urbex haiku

an article in artvoice about the election concludes with an appropriate analogy…that this election is the prom king and queen star football player and head cheerleader vs the skinny guy and the nerd (something like that), and implies that america will vote for the prom couple. the analogy sorta gives me hope, because our prom queen was brooke…who was not a cheerleader, who was not in the “popular” crowd, who was validictorian…oh who am i kidding…

BCT on ghosthunters NEXT WEDNESDAY! don’t forget. don’t let me forget and watch 90210 instead 🙂

my uncle who writes haiku sent some of my last photos from detroit with david to a friend grant hackett, who wrote haikus about them…

To keep my hands in idleness and decay :: the piano is wrecked

An old friend says :: your name will be left in the air

Stuffed with echoes :: some day it will rain through the roof

You can see untitled stars through the holes in their eyes

i promise to take some house pics soon.

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