People who get tagged need to post in their journal 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names

1. I have a chicken egg vending machine (which dan Didn’t try out while he was here, boo). you know, those little hut looking machines in the grocery and department stores, full of eggs with little prizes inside, and a chicken that would spin around and cluck when you put your quarter in. i had 2, but sold one when i moved into this place.

2. i collect floaty pens…the little pens that have pictures in them that move up and down when you tilt the pen. not many places have them anymore, so i don’t get as many as i used to

3. i can’t stand on the edge of subway platforms for 2 reasons. one, i’m afraid someone will push me in, two, i’m afraid i’ll jump in on my own

4. i’m not a germaphobe, i hate washing my hands, but i cannot take out library books because of the slimy plastic covers they put on them and the fact that 2394723 people have touched them, and i cannot pee on someone elses pee (like, if they didn’t flush, and it’s still there).

5. i am obsessive. ha.

6. my interests are too old for my actual earth age. not a whole lot of 26 year olds like the things that i do, and find interesting the things i find interesting….


off to find what kind of wide angle lens i need for my cam, cuz someone i know, knows someone who just came into a whole bunch of “hot” nikon stuff…

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