The ignorant bus driver strikes again. The radio program was about global warming. He was saying something to another passenger when I got on the bus, that I didn’t catch. Then he comes out with, “Then we keep shooting those space shuttles up into space, and keep poking holes in the ozone layer.”

I was stunned. Are you kidding me? As if the ozone layer is a literal blanket around the earth? Or if it’s a balloon that you can poke holes in. Seriously? Is this a joke? I was too stunned to say anything.

My eye keeps twitching weird, and not the usual way it does when i’m stressed out. So now i’m all paranoid that I’m going to wake up with a golf ball sized eye. Why? This woman I work with got some thing wrong with her eye – she came in and it was swollen practically shut, the size of a golf ball going on a baseball. It was sort of scabbed as if it had popped for a bit. And I haven’t seen her since then…god before xmas probably. Super paranoid now. With all the gross germy money and chips we touch all day, and everyone knows my fingers are always in my mouth and eyes…ug. Please stop twitching eye.

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