i was so so bored so i decided to use the new fabric i bought and make a bag. was going fine, tho threads kept getting caught on the bottom and tangled etc…don’t know why…but then the needle broke, and now it’s jammed and i can’t move any of the parts. same as last time i broke it, and there were no parts of the needle in the bobbin area. grrrrrrrrr. and i was almost done!!!

i should post something more than photos of being silly….so, photos from the week he was here, that he is not in hahahahah using annoying deviantart embed codes 🙂 i just noticed they existed hah
under pressure by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
north office

pole dance by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
north office
extinguishing dreams by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
north office
04 vs 07 by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
comparison of the -5 degree trip to battery factory and the +90 degree trip
irony by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
in perspective by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
battery – it’s showing up englarged, that’s why it’s blurry
holy toledo by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
toledo is bitchin’
entre by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
power city by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
ha wtf
the way out is through by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
deathrow by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
crooked by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART

more tomorrowmore tomorrow

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