David Bowie…

David Bowie died yesterday. I am sad. Maybe sadder than I should be. Because I was never a super fan, and I knew maybe 1/4th of his catalog. But I thought he was awesome, the music I did know I enjoyed, he was a terrific performer, and one of the most creative artists in the world.

When I first “got into” Bowie, it was more because Carolyn and I just thought he was great. As she put it today on facebook she/we were always more intrigued by Bowie the man than by Bowie the musician. We went to see him on the Area 2 tour with Moby simply because he was Bowie, and not because we knew or enjoyed his music beyond a handful of songs. And it was fantastic. And we left right after, along with many other people.

After Nate left me for the Peace Corps was when I really started listening to more Bowie and realized I actually liked the music too. Thankfully I was able to see him live 2 more times with LeighAnne on his Reality tour. The “Sunday”, “Heathen” couplet on that tour is one of the best live moments I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t afraid to perform the songs he wanted to play, instead of catering the entire show to the crowd, playing songs like Motel off Outside, or the Bewlay Brothers from Hunky Dory. The Bowie exhibit from the V&A museum was a must see when it came to Toronto. That Union Jack coat, drool.

He was fearless, he was visionary, he inspired so many people.

So while Bowie wasn’t an “obsession” on the level that Michael Jackson, NIN or U2 were, he was high up on my list of personal gods. When J txt me at 3am to tell me he died, I was sad, but it was ok. Then I woke up the next day, went onto facebook and saw post after post about him, videos, songs, tributes, and it made me so sad I couldn’t help but cry. He may not have has as large an impact on my life as the others I mentioned, but there was something about knowing a human like Bowie existed somewhere in the world, and now he’s gone and there is a big giant hole there. I’m not sure that Bowie shaped hole will ever be filled.

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