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U2 on tour again, yay. J ditched me for the show to go see some other show back in Buffalo so I recruited Mary to come with me. She hadn’t seen them before and figured they won’t be touring forever so…We were warned that traffic had been really bad because of the PanAm games, but it was the typical 2 hours and slow traffic on the highway. We were early enough to catch dinner first, and got in line right when doors were opening. (we are officially too old to queue).

No opener!

Bono came out from the zamboni entrance opposite from the stage, which made everyone go nutso. Bono sounds so good, it’s amazing. So many bands from the 90s that we all used to like, none of them can sing anymore. And Bono had been sounding rough for a while, but on 360 tour and this one, it’s incredible. Bravo to his coach and whatever routine that he has now, that he can do back to back nights with no problem.

U2 is such a joyful show. Even when it’s heavy, like this setlist is, it’s still like…a happy show. NIN shows aren’t happy. They’re awesome, but joyful is not a word to use there. But Bono walks on stage and you just feel joy. Even when he’s being annoying and talking too much, joy. It’s such a different feeling.

The band sounded great of course. I always have an issue with their set structures because they always tend to group all the new stuff together. They need to spread it out more. I understand that this tour they are really trying to tell a story, and maybe things need to be grouped, but…even as a giant fan, they start to lose me sometimes.

I don’t mind the new album, tho it’s not super exciting to me, and the new songs sounded much better live. Raised by Wolves, which is one I like, was really good. Until the End of the World was nice to hear, as always, though there was no “bull fight” and we were in prime position for it to happen right in front of us. Super glad they brought back Bullet the Blue Sky, I’d go to more shows just to hear that song.

The stage went the entire length of the ice, with a giant screen running the whole length. I think they must go to NIN shows to get stage ideas, because the screens had a walkway in between that the band went in, and performed behind the screens just like NIN. And the visuals on the screens would part so you could see them, just like NIN. And flourescent stage lights/art just like NIN. hahah.

They performed Mysterious Ways on the small stage, and a girl had a sign that said Me + Guitar etc, so Bono brought her up on stage. Except he couldn’t actually see the sign and thought she was a belly dancer, so she got to spin around with Bono when he realized she wasn’t actually a dancer, and after the song he told her he had glaucoma and couldn’t read LOL They kept her up there and gave her a guitar, and she got to play Angel of Harlem and All I Want Is You with them. And she could actually play, unlike the Hamilton show way back in 2001. It was cool. After that Edge had technical problems with the guitar he needed, and he was mad so they brought out the piano and sent Larry and Adam away and did a different song.

And Bono did the Shine like Stars ending to With or Without You!! I almost cried. So great.

Besides having to suffer through a video break of Johnny Cash singing The Wanderer it was a great show. The new stuff sounded good, the old stuff was great of course (though I can still go without ever seeing Pride ever again), and there were only 2 songs I wasn’t familiar with. It was a good time, kinda wish I got to see the previous night. Hoping they do another leg next year.

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet)
I Will Follow
Iris (Hold Me Close)
Cedarwood Road
Song For Someone
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Raised By Wolves
Until The End Of The World
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Mysterious Ways
Angel Of Harlem
All I Want Is You
Every Breaking Wave
Bullet The Blue Sky
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Beautiful Day
With Or Without You / Shine Like Stars (snippet)

City Of Blinding Lights
Mother And Child Reunion (snippet)
Where The Streets Have No Name

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