the last of la

last night we headed back to hollywood blvd to madame tussauds. took obligatory pics w the wax stars and all that. they had a pretty good mj statue in a different pose than others i’ve seen.

wed brought the last things on our must do list – neverland and forest lawn. forest lawn was up first. thanks to we knew he was in the grand mauseleum, holly terrace, and that it is all locked and private. and indeed it was. jackie brought flowers and gave them to security to take in. then using pics taken my security and on findagrave we figured out just where he was…not going to lie it was incredably sad to realize it. that’s the closest we’ll ever be to him and it was outside of his grave. 🙁

after that depressingness we hit up the grammy museum which had a small special exhibit of some of his famous outfits and all his grammy moments were available to watch. the musuem is ok…same vein as the rock and roll hall of fame but waaaay smaller. they had another exhibit called elvis at 21, which was a display of photographs from a photog who had all access to elvis at the time. so cool even tho i dont care about elvis, just cool old photos.

after that we drove the 3 hours up to los olivos to find neverland, which was quite the trip ad apparently none of us were paying attention when we passed it the first time and the gps took us another 7 miles up a ridiculous mostly one lane mountain road…where we had to let a fire truck and ambulance pass, passed bikers in an accident (why there was a fire truck and ambluance), eventually passing a forest ranger station and arriving at our location of absolutely nothing lol.

back down the mountain we went and eventually found the gates. the neverland sign has been gone for awhile (and the ranch itself has been renamed sycamore ranch on google maps). what was odd was that a truck left while we were there, then a car arrived, then 5 more cars left…something is going on there and that surprised me. i sorta just assumed it was still empty awaiting a reuse.

anyway, fans had written messages on the rock walls and trees around the driveway, and jac contributed for us as well. took some pics and headed on back to la.

we all leave tomorrow, so off to bed…

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