all in all i had a pretty good day today.

first off… i have found the be all and end all, best video ever made. by Greg Hihn called “Jeopardy”. Yes this is the song Weird Al parodied as “I lost on Jeopardy”. Funny thing is, that sounds like what he is saying in the real song to begin with. This is the video: bride gets out of a limo and runs into a church as if she’s late for her wedding. groom (greg) is standing around nervous. they start the ceremony and greg gets more nervous. he looks behind him to see a couple chained together with handcuffs. he looks behind again, and their hands have melted into one hand. he looks behind him again and…something…coming from their hips are attached together…couldn’t figure out what they were. just big growths of skin i guess. then the priest wants him to put the ring on the bride’s finger, so he does, and lifts the veil. there is his pretty bride who SUDDENLY turns into a screaming skeleton. the church flashes green, and greg runs down the aisle. but wait!! the church is posessed, and a big worm like creature – much like the sand worms in Beetlejucie – bursts out of the floor and wraps itself around greg and pulls him back to the altar. he tries to hold on to a pew, but the pew was poorly constructed and a piece of wood rips off in his hand as he is being dragged by the worm creature. the worm pulls him back to the altar, and he starts stabbing the worm creature with the piece of pew wood. the worm creature starts to spew slime on the groom. then suddenly the worm creature is gone, and greg plays air guitar for all the wedding guests on the pew wood. then it shows greg and his bride leaving the church, having rice thrown at them, and getting into the limo…which is really a HERSE!…from there the camera pans back to show a projector showing this adventure on the wall to…the bride and groom as skeletons!!!!!! oh and the end was something about greg stealing the bottle of champagne and running away into his car, just as another bride is running out of the church. so he goes and picks her up and they drive away. and his license plate says “lips” on it.

can it possibly get any better than that? it has to be seen to be believed. unfortunately, no one in their right mind would ever make an mpeg of this, as i expected. so everyone will have to take my word (and adr’s…she was as enthraled as i was) on it. i will now just have to suffer and hope to catch it on vh1 classic again. *sigh*

besides finding the best video ever made, adr and i went on a top secret mission. and it was sucessful. came home for dinner, and adr came back over to watch the sabres game. we tied, and reached the 50 point mark finally. last team in the standings, last team in the league to reach 50 points…this is the way i see it: they’re purposely doing badly this season, so that next season – when golisano owns them – they will have this miraculous miracle season and win the cup. and everyone will talk about how amazing it was that they had such a turn around.

i think by this point we all realize i have crazy and unrealistic dreams and hopes for the future.

after the game, we sat around with my parents like losers on a saturday night, watched part of indiana jones, and discovered that auschwitz is in poland. i thought it was in germany. but i’m not wrong. it WAS in germany at the time of WW2…but in the part of germany that was, and now is again, poland. this all came about because i asked my parents if they’re going to go to auschwitz when they go to germany in april. they’re not. i actually don’t know where the hell they’re going, because i thought they were going to drive from munich to vienna, but apparently they’re not. i told them to go to freud’s house in vienna, but they’re not going there. they’re driving from munich to venice…through austria, but not vienna. whatever. they’re dumb. they’re missing out on all the cool german stuff. and considering my dad was BORN there, i’d think that’d be sorta important. i want to go to auschwitz. and berlin. and vienna.

and the other thing that made my day great is that i finally found the APC myan ruins font. not that i was constantly looking for it. just that the last time i tried to find it, it didn’t exist, and i thought to find it again today and i did. oh, and i think i finally found an mpeg of the celebrity jeopardy with ozzy from snl. of course, found that while trying to find the best video ever made.

now i just need to stay up for 12 more minutes for my download of the APC concert shown on mtv2 to finish.

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