myself, because my plane had a 15 hr delay in Toronto and I was by myself and Ihad to go to a hotel all by myself and stuff
WHO I WANT TO MARRY: I really HOT brittish man, with a neat accent, and a cool name like Simon, or Alistare lol
FAV Performers/Music groups: Michael Jackson, INXS, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Cranberries, STP, alternative stuff…I have weird tastes in music
FAV SUBJECT: IN SCHOOL? I HATE SCHOOL its so boring.. fav subject…righ tnow, English, and only because my teacher is SO HOT! AHH, I really hate english
FAV Quote:OH I have lots of fav quote http://www.geocities.com/soho/gallery/4265/ but if I hvae to pick one now, I made it up myself it would be ” I want to hate him so much, yet I wish to be with him” ( gee who would that one be about??) from the date of this survey, i’m going to guess i was talking about scott….

and looking at the recipients of the email, i sent it to my mom’s friend, and my cousin?!?! lol

i’m certainly alot more vague in my responses to surveys now…and alot funnier… even tho this survey was hysterical to read.

also i think i’ve decided that i kept refering to dan as “my awesome friend” because he was helping me out and giving me advice about scott….it’s gotta be that…why else would i call him that LOL he wasn’t that great…


i’ve hacked into carolyn’s email account, and i’m going through her “Sara” folder and looking at the emails i sent her that she kept…she has one from panther98@juno.com when i used to sign my emails “Sara 🙂 the self proclaimed Princess of Neverland” ROFL I TOTALLY FORGOT I USED TO DO THAT ROFLMAO!!!!!!