NIN Toronto 09

nin toronto, my last pit show, possibly ever (silly trent “retiring”)

drove up to molson ampitheatre with sarah, and with adr2 and bliss on our heels on the highway. the line wasn’t very long and we picked our seat along the water just like last time. the only notable happening of the queue were the geese/ducks/birds…a friendly little girl duck decided to play homeless person and go up and down the line begging for food. i happened to be eating a muffin so i threw a few crumbs. it wasn’t afraid of people because it stood there right in front of me waiting for more. then it decided to just take more itself and ended up pulling the whole muffin right out of my hand hahaha. duck stole my muffin!!

once inside, one back from rail slightly left of center. now that there are only 4 members in nin the stage set up is a bit different and “trent’s junk” ended up being right in front of us. not bad! i didn’t really want to be up front because i had a headache and didn’t want to deal with it but sure glad adr2 and bliss talked me into it. killer setlist. the surprises were ruined for me once again thanks to the photo blog, but no matter. they had been changing the sets enough that you still couldn’t tell what you’d get. there were really 2 songs that i wanted, and if i didn’t get, i’d be mad. and it turned out pretty good…”metal”, “i’m afraid of americans”, “the becoming”, “i do not want this” and really my ultimate, “the fragile”…the song that basically started it all 10 years ago, fitting that i finally see it at my last pit show. and i am lame and i started to cry. the one song i wanted and didn’t get was “physical”. they had been doing it in the encore, but for some reason instead of a 3 song encore it was just one, and of course, it was “hurt”…just my luck! 😛 and oh yeah, trent tripped and fell on the stage carpeting during survivalism (pretty sure), but kept singing, and then was SUPER PISSED OFF and screamed at his tech (wasn’t his fault trent was clumsy haha) anger carried into mr self destruct and he knocked all his shit over haha.

i will find the full setlist once the cable comes back on (it has gone out once again, jerks)

Now I’m Nothing
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Becoming
I’m Afraid of Americans
Gave Up
I Do Not Want This
The Fragile
The Way Out Is Through
Mr. Self-Destruct
Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

and oh yeah, street sweeper social club, aka tom morello’s new band. i didn’t think it was bad, it just sounded like rage and audioslave, because that’s the sound of tom morello. i’d say they were better than alot of other nin openers, but i wouldn’t seek them out ever. then after nin was jane’s addiction. and holy wow it was not at all what i expected. i left the front and hung out in the very back of the pit. i had no idea that they were a chill mellow stoner band. i really thought it was all going to be up beat and rocking like “been caught stealing” (one of three JA songs i know ha). sadly i was really bored, and actually glad they were “headlining” because if i had to sit through that in order to get to nin, that would have been tough.

so i keep saying “last pit show” instead of just last show, cuz as i posted right before this, i am going to pittsburgh afterall. i need to hear “physical” and if they don’t play it there i’m gonna punch someone. i’d like to hear “last” one more time as well. i don’t really have any more requests though. i think pittsburgh will make it 48 shows including fragility, and i’ve pretty much heard all i could want to hear by now.

it’s been a great 5 years.

*edit* i forgot to mention the girl who showed up to talk to the skivy security guard holding a bunch of plush monkey backpacks, with scary “trent” faces on them. they had to have been trent faces, but they were horrible hideous and frightening. security called someone who came and gave her and her friends wristbands. wtf. i so expected a photo of them to show up on the photoblog if they ended up getting into the nin camp, but no luck.

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