ue drama hahahahah

oh man this is funny. oh noes everyone hates me!!

i posted a message on uer.ca about the urban explorer convention in buffalo, and how i had asked them not to include BCT in any activites, but they included it as a “featured place”. apparently i’m completely out of line in trying to represent the CTRC and the CTRC’s wishes to protect the building. my bad.

you only said that the BCT will not host any OPEX events. which it isn’t – it is a “featured location”… so is the richardson center! people are encouraged to go and take photos of the richardson center from the outside, but are warned of the massive security there. same thing with the BCT. if people who are in town for OPEX decide to go to BCT on their own, and ask for premission, that is their choice.

A lot of people are in town for the event, and some of them want to see BCT, even if its just seeing the outside. The BCT’s attitude on this has been noted by many explorers who have heard of the issues there recently, and there is a great lack of respect for yourself as a fellow explorer for even forbiding people from asking permission to view the main hall and make a donation and sign the guest book.

People have been advised to ask for permission to visit BCT, they always have been! in no way is anyone being encouraged to tresspass or cause any harm to that property.

You are not welcome at the dinner tomorrow, as I am sure no one really cares to hear what you have to say.

about UE in general, and your views:

If you are this fussy about UE, why not just remove yourself from any UE forum and do your own thing… UE is a growing hobby… you must learn to share. you alone will not stop the UE hobby from expanding, and your attempts to limit urban exploration in the city of buffalo to only people who you trust are futile. you do not run things, and your elitest attitude makes you not a real urban explorer, but rather a self absorbed person who wants to “control” something that they can’t control.

UER is not responsible for the growth of the hobby… we all are! even you!

once the hobby hit the internet, people started sharing info about it, and the hobby grew! you have a website about UE do you not?

if UER never existed, it would be some other forum which you would be blaming right now…

the point is, you can not stop people from exploring, and your futile attempts to limit the enjoyment of others in the hobby is causing alot of the “mainstream” urban explorers to dislike you.

isn’t the point of restoring the BCT, to make it available for people who enjoy buildings of that era to see again? if people who wish to view such a building want to come and donate on their own accord… how is that bad? isn’t that what you encourage?

if not, then why didn’t the restoration council decide to restore a crappy old building somewhere else that has no impressive features, and that no one would ever want to come and see?

just so you know the people who were rejected yesterday were willing to give generous donations, and they DID ask permission (and were initially allowed in) to get in prior to being asked (by someone else) to leave, which they did. I do not see how this in any way reflects poorly on anyone! and your response to this is clearly uncalled for and immature. infact the various mods are discussing banning you from this site for this irrational action on your part!

if you have any other issues please do let me know… i have informed everyone that the BCT is completely
off limits, even to those who wish to donate.

hahahahahahhhaha i’m crying. omg. my life is over.

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