nin hamilton

today was nin in hamilton, my last show of this year as far as i know. sarah and her friend got into town last night, and we headed up with phill around noon. border was slow, got there shortly after adr2 and bliss around 2. only about 20 people in line in front of us, so we got rail once we got in. justin’s side this time because they love him now. not so much. will be back on robin’s side at all future shows haha.

anyway…weather turned out to be decent, no rain til after we got let inside to wait. trent’s security dude, who goes by J.T came out and i got to thank him for the tambourine in atlantic city. he said no problem, and confirmed the story…he said 4 big dudes were fighting for it so he took it and figured he’d give it to someone he’d seen before. so there we have it. he seemed to be in a good mood talking to us crazies more than he normally does. once inside copps security made everyone sit down on the floor. sweet! we were allowed to come and go to bathrooms and food etc, but were not allowed to stand up til boris came on.

boris is from japan, and they were ok. it wasn’t what i was expecting. i keep getting openers confused after i preview them when they are announced, and i thought they were an electronic type of band more like ladytron. but not at all. i got a little bored at points but they were alright. the drummer kept making me think of tommy lee, lots of hair, really skinny white guy with shirt open and ribs showing, headband mic on etc. no titty cam haha. seems like they played 45 min, more than usual for openers.

nin went on at 8:40, played til almost 11. it was the typical arena set from august. closer has a new light/screen feature….trent sings into a camera between josh and ali and it is played on the big screen behind him. very bono. i actually don’t like it at all. i’d much rather have any of the previous versions of closer, like the platform above josh, or the screen during summer 06. or even just the strobes at the edge of the stage. i dunno, it just didn’t do anything for me. i don’t have a whole lot to say about the show, since it really was the same as the shows in august.

letting you
march of the pigs
head down
the frail
gave up
the warning
ghosts 5
ghosts 17
ghosts 19
ghosts piggy
the greater good
terrible lie
the big come down
ghosts 31
the hand that feeds
head like a hole

the good soldier
in this twilight

no god given makes me very sad 🙁 especially for my last show. outside we ran into mitch, the kid eric and i talked to a bunch at the toronto show, and this girl who was at philly in august and ac last week (turns out she’s from rochester). while we were all sitting down inside, the girl and guy in front of me and bliss started…blood play? she poked the tops of both his hands with a safety pin so he was bleeding. and bliss and i are like this is SO not cool. he’s bleeding and soon we’re all going to be smashed together w.t.f. he wasn’t gushing and she had kleenex or something, and it stopped but still. i don’t know that you don’t have AIDS wtf are you thinking!? it was gross.

people are all excited about justin cuz he well…moves around and rocks out. and i don’t see what the big deal is. i think everyone just got so used to jeordie who just stood there and didn’t do anything, that now that there is a regular bassist, who moves like a normal bassist does ppl are surprised and into him. he’s very very good, but i just have no interest in being in front of him and paying attention to him. i still spent most of the show watching trent of course, and the rest looking at robin. so it just makes sense to me to stay on robin’s side. and i’m sorry cassie but ali is boring. he’s cute but he doesn’t do anything lol. josh was on tonight, incredible drums at the end of piggy. ghosts 31 was really really great too. there are new visuals for that as well, swirly smoke rings, looks nice. i took 2 good crowd surfer hits where i was ok at the time, but knew i’d be hurting later. i was still fine when we sat down on the way out, but once i sat in the car holy shit. whole right side of head and neck hurts so bad. i joked that i feel like tim connolly hahah. (and found out when i turned my phone on that the sabres got slaughtered tonight). ribs/torso seem fine, my knee will have a wicked bruise, but i think i have whiplash or something now haha.

that’s really all i seem to have to say. the drive home seemed faster than the drive there, even tho the bridge was slow both ways. the american border guard said he wished he could have gone to the show haha. no hassles either way, just lots of cars waiting to cross.

i think kitty is stressed out from the baby shower thurs where he hid behind the dryer the entire time, and 2 visitors for 2 nights. he’s being a little weird. he’ll be ok after tomorrow.

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