First best friend: neighbor stacey
First job: mcdonalds
First screen name: sara989898
First self purchased album: i think aerosmith “get a grip”, on cd at least. don’t remember first cassette i bought myself.
First crush: joe gotowko
First funeral: someone i didn’t know, parent of a friend of the family, the priest kept getting the guys name completely wrong
First credit card: citibank mastercard.
First true love: not applicable
First “enemy”: probably andrea cuz angela and i made these code letters and said someone told us to give them to her, she decoded them, and thought (correctly) that we wrote them, and then we weren’t friends for like 8 months
First big trip: i dunno my parents took me all over
First play/musical/performance: dance recital when i was real young, 5 maybe…

Last cigarette? uh…when i had alcohol poisoning, thanksgiving eve…when was that, junior year? so 5 years ago.
Last car ride: 10 minutes ago
Last bus ride: well i think the only place i’ve ever rode a bus in was toronto, but not in the last few years. oh wait, i ride the short bus to work everyday from the parking lot, so 20 minutes ago.
Last good cry: it wasn’t a particularly good one, but friday.
Last library book: i have library-book-a-phobia
Last movie seen: i watched half of the wedding singer on tv yesterday
Last beverage drank: water.
Last food consumed: pizza
Last Crush: trent reznor
Last phone call: days ago, i dunno, tuesday maybe when tommy called 10 times in a row cuz i wouldn’t answer haha
Last tv show watched: sportscenter
Last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: black mary janes
Last annoyance: life
Last disappointment: life
Last good dream: i was engaged to trent and we were in his old house in new orleans and it was hideously decorated and i thought, when we get married, i’ll totally have to redecorate
Last ice cream eaten: vanilla soft serve with chocolate sauce at work
Last shirt worn: the one i have on now, my uniform. but before that, nin spiral shirt
Current: my ugly grey poupon colored dealer shirt that is the most unflattering thing ever
Last website visited: lj friends list
last Person talked to/chatted with: phill on the bus

height: 5’9
hair color: black.
eye color: brown
piercings: ears
tattoos: yes

right now
what color pants are you wearing?: black.
what song are you listening to?: “kinda i want to” – nin in my head
what taste is in your mouth?: green jawbreaker
what’s the weather like?:cold and i wont turn my heat on above 60. i’m gonna freeze all winter.
how are you?: depressed
get motion sickness?: depends who’s driving
have a bad habit?: i’m still breathing.
get along with your parents? mostly
like to drive?: love it, prefer to do it.

conditioner: infusium
book: invisible monsters – chuck palahniuk
non alcoholic drink: unsweetened iced tea
alcoholic drink: raspberry lemon drop martini from buca
thing to do on the weekend: urbex
band or group or singer or rapper: nine inch nails, u2, etc

have you
broken the law: i tresspass and speed on a regular basis
ran away from home: nope.
snuck out of the house: nope, never.
ever gone skinny dipping: no
made a prank phone call: yeah but i was always bad at it, and i’d start laughing. andrea was amazing at it, so she’d do it most of the time, and i’d just listen and hysterically laugh into a pillow. wow 2 mentions of andrea in 1 survey.
ever tipped over a porta potty: gross.
used your parents’ credit card before: no i dont think so. maybe on the internet before i had my own
skipped school before: yeah the one time that i skipped for no reason was to watch a snl rerun with dana carvey and a good musical guest, i forget who.
fell asleep in the shower/bath: never
been in a school play: clowns, 5th grade
let a friend cry on your shoulder: no one i know chooses to emote at me

boyfriend: at the moment
girlfriend: nope.
sexuality: i think i’m asexual.
children: nope.
current crush: trent reznor 😛
been in love: no
had a hard time getting over someone: yes
been hurt: always
your greatest regret: i dont regret anything

do you have a job: yes
your cd player has in it right now: car has nin catalog mp3 cd.
what’s the next cd you’re gonna get?: probably nothing

when/what was the last

you got a real letter?: my grandma is the only one who writes me real letters
you got e-mail: i checked it 15 min ago
thing you purchased: coffee, tea and the smallest donut ever
tv program you watched: didn’t we already answer this, sportscenter
movie you saw in the theater: Corpse Bride.

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