foo fest recap

Foo Fotos

back at home….boooooo. tho i am looking forward to my bed haha. but i miss the foos already, and even the foo dog. 🙂

so some observations on la
– it was not as gross as i thought it would be. i never really had any desire to ever go there, i just figured it was all pollution and crime and bums and it’s not.
– hollywood blvd/sunset blvd were not as seedy and fabulous as i was expecting
– there were alot of nice buildings, including a whole ton of old theatres. most of them were completely closed, or closed to the public but available for rentals. there was also alot of art deco which totally surprised me.
– taco trucks were not as easy to find as i thought, and i didn’t get to eat out of one. but we did have yummy mexican twice.
– we did not see any celebrities
– seemed to be alot of things i’d like to see if i ever went again, neighborhoods that looked neat, and all that

some observations on san diego
– i don’t feel like we saw all that much, cuz the weather was shitty, and it prevented us from walking around town
– old town looked neat, wish we had more time to check out the shops
– what we did see seemed nice and well taken care of

some general observations
– the drive up to neverland, and that general “Santa Barbara county” area is really really pretty.
– mj lived on a ridiculous mountain road LOL
– the traffic wasn’t pleasant but it also wasn’t the complete horrifying standstill all the time that i was expecting. i actually think chicago is worse.

that’s all i can remember right now haha

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