in the last 24 hours i did something to my back and it hurts soooooooo bad. my lower back too, which is unusual. usually it’s my shoulders that hurt like a bitch. blah. it’s fine during extended periods of sitting or standing…but changing positions…ouch. i need a massage *looks at ty *

work was work. no big thing. definitely gotta get my ass out of bed tomorrow on time, cuz i need to do laundry….this week’s schedule, flooring 8-4, dealing 7-3, off, ctrc, bacc 8-4, flooring 8-4 and flooring 8-4. sunday was SUPPOSED to be 6-2 but noo they went and changed it on me. jerks.

finally finished wizard and glass, took forever. not that it wasn’t good. it just took me so long when i only read before i go to bed. so now i get to start wolves of calla. i hate hard cover books, i just want to say. they’re too heavy lol.



so much for laundry. i couldn’t sleep last night. got up at 12:30, checked email, went back to bed. oh well. wednesday i guess…

best *I hate everybody*song: “dizzy” and “dissention” – orgy

best *damn all this love shit* song: “heart’s filthy lesson” – david bowie or “pure” – orgy

best *hey this song reminds me of* song: anything on candyass, mer des noms, or the devil you know

best *wow I hate this song* song: anything by creed, and most of the stuff on the radio

best “hmm..can everyone please stop FUCKING me over” song: “break stuff” – limp bizkit

best “I hope nobody finds out I like this song” song: “fighter” – xtina, but it’s out now right…

best *get the fuck out of my life* song: “leave me alone” – michael jackson

best *spontaneously start singing everyday* song: “life on mars?” – david bowie

best *I listen to when I am bawling my eyes out* song: “something i can never have” – nine inch nails

best *this song puts me in a grand mood* song: “walk on” – u2

best *I don’t give a fuck* song: “eraser” – nine inch nails

Reminds you of an ex-friend: “dissention” – orgy

Makes you laugh: “everybody was kung fu fighting” – by whoever sang that song

You never want to hear again: anything by creed or the police

You want to get married to: i should pick some cheesy 80s hair metal band song…like “heaven” by warrant or something lol

Sums up your teenage years: unfortunately i can’t use “elegantly wasted” here…”somewhere i belong” – linkin park

You like to wake up to: “closer” – nine inch nails

You like out of your parents record collection: The Doors

You wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for a friend: 30 seconds to mars

Makes you think of someone who died: “eva” – orgy

You love the video more than the tune: “jeopardy” – greg hihn band

Reminds you of your now crush or love: “we are thrown together” – inxs

Makes you think of sex: “closer” – nine inch nails duh…or “sex type thing” – stone temple pilots

Makes you think of being alone: “and all that could have been” – nine inch nails

Are you embarrassed to admit you like: justin timberlake

Perks you up: “walk on” – u2

Do you love to sing: everything

Do you want to put on the list that didn’t fit elsewhere: “heart’s filthy lesson” – david bowie

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