dream: i was exploring with david. we were going to this hospital that was really really easy to get into, which meant everyone went, but i wanted to go anyway. it was called cargill even though it was not related to the grain elevator or company. so we had to climb a ton of stairs to get to the top floor of the hospital, and i was on the phone with my mom getting irritated that she wouldn’t hang up. when we got to the top floor, it was still at sea level, or a few stories above, and it was on an island so there was water all around. the hospital had floor to ceiling windows, so you could see all around, and i was trying to take a photo of the city, presumably detroit, with my cell phone. but it was windy, so the buildings kept swaying, and i couldn’t hold my hand still to get a clear photo. then my mom was there, and it was her first exploration. the floor was an open plan, with hospital beds and desks scattered around. looking out the window there were 3 boats parked really close to the building/island, and since we were pretty much at sea level, i was pretty sure they could see in the hospital and see us. one boat was like a tug boat, one was military looking, and another was just a boat with people on it. then we could see a guy coming off the boat and into the building, and i was like, yeah, crap, they see us and we’re gonna get in trouble. david insisted they couldn’t see in cuz of the glare on the windows. but then the guy came in, obviously he could see us. i told my mom to drop down on the ground, and we tried to hide, but it was stupid cuz he clearly saw us. but he didn’t say anything. then 2 other military guys came in and joined the first guy. they crouched in front of the windows and then just open fired through the glass to the boat below. i was like omg, they’re shooting them. but there didn’t seem to be anyone getting hit with bullets, so i thought they must be shooting blanks, even though something had gone through the window and made holes. i think i tried to get up, and the one gun man turned his gun on me and shot. again i wasn’t sure there were real bullets in the guns since i didn’t get it, (well he didn’t aim at me, he aimed next to me, as if just to scare me, but there was no bullet that hit the floor near me either). finally we were like, we gotta get out of here, so we started running away and back down the stairs with a bunch of other people, who i guess had been in the hopsital with us. on kid was playing with the empty shells from the guns, so i was like, oh i guess they must have had real bullets, and i want a shell as a souvenir!

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