Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

Wow it’s been a month since I last posted. I’ve had nothing to say really.

So one good thing that MJ’s death has brought, is getting back in touch with so many friends from “back in the day”. Facebook has made it so much easier to find eachother and stay in touch, and we’ve actually gone back to chat on IRC haha. One thing that has come out of all of it, is that I’m going to Los Angeles to meet up with Emily, who I haven’t seen since London 97, and Jackie who I never met. We’re trying to get some of the other “foos” to join us too. It just started as a whim road trip, doing the MJ “tour” of the star, cement hands, his grave…and ue-ing neverland. Disneyland came up, and the fact that I’d never been astounded Em and Jac and it became part of the trip too. We joked that it’d be awesome if Disney brought back Captain Eo…and LOW AND BEHOLD THEY ARE!!! It’ll be back playing starting in Feb, just in time for our trip (March 4-11)!!! SO EXCITED. AND…I am so excited about taco trucks hahahah. The whole trip is gonna be ridiculous fun. We’re gonna try to see the Price is Right, and get down to San Diego for Sea World too. Any other suggestions on things to do from people out in the area are welcome. I know pretty much nothing about LA since I never really had the desire to go haha.

I recently realized that this is the end of the decade, and that sorta amazed me. It feels like I was just with Carolyn in Toronto for the millenium, freezing watching fireworks. Time is flying for sure. 7 years at the casino, 6 more months until 30….I find new grey hairs every day. It’s stressing me out hahaha I’m going to stay 27 if that is ok.

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