santa came early

yesterday was christmas with my parents, as they went to detroit today. had dinner, brought kitty along, gifted, got adr to come over and watch the sabres lose (Grrrrrrrrr). chased the cat around the house when it was time to leave, as adr sat in the car waiting haha. it was funny.

i got a laptop. yay! i have another aim screenname for when i’m on the laptop, ask me for it. got other random little things as well, but that was the big gift. ordered a case for it today. and since there are at least 5 wireless networks i can leech from in my building, i haven’t gone to get a new wireless router yet haha.

in total pain. both shoulders now, tho the left is still worse. my right armpit hurts the way it did when i had mono. blah. nothing i can do either except dope myself up. hopefully i don’t have to do alot of work tonight. i have tomorrow night off, so i can rest more.

so merry christmas and all that.

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