2015 In Review

Since I want to start blogging more again, I should start with something I used to always do, a Year in Review.

Only problem is, I barely remember last week let alone the entire last year. I have no idea what I did last January other than spend it teaching roulette at work. The winter was brutally cold and snowy. February…still teaching roulette. Still cold and snowy…The entire spring I spent teaching either roulette or blackjack, and it was cold and snowy forever.

Classes ended in May, and J and I vacationed to Seneca Lake at the end of May. We did the Skyride bicycle ride over the Skyway in Buffalo, which was really cool. But the rest of the summer? I have no idea. We kayaked a few times, took a Buffalo River boat trip with co workers, but J and I were the only ones who dressed as pirates (oh wait no, Melissa did too). Saw U2 with Mary in Toronto, and The Tea Party with the old school crew minus Danielle a week later.

In the fall we vacationed to Arizona for a week to go to Taco Fest and see a Titan Missile Silo, which was aaawweeesoooomme.

And here we are at winter again, and I’m teaching blackjack again. It wasn’t cold until last week, and it was the latest snowfall ever. And here I am talking about weather, because face it, adult life is boring. Work, sleep, repeat. Or you have kids and then it’s work, sleep, soccer practice, repeat.


In other news, I’ve run out of hosting space. I had 10 gigs, used it all, asked for more so they gave me another gig. Not good though, because I don’t feel this site is complete yet, I wanted to add more photos but if I do, I’ll use up that space and if I ever go exploring again (no one likes me, and no one invites me to go with them, despite my practical begging boo hoo) I’ll have no room to update Institutional Green or Sara Etten Photography. I can’t go with a new company with more space because I just finally got my 4 sites working. Ugh. The problems of living your life digitally.

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