Seven Circles album review

the tea party – seven circles

1. writings on the wall – am i listening to the tea party? this is not a tea party song. as eric said, it sounds like a stone temple pilots song. that’s not what i thought first, but i can hear that now. what captured me immediately is the guitar sounds like it’s a rage against the machine riff…it’s not a bad song, it’s sorta rockin, but it’s not the tea party

2. stargazer – this is not a tea party song either. wtf. i really wonder if someone else wrote these songs…it’s ok

3. one step closer away – again…it sounds like a stone temple pilots song. well at least the beginning…the chorus…back to rage guitars…and i dont like the chorus. it would be a cool song, creepy, haunting if they didn’t go into a fast lame chorus.

4. oceans – i hate slow sappy tea party songs, but this one is not as bad as the ones on interzone…er well…the chorus is as bad, but the rest isn’t haha.

5. luxuria – best song on the cd. it just is so cool. classic tea party right from the start.

6. overload – another good song. yay. but back to rage guitars. jeff martin found a new guitar tone and used it way too much. and still has that weird STP sound during the chorus…

7. coming back again – a bit creepy sounding, like a godsmack song. decent

8. the watcher – ug slow and sappy again. they all sound the same…

9. empty glass – one giant bowie tribute…major tom, ground control, starman, diamond dogs, golden years…it’s decent as well

10. wishing you would stay – i like it. it’s different, again. features holly mcnarland as well. ok i really like this song. yeah, this is my fav song on the album. it makes me overly emotional haha.

11. seven circles – boring. instrumental at the end is nice though.

overall impression: disappointing. this is not a tea party record. it’s really not. of all the songs, in my opinion only 1 holds to their “sound”, and that’d be luxuria. the slower songs keep in form with their other slower songs, but i never really like them. as eric put it, it’s not like they can’t grow and change and evolve, but they do have a distinctive sound, and we expect an evolution of that, and not just an evolution into crap. as of now, i find the whole package rather boring. it lacks the cohesiveness of their other albums. there’s no grand epic largeness. it’s just a bunch of random songs thrown onto an album. it doesn’t tell a story, or seem to go together at all. so yeah…it’s not awful by any means, just not what i was expecting, and doesn’t meet my high expectations of the band. i’m sure it’ll grow on me, but….not all that great.


in other news. i have a really bad sunburn on my neck from sunday, and wearing clothes kills it lol. the collar on my uniform is going to murder me tonight at work.

in the last 24 hours i did something to my back and it hurts soooooooo bad. my lower back too, which is unusual. usually it’s my shoulders that hurt like a bitch. blah. it’s fine during extended periods of sitting or standing…but changing positions…ouch. i need a massage *looks at ty *

work was work. no big thing. definitely gotta get my ass out of bed tomorrow on time, cuz i need to do laundry….this week’s schedule, flooring 8-4, dealing 7-3, off, ctrc, bacc 8-4, flooring 8-4 and flooring 8-4. sunday was SUPPOSED to be 6-2 but noo they went and changed it on me. jerks.

finally finished wizard and glass, took forever. not that it wasn’t good. it just took me so long when i only read before i go to bed. so now i get to start wolves of calla. i hate hard cover books, i just want to say. they’re too heavy lol.



so much for laundry. i couldn’t sleep last night. got up at 12:30, checked email, went back to bed. oh well. wednesday i guess…

best *I hate everybody*song: “dizzy” and “dissention” – orgy

best *damn all this love shit* song: “heart’s filthy lesson” – david bowie or “pure” – orgy

best *hey this song reminds me of* song: anything on candyass, mer des noms, or the devil you know

best *wow I hate this song* song: anything by creed, and most of the stuff on the radio

best “hmm..can everyone please stop FUCKING me over” song: “break stuff” – limp bizkit

best “I hope nobody finds out I like this song” song: “fighter” – xtina, but it’s out now right…

best *get the fuck out of my life* song: “leave me alone” – michael jackson

best *spontaneously start singing everyday* song: “life on mars?” – david bowie

best *I listen to when I am bawling my eyes out* song: “something i can never have” – nine inch nails

best *this song puts me in a grand mood* song: “walk on” – u2

best *I don’t give a fuck* song: “eraser” – nine inch nails

Reminds you of an ex-friend: “dissention” – orgy

Makes you laugh: “everybody was kung fu fighting” – by whoever sang that song

You never want to hear again: anything by creed or the police

You want to get married to: i should pick some cheesy 80s hair metal band song…like “heaven” by warrant or something lol

Sums up your teenage years: unfortunately i can’t use “elegantly wasted” here…”somewhere i belong” – linkin park

You like to wake up to: “closer” – nine inch nails

You like out of your parents record collection: The Doors

You wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for a friend: 30 seconds to mars

Makes you think of someone who died: “eva” – orgy

You love the video more than the tune: “jeopardy” – greg hihn band

Reminds you of your now crush or love: “we are thrown together” – inxs

Makes you think of sex: “closer” – nine inch nails duh…or “sex type thing” – stone temple pilots

Makes you think of being alone: “and all that could have been” – nine inch nails

Are you embarrassed to admit you like: justin timberlake

Perks you up: “walk on” – u2

Do you love to sing: everything

Do you want to put on the list that didn’t fit elsewhere: “heart’s filthy lesson” – david bowie

Pick a band and answer only using that band’s lyrics: David Bowie…

1. Are you male or female?:

Hey man well she’s a total blam-blam
She said she had to squeeze it but she… and then she…
2. Describe yourself:

It’s a god-awful small affair
To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling “No”
And her daddy has told her to go
But her friend is nowhere to be seen
Now she walks through her sunken dream
To the seat with the clearest view
And she’s hooked to the silver screen
But the film is a saddening bore
For she’s lived it ten times or more

3. How do some people feel about you?:

You love bands when they’re play it hard
4. How do you feel about yourself?:

We’re nothing, and nothing will help us
Maybe we’re lying, then you better not stay
But we could be safer, just for one day
5. Describe your interest:

She began to wail jealousies scream
Waiting at the light know what I mean
6. Where would you rather be?:

This is Major Tom to Ground Control,
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today.

7. Describe what you want to be:

The Man Who Sold The World
8. Describe how you live:

I felt a warm warm breeze
That melted metal and steel
I got a bad migraine
That lasted three long years
And the pills that I took
Made my fingers disappear
9. Describe how you love:

Though nothing will keep us together
We could steal time, just for one day
We can be Heroes, for ever and ever
What d’you say?

I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, for ever and ever
Oh we can be Heroes, just for one day
10. Share a few words of wisdom:

I stumble into town just like a sacred cow
Visions of swastikas in my head
Plans for everyone
It’s in the white of my eyes

lol that was harder than expected.


it’s sad that people at work are all excited i’m going to play everquest with them. john got all excited, and at one point called every pit looking for me to talk to about the game lol. his character is going to buy mine leather clothes. *dorks*

i still have no voice. it’s better today than it was, but i haven’t talked much today yet. i’m finally starting to get a bit stuffy, and coughing more. it better not turn into bronchitis, cuz then i’d have to go to the dr. turns out my meds are MAOIs which means i pretty much can’t take any kind of over the counter medicine. mom was gonna give me cough meds, but then freaked and looked up all the drug interactions and what i can/can’t take blahblahblah. so if i get sicker, i’ll have to see the dr, and i hate the dr, and i hate paying for the dr. haha.

went out to olympia for mothers day linner (lunch/dinner :P). ate. yeah.

had a wacko dream about john, the first one where we weren’t playing video games. and a dream about going to my old middle school. weird thing is, i’ve dreamed about my middle school before and everytime i do it looks the same…not like how it really looks, but weird that it’s always the same in my dreams.

all in all i had a pretty good day today.

first off… i have found the be all and end all, best video ever made. by Greg Hihn called “Jeopardy”. Yes this is the song Weird Al parodied as “I lost on Jeopardy”. Funny thing is, that sounds like what he is saying in the real song to begin with. This is the video: bride gets out of a limo and runs into a church as if she’s late for her wedding. groom (greg) is standing around nervous. they start the ceremony and greg gets more nervous. he looks behind him to see a couple chained together with handcuffs. he looks behind again, and their hands have melted into one hand. he looks behind him again and…something…coming from their hips are attached together…couldn’t figure out what they were. just big growths of skin i guess. then the priest wants him to put the ring on the bride’s finger, so he does, and lifts the veil. there is his pretty bride who SUDDENLY turns into a screaming skeleton. the church flashes green, and greg runs down the aisle. but wait!! the church is posessed, and a big worm like creature – much like the sand worms in Beetlejucie – bursts out of the floor and wraps itself around greg and pulls him back to the altar. he tries to hold on to a pew, but the pew was poorly constructed and a piece of wood rips off in his hand as he is being dragged by the worm creature. the worm pulls him back to the altar, and he starts stabbing the worm creature with the piece of pew wood. the worm creature starts to spew slime on the groom. then suddenly the worm creature is gone, and greg plays air guitar for all the wedding guests on the pew wood. then it shows greg and his bride leaving the church, having rice thrown at them, and getting into the limo…which is really a HERSE!…from there the camera pans back to show a projector showing this adventure on the wall to…the bride and groom as skeletons!!!!!! oh and the end was something about greg stealing the bottle of champagne and running away into his car, just as another bride is running out of the church. so he goes and picks her up and they drive away. and his license plate says “lips” on it.

can it possibly get any better than that? it has to be seen to be believed. unfortunately, no one in their right mind would ever make an mpeg of this, as i expected. so everyone will have to take my word (and adr’s…she was as enthraled as i was) on it. i will now just have to suffer and hope to catch it on vh1 classic again. *sigh*

besides finding the best video ever made, adr and i went on a top secret mission. and it was sucessful. came home for dinner, and adr came back over to watch the sabres game. we tied, and reached the 50 point mark finally. last team in the standings, last team in the league to reach 50 points…this is the way i see it: they’re purposely doing badly this season, so that next season – when golisano owns them – they will have this miraculous miracle season and win the cup. and everyone will talk about how amazing it was that they had such a turn around.

i think by this point we all realize i have crazy and unrealistic dreams and hopes for the future.

after the game, we sat around with my parents like losers on a saturday night, watched part of indiana jones, and discovered that auschwitz is in poland. i thought it was in germany. but i’m not wrong. it WAS in germany at the time of WW2…but in the part of germany that was, and now is again, poland. this all came about because i asked my parents if they’re going to go to auschwitz when they go to germany in april. they’re not. i actually don’t know where the hell they’re going, because i thought they were going to drive from munich to vienna, but apparently they’re not. i told them to go to freud’s house in vienna, but they’re not going there. they’re driving from munich to venice…through austria, but not vienna. whatever. they’re dumb. they’re missing out on all the cool german stuff. and considering my dad was BORN there, i’d think that’d be sorta important. i want to go to auschwitz. and berlin. and vienna.

and the other thing that made my day great is that i finally found the APC myan ruins font. not that i was constantly looking for it. just that the last time i tried to find it, it didn’t exist, and i thought to find it again today and i did. oh, and i think i finally found an mpeg of the celebrity jeopardy with ozzy from snl. of course, found that while trying to find the best video ever made.

now i just need to stay up for 12 more minutes for my download of the APC concert shown on mtv2 to finish.

hmm how pissed off am i?!?!?! adrienne and i drove down to the psych center. it’s a beautiful day. there were other people milling around, taking pictures of the building, but no one knew how to get inside…there were no signs, no open doors. we walked around the entire building, no sign of life. finally went into the modern hospital and asked them… oh it was only on saturday that it was open. BUT IT SAID SUNDAY 10-2! yeah we know, but it was only yesterday. ARRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I’m NEVER gonna fucking get inside that building. walking around i scoped out places to break in, but didn’t find a really good place. i might contact the girl who’s been inside and ask to go with her the next time she’s planning on going. it’d be weird to go by myself – even with friends – having never been inside before. i’m writing the hospital a mean letter.

so now…nothing to do the rest of the day. so disappointed. still have a whole role, minus the picture of nate, of black and white film to use now. ug.


i just downloaded 2 hours of rap songs onto my computer. the cd is gonna have to be a double album. haha i keep thinking of more songs i used to like. hehe

some of the lyrics to these songs are HYSTERICAL. i never paid much attention before, but omg. hilarious. So here is the tracklisting for my cds

Awww Yeeeaah Volume 1 Yo!
1. Dr Dre – keep their heads ringin *i see you bobbin your head, but you can’t see me*
2. 2Pac & Dr Dre – California Love *quite possibly my fav rap song ever, along with Regulators*
3. Warren G & Nate Dogg – Regulators
4. Snoop Doggy Dogg – What’s My Name *used to own this single*
5. Eminem – Lose Yourself *obsessed*
6. Coolio – Fantastic Voyage
7. Bone Thugs N Harmony – Crossroads
8. House of Pain – Jump Around
9. Snoop – Gin & Juice
10. Ice Cube – It was a good day
11. Dr Dre – Nuttin but a G thang
12. Naughty by Nature – OPP
13. Notorious BIG – hypnotize
14. Blackstreet – No Diggity *still own this single*
15. LL Cool J – Hey Lover *used to own this as well*

Awww Yeeeah Volume 2 Yo!
1. Eminem & Dr Dre – Guilty Conscience
2. Dr Dre – Let me ride
3. Coolio – 1,2,3,4
4. Coolio – Gangsta Paradise
5. Fugees – Ready Or Not *throwback from my 10th grade WBLK obsession*
6. Ice Cube – Check yo self *HILARIOUS*
7. Dr Dre – Fuck wit Dre Day
8. LL Cool J – Mama said knock you out
9. Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray *reszel middle school dance staple*
10. Dr Dre – Forgot about Dre
11. Onyx – Slam *you hear that new rap song, by Oinks?*
12. Snoop – Murder was the case
13. 2pac – How Do You Want It
14. Wreckz n Effect – rumpshaker
15. Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap 🙂


nate called. SHOCKED AS HELL. was NOT expecting to hear from him til tomorrow at the earliest. he was somewhere between Erie and home. it sounds like they had a really good, drunken, time in DC. it was more than just him and his friend who went down…ended up being 5 of them total. total guys weekend, etc. so i’m glad they had fun. he said he spent like 100$ and most of it was on alcohol lol. we’re gonna do something tuesday, since i work tomorrow night. i told him to come in to work and say hi to everyone tho, so we’ll see.

gah dream come true!!! after seeing queen of the damned i had mentioned to danielle that it would be cool if when they release it on DVD if they put Lestat’s music videos on it…since obviously they actually made music videos cuz they show them in the movie… and turns out they’re on the net!!! omg so great!!!!!!! the way that stuart/lestat acts in them, and things he does with the microphone, he looks like Trevor from EC…when i finally manage to download them all (is taking forever) gonna make pics of the trevor-esque parts. and stuart has short hair in the videos, they were recorded before the movie, before they decided how long lestat’s hair should be, so it makes him REALLY look like trevor. and gah they are just so good! yay. aaaaaaand they’re the jon davis versions of the songs, since they’re from the movie…super!!….AND i realized whatever version of quicktime i have, it let’s me go frame by frame using the arrow buttons, which i ADORE, cuz i can never pause it right…lol.

*is predicting a new delirious design…poor trent*


another music theory….

“the rise of rap rock” by sara

there is a very good reason why rap-rock became so huge a few years ago with the rise of limp bizkit and all the knockoffs. part is due to MTV of course…but MTV was only responding to the people watching the channel.
the big reason is that my generation…born in the late 70s/early 80s really responded to the music. why? because this generation came of age in the early 90s…when the big types of music were gangsta rap out of california and grunge out of seattle. we grew up with dr dre and snoop doggy dogg on one hand, and nirvana and pearl jam on the other…
so the rap rock bands…they were just combining the best of both worlds… the rap and the guitars, and created this new genre of music which this generation couldn’t not like, considering what they liked and were brought up on in the early 90s.


i’m dying again. i guess i only die on mon/wed/fri….sudden bad head pains in middle of poli sci…great. proff made a comment about my shirt (duran duran)… i handed in my quiz (first person done…again…comeon now there are 4 MC hard is that?) and he laffs and says “i cant believe you have a duran duran shirt”… and then he said something else i completely did not understand. he talks kinda funny sometimes, the way he emphasizes words… so no idea what he said haha oh well.

i swear, if we have a work day in comp art, i’m leaving. i am not sitting there for 2 hrs staring at a comp screen doing nothing. i can do that here :)…no but really. my head hurts too bad to sit there not doing anything if we’re just going to work on our illustrator project. which i finished last class…cuz i need to study for my clinical exam…i didn’t really study last night… i read my notes abunch of times, and read the 3 chapters again. but that’s not really studying. so need to go over some shit. maybe half of comp art will be a lesson and the rest of the time work time, cuz then i’ll leave after the lesson.

i’m dying. chest pains. head pains. i feel like i’m 80.


i’ve decided i really like the new korn cd. parts i don’t like. but most of it i do…it’s really different. hard to explain why. they kept saying that it was harder than self titled, etc…which i disagree. it’s harder than issues i think, but…it’s just DIFFERENT… and the melodies on it are really good…i can’t get past how nice the melodies are in some of the songs. it’s weird.

yep “make it go away” definitely best song on this cd.

went to mcds cuz i had a craving for french fries. and now i want donuts. i was gonna go to dunkin but donuts at this time of night are usually stale. and i need to put gas in my car. i could get home on the amt of gas i have, but now that i have to go to rochester first, then to home, will definitely run out of gas. but it’s so expensive. it’s fucking 1.38 all of a sudden. so here’s hoping it’s cheaper in rochester.


the thing i love about clinical psych is that i can take common sense guesses and still get the questions right. i was taking the exam thinking, god i don’t know any of this. one question i left blank and went back to answer. ended up just picking the answer that seemed like it made the most sense… and voila it was correct…lol. and i also love that i can completely bullshit on the identifies and get full credit. like the last exam i got 30/30 pts on that part, and totally bullshitted at least 2 of them. one of my answers was only 3 sentences long and i got full credit. lol…so i got 3 MC wrong this time, and i’m assuming i’ll get full credit again on the 2nd part…so yay for me. i could see getting a 4 on the last question, cuz i didn’t say much about “g” factor. oh well.

i put in INXS’s “X” in my stereo last night. i haven’t listened to it in a long long time. i forgot how freaking great it is. so then i was thinking….ppl have compared u2 to inxs on alot of things…and so i came up with my INXS vs U2 theory.
– they were both very popular at the same time. they were both vying for “best band in the world” status in the mid/late 80s.
– they both started around the same time, late 70s.
– they both had their “best” album, critically acclaimed as masterpieces, around the same time… U2’s “joshua tree” and INXS’s “Kick”
– they both had their “2nd best” album around the same time… U2’s “achtung baby” and INXS’s “X”…both follow ups to the “best” album.
– i like both the “2nd best” albums far more than what is considered to be both their best albums.
– they both had live albums and videos around the same time….although U2’s “rattle and hum” was before “Achtung” and INXS’s “live baby live” was after “X”…same general time frame.
– both had a drop in popularity around the same time, arguably when trying to follow up their 2 big successes. “zooropa” wasn’t as widely liked as “achtung” just as “welcome to wherever you are” wasn’t as widely liked as “X” (but i could be wrong about “welcome”…because i can’t remember if that followed “X” or if “full moon dirty hearts” did..but either way, ppl hated “full moon”)
– both attempted a “comeback” of sorts around the same time…mid/late 90s with U2’s “pop” and INXS’s “elegantly wasted” with both not creating as much of a stir as intended.
– bono and michael hutchence both danced really bad white boy dances 🙂
– bono and michael both had really bad mullets
– bono and michael both have children with really long bizarre names hahah
– both had band members with alcohol problems that made the members miss important events in the bands’ careers (adam missed a u2 gig in australia…and i believe it was tim, who missed the “never tear us apart” video shoot in prague…but it might have been some other INXS member)
– both sang about political themes in the beginnings of their careers, but dropped off a bit as they got more popular.
– both of the “best” albums had songs regarding guns and sky’s….U2’s “bullet the blue sky” and INXS’s “guns in the sky”

i think that is all…i might have had others that i thought of last night, but i don’t remember anymore. but yeah…the main thing that strikes me is that I think both band’s follow up albums to their big hits are far better than the hit. it is hard to deny the genius of the first 4 songs on “joshua tree”….they truely are brilliant masterpieces. but to me, the rest of the album leaves alot to be desired. every song on “achtung baby” is brilliant. “love is blindness” is the best u2 song ever. and it’s on “achtung”. “Kick” had super songs…”never tear us apart”, “new sensation”, “need you tonight”…they are really really great songs. But one of the best INXS songs, “The stairs” is on “X”…along with “by my side” and “disappear” etc….As a whole “Achtung baby” and “X” make far more sense, are put together far better, and just in general have more appeal to them than “joshua tree” and “kick”… they sound more modern (especially X compared to Kick), are arguably more experimental (especially “Achtung” compared to “joshua tree”)…and are just better. 🙂

and that’s all i have to say about that.

stole this from a blog who stole it from another blog who stole it from the movie “high fidelity” which i haven’t seen.
All-Time Top Five Recording Artists
nine inch nails
michael jackson
ehm…i don’t know
Top Five Records To Play On A Monday Morning
nine inch nails – the fragile
U2 – all that you can’t leave behind
econoline crush – the devil you know
stone temple pilots – purple
deftones – white pony lol….(i’m having problems thinking of 5)
Top Five Side One, Track Ones
econoline crush – “surefire” (the devil you know)
nine inch nails – “somewhat damaged” (the fragile)
tool – “the grudge” (lateralus)
the tea party – “temptation” (transmission)
batman forever soundtrack – u2 “hold me thrill me kiss me kill me”
Top Five Songs About Death
i have no idea. have no clue what songs are about death really….
Songs To Play At My Funeral
nine inch nails – “leaving hope” (still)
a perfect circle – “judith” (mer de noms)
u2 – “gone” (pop)
u2 – “love is blindness” (achtung baby)
depeche mode – “home” (ultra)
All-Time Top Five Favorite Records
U2 – Achtung Baby
nine inch nails – still
a perfect circle – mer de noms
econoline crush – the devil you know
orgy – vapor transmission
Top Five Dream Jobs
Rock Star – that would just rock. everything i’d want in a career…traveling, influencing large numbers of people 🙂 rake in large amounts of money
Barbie set designer – for the photographers…yep. love it.
Rock photographer – like anton corbijn, or mark selliger…work for rolling stone, do all kinds of cool shoots with my fav rockstars..oh yeah.
traveller – get paid to be a nomad.
televangelist – well like i said in my first one… 🙂


“The choice for (`Past The Mission’) had to be somebody that represented rage and anger because this is all about a girl trying so hard to work through being a victim,” she said. “I felt like for a guy to be supporting her, it had to be a guy that could rage, because then it would really mean something if he could be tender. Trent is–well, you can’t be in all that much rage and pain unless you have a very big heart.” – tori amos




“But Bono’s songwriting craft was not why he was being honored. The EIF awarded Bono for his humanitarian work promoting debt relief and AIDS awareness in the Third World, and for his work with Amnesty International, Greenpeace International and other organizations.

The evening’s presenters and performers, including Kevin Spacey, Ray Romano and Kevin Nealon, took turns praising Bono’s efforts, though none of their kind words matched those by comedian Drew Carey on the red carpet: “I’m so glad that God sent Bono down to save us from our sins,” he joked. “Do you want to see my wristband? It says, ‘What would Bono do?’ He’s like Christ, I’m telling you. He’s like Christ and Bob Dylan rolled into one.”



i forgot to mention this last night. listened to invincible in the car with my mom yesterday. her verdict “it’s good but not great”…and i’ve decided that every single song on the album is like 2 minutes too long. lol. oh, and my moms verdict is based on the songs i didn’t fastforward LOL…no speechless, no lost children, no dont turn around (or whatever it’s called), i might have fast forwarded a 4th one too… but whatever. and i really like track one… “unbreakable” is it?…i dunno why, but i enjoy it immensly. or is it emmensly?

so then today on the way back to school i listened to tool’s lateralus…wow that’s a great album. i haven’t really had a chance to LISTEN to it… i’ve heard it many times, it had been on in my room after i got it this summer. but every time i tried to LISTEN to it, like on headfones or in the car, i just get real tired of the epicness of the songs, and just can’t take anymore. But listened to it all today… and yeah, so great. it’s still kinda hard to listen to, cuz the songs all sound sorta similar… aenima was broken up by alot of those weird interludes, and the songs kinda all sounded different so even tho it’s just as long as lateralus, it’s easier to listen to. but yeah, lateralus…super. track 10…uh “disposition” is very trent-reznor-fragile-era-ish…in particular the background. not the rest of it. but the background sounds are right off the fragile…probably from la mer or the great below maybe… i dunno. they just sounded really familiar, and really trent like. i think i had a dream about trent last night, but not sure.

but anyway. i’m home. i should probably see if i have any homework LOL.

old MTV video tapes

today is gonna be mj video day. lol.

i think mtv should bring back 12 angry viewers and let me be on it… and ooooh this is the super great Manson as President of the USA closing performance!!! this was great. god manson is so funny. i love how the audience is just …..staring. hahahah…. they’re all like, what…the fuck…is this. lol.

so janet jackson is presenting mark romanek with the video vanguard award for like best director….they’re doing a lil montage of his vids…every great vid, he’s done. LOL…he is really so good. and he made trent lick a microphone LOL.

what do you know… i have the NIN perfect drug video on tape too LOL….how lovely. trennnnnnt!!!
yeah now i’m on mtv awards 97…this must be a preshow thing. this video rocks, trent is so evil looking…ok more so than normal haha.and this song rocks too. hahah 3 days til nin dvd!!! is absynth (sp?) really bright green? haha my watching trent play piano fantasy still remains hehe.

oh this show is “and the nominees are…” hosted by hanson LOL. i think this 97 mtv awards was the one hosted by chris rock…and i think u2 might have been on it…maybe they were on 98…i have a mp3 of their performance tho. hah. lol a commercial to buy u2’s pop album at bestbuy – oh and they said “Buy mtv award performer u2’s pop”….yay.

and now is the preshow…tabitha soren, i hate her. she’s a bitch. premier of janet’s “got til it’s gone” video…ew interview with mariah after her divorce….when she turned into mega slut. lol spice girls. they’re so funny. even tho i hate kurt loder, sometimes his deadpan comments are just hysterical. like, scary spice said their movie is out on boxing day and he’s like “yeah boxing day is a big holday here too” HAHAHA talking to janet….shes fat in this interview…her arms are like huge.

ok on to the show….yup chris rock. spoofing the “beautiful people” haha WOO HOO this is the u2 one…hah. ok why did i tape this and save it? cuz no one i liked then or like now besides u2 is on it… hah. chris rock is so funny. hes got THE most weirdest deformed hands lol. ooooh this is the whole tribute to biggie “i’ll be missin you” award show…fast forward. whatever happened to prodigy? they rocked. jewel, blah, fast forward. prodigy is performing. i remember my mom was watching it and was like, what the hell he has snot coming out of his nose all over LOL. lol the white prodigy guy just struck a jay gordon pose…of course, before jay gordon was in orgy, but whatever lol. all raver music should be as cool as prodigy. woah i think black prodigy guy has nipple rings…woo hoo. wallflowers, boring….girls rapping, a big fast forward….fiona apple, best new artist, is this her big rambling speech? haha yeah the maya angelou speech hahaha. the “this world is bullshit” speech hahahahaha she’s such a nutcase. WOO HOO u2 finally….then i can stop watching this crap….oh shit this isn’t the mp3 i have. this is the really shitty performance of please that ali reminded bono about after sept 11th HAHAHAH. how great. ok well that wasn’t shitty…bono sounded good, the band sounded good. aside from being kinda uneventful…and then chris rock said bono looked like the unabomber in his black hoodie hahaha. too funny….

haha talking about dangerous tour, the actual tour and how big it was, and the guy is like, this is the biggest outdoor show ever…haha soon to be surpassed by zootv and then popmart haha. i can’t imagine building the dangerous stage, or zootv stage….any big stage, even the elevation tour. they have the behind the scenes thing on the u2 dvd, and it’s like wow..that stage was NOTHING and it was so huge. hahah all that work for 3 hrs of use…

i soooo don’t remember this….behind the scenes stuff for “give into me”….my fav mj song. lol. slash should tour with mj, he’s not doing anything anymore lol. forget jennifer batan, big haired guitar player….go for the other big haired guitar player named slash hehe. slash rocks.

now i’m watching this tape that contains the 2 versions of “they dont care about us”, 86 and 88 grammies, and 2 mtv rockumentaries about MJ…. so i’m on rockumentary #1 which is about dangerous so like 93 or so. and the commercials are on, and i am so amused!! lol there was one for the premier of Sea Quest on NBC, the movie the Real McCoy….one to buy Janet. at Kmart LOL….MTV commercial advertising new videos “this fall” from janet jackson, mj, u2, whitney houston, nirvana, pearl jam, guns and roses… LOL. mj should do a making the video episode…that’d rock. cuz this rockumentary has all kinds of behind the scenes stuff from remember the time vid shoot – stuff that isnt on “dangerous short films” video tape…there is this one dancer in the RTT video who looks like a man. i hate her. hah.
i need some retro mj clothing…i used to have a belt. long time ago, like when i was 4. i want a vintage mj shirt.

blah the commercials were cut out of this episode of rockumentary…boooring. lol.

i think music is really amazing. this show is showing billie jean from the opening night of the dangerous tour. they show the audience and every person is clapping along to the beat…i think that is amazing. not just mj, but any artist or band. to have the ability to control a crowd like that. to have the power to have people just…i dunno. follow like that. actors can’t do that, artists in the classical sense can’t do that….only musicians, cult leaders and religious figures can…hmm.

haha i forgot, this world music awards thing is when mj started laffing about pirates. LOL he gets another award, and he’s standing on stage with hootie and the blowfish, and this old man. and the old man starts talking about how his success and the success of all the other artists on the show is a result of their music not being stolen by pirates. and mj starts laffing LOL and then the guy keeps going about music piracy and stuff and mj is trying not to laff. LOL but the way the old guy said it, it deserved a laff, cuz he’s like, your music is getting stolen by pirates LOL

so on with my video tape watching….world music awards 1996. this was an mj thing LOL. it was an earth song performance, and i believe it was post controversial messiah complex brit awards performance. yep i’m sure of it, because this is the same performance and i remember waiting to see it to make my own conclusions about the whole messiah bit at the end. mj looks so beautiful, very feminine, but…like…beautiful. bad hair tho, half mullet. or not, but like…bad. layered, woman like. LOL. but his face moved, and he looked happy.
and i realized something while watching the earth song performance. something i really don’t like about invincible is it’s lack of emotion. HIStory might have gotten slammed in the media for being self-indulgent or what not, and criticized because it was all angry and stuff. well i admire the high level of emotion on HIStory…he was truely angry, and it came out in his music. and i realized that listening to invincible – it doesn’t move me. he’s singing totally devoid of any emotion. he’s going through the words, and stuff but i don’t think he really has any emotional involvement in any of these songs – with maybe the exception of speechless but i HATE that song and never listen to it. i dunno. but that’s why i don’t like invincible. i like emotional music, personal, not personal, just emotional…there was no emotion in his tribute concert performances, not like this earth song performance had…i dunno.

jordan knight and jon b have recorded a remake of the Hall and Oats song “Sara Smile”….do you know how much i HATE that song?
thinking about it, i haven’t had anyone sing at me in a while…ha

in neuropsych today we were talking about epilepsy and seizure disorders. we started talking about epileptic monkeys…hah so that made me start almost LOLing in class because i started thinking about bono trying to out scream the epileptic monkey in Adam’s diary. i’m like, stop it, you’re smiling in class. but then i started smiling because of the fact i was thinking about bono out screaming the monkey. lol…it was this giant circle and i couldn’t stop. dr. ballard probably thinks something is wrong with me LOL

i’m so hungry. i just ate a sandwich and i’m still starving.

but i have a new web project. other than redesigning i’m working with 2 other girls on a top secret stealth site. hah. dunno what we’re doing yet, dunno if it’s going to end up on or not. we’re still in the discussion phase. i really wanna redesign tho, so i might do that tonight since i am no way doing work.



“it’s weird – there’s all this new respect for our government now,” says Brett Zongker, a 20-year old American University student from Hutchinson Kansas. “It’s just everywhere – this sort of patriotism – where it wasn’t before. And the reason is that we were attacked. Our nation was attacked.”

woah man…that’s some profound shit…

fuck you

grow a brain

get over it.



“our polling of our audience matches the rest of the country,” said MTVs executive vice president Dave Sirulnick, a month after the attacks. “seventy five percent support the air strikes.”


“they found that 18-29 year olds were the most supportive of military action,” dimdock says.

THATS BECAUSE 30+ YEAR OLDS USE THEIR BRAINS!…ok maybe not. but any one older, who lived through WW2, korean war, vietnam etc….the cold war, all of that..u know, history?….they can see things that younger people can’t. they have a bit more perspective on all of this, i think. what the fuck do we have? the gulf war..? what a fucking joke.

i’m un-American…Dubya said so. i need to make an icon saying that…maybe a flag with a big red no sign over it…i’m sorry if i have an opinion that is not based on the stupid political rhetoric that has been thrown around mindlessly since sept 11th. ha i used my own brain, what was i thinking?!


i want to put a disclaimer onto everything i just said. it’s one thing if you have logically thought about what has happened since sept 11th and come to the conclusion that you are “pro-war” or whatever…’s another thing to blindly be “pro-war” because you’ve accepted everything that you’ve been spoon fed by the media and government. just because you’re “pro-war” does not mean you’re stupid by any means. i just have no tolerance for those who don’t use their brain. what pissed me off about that last article regarding public opinion and what not, is that 99.9% of the 75% who are “pro-war” have not thought about anything. there, i’m done. good fucking night.



wow this article is pissing me off….an article about “nu metal” and how ….i dunno….”great” it is?…i’m not sure the point of the article yet, all i know is that it’s pissing me off. i’m sorry but bands like papa roach, disturbed, linkin park…they can hardly be considered serious introspective bands.
1. sorry David Drainman (disturbed) but i really doubt adults are turning to your music to find sources of inspiration and motivation….you’re a bit misled with that comment.
2. i’m sorry but teen suicide is not a middle american fact of life. it just isn’t.
3. “there was a huge amount of rap-rock over the past couple of years,” says fred jacobs a detroit based radio consultant who helped pioneer the “alternative” format, “a change back to a more introspective sound was just a logical reaction.” -…..sorry if i missed something, but bands like slipknot and mudvayne etc are INTROSPECTIVE?! if you want fucking introspective throw on a NIN record, listen to “the fragile”, now THAT is fucking introspective…throw on ANYTHING that isn’t being played on the radio (with the exception of staind…i guess they’re introspective)….
4. haha this is great, didn’t realize these were the words to this song. “On “click click boom” from the gold album Every Six Seconds, Saliva dis their peers: “what the hell is wrong with me?/My mom and dad weren’t perfect/But still you don’t hear no cryin’-ass-bitchin’ from me/ like there seems to be on everybody’s CD”
5. “slipknot, actual children of the corn representing Des Moines, who sometimes seem like a moronic gimmick” – yep.
6. describing slipknots new album as “fight club-in-hell bonding rituals”… ok no way does Fight Club and Slipknot deserve to be in the same sentence. no fucking way.
7. 39 million people in the US not having health insurance (and me soon to be one of them)….what the hell does that have to do with Coby Dick? ….”that DIY psychotherapy is one of nu metal’s most powerful aspects, as if in a country where 39 million people don’t have health insurance, kids have to improvise their own treatment.”…..yep, not sure what that has to do with Coby Dick …what an appropriate name he has…
8. tell me how this is a good thing…..”elsewhere, you get platinum-selling-rap-rock psychos Drowning Pool, who turn a disco chant “let the bodies hit the floor” into an anthem Dylan Klebold might’ve gotten down to.”…. TELL ME HOW THAT’S A GOOD THING, SOMEONE, PLEASE!!! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!!
9. “then there’s aaron lewis, the James Taylor of Ritalin America.” ok now that’s just funny hahahahahahaha
10. re: staind “matching tool/deftones art-metal with “king of pain” style verse…” um no. staind vs tool? um no contest (sorry eric) staind is NOT art metal
11. “on sept 11th the so-called untroubled generation got a wicked wake-up call, and, for a while, the pains of Staind of Slipkot seemed pretty small-time”….by george your right!
12. “but your average drowning pool fan is still more likely to get shot on his way to school than he is to ever set food in afghanistan” – wrong…so maybe this drowning pool fan will never go to afghanistan, but it’s very HIGHLY unlikely he’ll ever get shot. sorry to burst your over inflated bubble regarding the crime rate, it’s just wrong.
13. this is possibly the worst article i’ve ever read.

jesus christ do i hate all the new music that is out there right now….trent, please, come save us.