in the end i just really have no motivation to go to toronto today. i should. i shouldn’t just sit here all day like every other day of my life. but i just don’t feel like getting up and getting ready to go to TO. and thinking about it, do i really need boots now? am i really gonna wear big ole boots to summer shows and sweat my ass off all day? plus, with 675$ still gone to the identity thief, i don’t have alot of money right now. i should just stay home and do something productive like, oh, UNPACK finally hahah. or continue to spray paint the thing i took from hens and kelly. and wash my reznor heater. and wash my car. tho i don’t have a hose…and i really want to get my bike working again. i think it’ll be fine, just possibly need new tires. i’m not sure if my mom went back to detroit or not. if so, it’d be a good time to get my bike (since she said i’m not allowed to ride it cuz the tires are rotted hahaha cuz i’m 10 years old and she can tell me not to ride my bike). i just really think i need to work out a bit. i gained 10 lbs AND YES I KNOW THAT’S NOT ALOT AND THAT I NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT. but i really don’t like it. it makes my clothes not fit me. and i think i should just not be so lazy, and work out, and get some muscle tone. and biking would be good. i don’t want to wear a helmet tho. but also, i have no car carrier for my bike, so i can’t transport it anywhere at the moment. other than sticking it in my trunk haha. actually, i don’t even know where my bike is at my parents house…could be in the roof of the garage, and then i wouldn’t be able to get it now anyway.

so that was the most random manic paragraph ever.

i had a dream that kitty was a threat to homeland security. wtf.

i’m really bored. i should just go to TO for something to do. but i just really don’t feel like it haha. i just don’t really want to go by myself.

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