New Orleans Psychic

oh yeah. there were free psychic’s at the witches ball, so i had my cards read. she said that when good things happen to me i feel like i don’t deserve it, and that i should know that i do deserve good things. then she said 4 months from now i’m going to have a de ja vu moment, where something is going to happen that has happened to me before, and i need to be aware of it, and do the opposite of what i did in the past. also someone from a past life is going to turn up and change my life around, in a good way. they are going to be inspiring of creativity, and be my new best friend (to which jason said, he was going to be jealous of my new best friend, and they lady said no he wouldn’t be, because it would be someone he connects with from a past life as well), and it was a non sexual connection. it will be a girl who is younger than me. and she said i need water around me, i need to drink more water, and if i’m feeling down, i can turn on animal planet and watch the whales or whatever haha.

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