Merry Christmas

i should probably post something. merry christmas.

to me holidays are all pretty uneventful. once you’re past a certain age and don’t get toys anymore, it’s just another day. monday was dinner with the parents and aunt trudy and gifts. among other things i got the wide angle lens for my cam i wanted, and an ice cream maker. i worked monday night. tuesday was dinner with parents and trudy again. adr came over later that night, as i had the day off. wednesday was a trip to the casino for lunch, and i managed to find some cheap tickets to the sabres game… (yes i have seasons, we had sold them, and then adr wanted to go haha). the game was fun despite the loss. adr and i hadn’t been to a game together in like…4 or 5 years probably. thursday i didn’t leave the house 🙂 friday was back to work.

i’m a 10-6 tonight, for the first time in months. the ice bowl is tuesday, and of course, i get scheduled 10-6 on monday as well. so my plans to call in on tuesday have been foiled and i’m being forced to call in on new years eve instead. there i just no way i’m working the late shift, then getting stuck over time because there’s no way i won’t get stuck on new years eve, and then going to the game on zero sleep. so screw you guys i’m calling in on the busiest day of the year. you did it to yourself, as i would have gladly worked my normal 8-4. i may just call in after the game as well, it’ll only give me 1 point and i finally have zero points, so it’s not like they can fire me or anything 🙂

now seeing that i’m giving myself new years eve off for the first time in 5 years, i should really do something other than sit home. but i really just can’t bring myself to go out to a bar or something like that. if i had more than 2 friends here who wouldn’t be at work, maybe a house party would be in order, but it’s not. and again, new years is just another day to me…

i think i’m going to go try the ice cream maker now.

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