party time

christmas party season. did a secret santa thing with my work friends on thursday at brian and danielle’s house. i got lindsay who had me last year, and got her like 8 pairs of fun socks (she likes fun socks). danielle had me (but she admitted she cheated cuz she saw the gift before she picked the names ha), and got me these 2 neat framed pieces of glass that have architectural drawings on them. had a good time with everyone at their house. on my way home there was a house with EIGHT deer on the front lawn…8!?!?!? i’ve never seen so many at one time, and all on one lawn. i mean REAL deer too, not like, christmas decorations hahah

been busy running errands and making xmas gifts. slowly. i can only make one at a time so it’s taking awhile.

it appears that i’m really unknowingly stressed out about work. i’ve been having alot of chest pains, but realized only at work, or on my way to work. yesterday they started after i put my uniform on and was watching the sabres game. on my days off, or in the afternoons, i’m totally fine. it was sorta worrying before i realized it seems to be stress. still probably not good though. i have a drs appt on the 31st and the 2nd (maybe i should change the one on the 2nd because next year my benefits go up to a $25 copay).

but yeah, work hasn’t been fun. people are still upset and uneasy about more layoffs. jenn just told me quite an interesting rumor about the CEO getting fired today, but no one knows what is really going on. i just go to work with my chest pains and deal and go home.

i finished reading ender’s game, which was recommended by mary months ago. i quite liked it so i added the remaining 4 in the series to bookmooch. but while it’ll be months before i get them, i decided to read Atlas Shrugged again. with the economic problems and business/bank failures it sorta seemed appropriate. i read it in 05 and don’t remember enough to draw parallels so i figured i might as well read it a 2nd time. i’m remembering a bit even having just reread the first chapter and i’m thinking that john galt’s philosophy is actually the reason we’re in this trouble now…but we’ll see if it gets clarified in my head as i go. it’ll probably take me 6 months again to read hah (i found my boarding passes for my flights to reno to see nin in 05 inside the book haha). and i fully expect to skip john galt’s radio speech again too haha.

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