*sings* movin on up…to the…high limit room. GAH i was in the high limit room all night. it was funny, cuz frank was like, you can handle it? are you sure you can handle it? are you SURE you can handle it? YES I’M FUCKING SURE. stood at a dead table for 2 hours, after that dealt maybe 15 hands, got moved around ended up back in there at a table with players… handled it just fine thanks.

they’re starting a pai gow and mini bacarrat class july 7th, so i’m going to take that. it’s 3 weeks long, it’ll give me another .50 in my paycheck. go me. bringing in the bux now ┬áhahah

off to the silos. it’s funny the looks i get when i say that. jenn’s like… um. WHY?


gaaaaaah!!! the grain silos were soooooo coool. we went around doing outside shots for a while, then went inside cargill-s. *dies* it was so friggen great. took 3 rolls of film, camera being a bitch again though. *kills it* gotta figure out what’s wrong with it. prolly won’t get pics developed/back/online til wed/thurs ish again. definitely going to have to go back. it was drizzly and stuff, i wanna get back on a nice day when the lighting is different. so brian, thank you thank you!!

now gotta bust my ass to finish getting ready for work and head out.

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