i’m dying again. i guess i only die on mon/wed/fri….sudden bad head pains in middle of poli sci…great. proff made a comment about my shirt (duran duran)… i handed in my quiz (first person done…again…comeon now there are 4 MC questions..how hard is that?) and he laffs and says “i cant believe you have a duran duran shirt”… and then he said something else i completely did not understand. he talks kinda funny sometimes, the way he emphasizes words… so no idea what he said haha oh well.

i swear, if we have a work day in comp art, i’m leaving. i am not sitting there for 2 hrs staring at a comp screen doing nothing. i can do that here :)…no but really. my head hurts too bad to sit there not doing anything if we’re just going to work on our illustrator project. which i finished last class…cuz i need to study for my clinical exam…i didn’t really study last night… i read my notes abunch of times, and read the 3 chapters again. but that’s not really studying. so need to go over some shit. maybe half of comp art will be a lesson and the rest of the time work time, cuz then i’ll leave after the lesson.

i’m dying. chest pains. head pains. i feel like i’m 80.


i’ve decided i really like the new korn cd. parts i don’t like. but most of it i do…it’s really different. hard to explain why. they kept saying that it was harder than self titled, etc…which i disagree. it’s harder than issues i think, but…it’s just DIFFERENT… and the melodies on it are really good…i can’t get past how nice the melodies are in some of the songs. it’s weird.

yep “make it go away” definitely best song on this cd.

went to mcds cuz i had a craving for french fries. and now i want donuts. i was gonna go to dunkin but donuts at this time of night are usually stale. and i need to put gas in my car. i could get home on the amt of gas i have, but now that i have to go to rochester first, then to home, will definitely run out of gas. but it’s so expensive. it’s fucking 1.38 all of a sudden. so here’s hoping it’s cheaper in rochester.


the thing i love about clinical psych is that i can take common sense guesses and still get the questions right. i was taking the exam thinking, god i don’t know any of this. one question i left blank and went back to answer. ended up just picking the answer that seemed like it made the most sense… and voila it was correct…lol. and i also love that i can completely bullshit on the identifies and get full credit. like the last exam i got 30/30 pts on that part, and totally bullshitted at least 2 of them. one of my answers was only 3 sentences long and i got full credit. lol…so i got 3 MC wrong this time, and i’m assuming i’ll get full credit again on the 2nd part…so yay for me. i could see getting a 4 on the last question, cuz i didn’t say much about “g” factor. oh well.

i put in INXS’s “X” in my stereo last night. i haven’t listened to it in a long long time. i forgot how freaking great it is. so then i was thinking….ppl have compared u2 to inxs on alot of things…and so i came up with my INXS vs U2 theory.
– they were both very popular at the same time. they were both vying for “best band in the world” status in the mid/late 80s.
– they both started around the same time, late 70s.
– they both had their “best” album, critically acclaimed as masterpieces, around the same time… U2’s “joshua tree” and INXS’s “Kick”
– they both had their “2nd best” album around the same time… U2’s “achtung baby” and INXS’s “X”…both follow ups to the “best” album.
– i like both the “2nd best” albums far more than what is considered to be both their best albums.
– they both had live albums and videos around the same time….although U2’s “rattle and hum” was before “Achtung” and INXS’s “live baby live” was after “X”…same general time frame.
– both had a drop in popularity around the same time, arguably when trying to follow up their 2 big successes. “zooropa” wasn’t as widely liked as “achtung” just as “welcome to wherever you are” wasn’t as widely liked as “X” (but i could be wrong about “welcome”…because i can’t remember if that followed “X” or if “full moon dirty hearts” did..but either way, ppl hated “full moon”)
– both attempted a “comeback” of sorts around the same time…mid/late 90s with U2’s “pop” and INXS’s “elegantly wasted” with both not creating as much of a stir as intended.
– bono and michael hutchence both danced really bad white boy dances 🙂
– bono and michael both had really bad mullets
– bono and michael both have children with really long bizarre names hahah
– both had band members with alcohol problems that made the members miss important events in the bands’ careers (adam missed a u2 gig in australia…and i believe it was tim, who missed the “never tear us apart” video shoot in prague…but it might have been some other INXS member)
– both sang about political themes in the beginnings of their careers, but dropped off a bit as they got more popular.
– both of the “best” albums had songs regarding guns and sky’s….U2’s “bullet the blue sky” and INXS’s “guns in the sky”

i think that is all…i might have had others that i thought of last night, but i don’t remember anymore. but yeah…the main thing that strikes me is that I think both band’s follow up albums to their big hits are far better than the hit. it is hard to deny the genius of the first 4 songs on “joshua tree”….they truely are brilliant masterpieces. but to me, the rest of the album leaves alot to be desired. every song on “achtung baby” is brilliant. “love is blindness” is the best u2 song ever. and it’s on “achtung”. “Kick” had super songs…”never tear us apart”, “new sensation”, “need you tonight”…they are really really great songs. But one of the best INXS songs, “The stairs” is on “X”…along with “by my side” and “disappear” etc….As a whole “Achtung baby” and “X” make far more sense, are put together far better, and just in general have more appeal to them than “joshua tree” and “kick”… they sound more modern (especially X compared to Kick), are arguably more experimental (especially “Achtung” compared to “joshua tree”)…and are just better. 🙂

and that’s all i have to say about that.