i spent an hour watching danielle and 2 of her bio friends get drunk before their class. lol too funny. they’re supposed to come back when their class is over, but i won’t be here. 1 more hour until my last class at geneseo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we’re supposed to hang out with amy and the suffolk girls tonight, but dunno what’s going on tonight, or if we’re gonna do it tomorrow. i guess i’ll find out later.

since fridayfive.org is broken again, i was told it’s my turn to make one up
1. if you were to fight to the death in a duel what type of weapon would you choose? whips…like in the old west lol. reminds me of the SNL skit “the whipmaster” hahaha
2. if you could have any animal kill you, what animal would it be?panther rarr lol
3. if you were an oscar winning actor(ress) and could play any movie roll past or present who would you play and why? baby houseman from dirty dancing LOL why… eh it would be fun, even tho i’d have to look at patricks lips the whole time barf
4. if you could have written any song, what song would it be? and all that could have been – nin 🙂 or like… billie jean
5. how many toes do you have? 10 thanks

even tho carolyn said it was my turn, she did her own too
1) who is your fave author? chuck palahniuk
2) what is your fave book? invisible monsters, daisy fay and the miracle man
3) do you prefer poetry or prose? prose even tho i’m not exactly sure what that means…i mean i DO but…whatever.
4) what book have u read the most times? dunno…dont read books over alot. i guess daisy fay cuz i’ve probably read it 3 times.
5) if you could be any character from any book who would you be? Danielle from Merivale Mall


classes are OVER!!! no more class in geneseo ever again, thank god! now i just have to do the exam thing, and blah graduation. which reminds me my mom owes me 100$. but anyway…going to amy’s tonight at 8 or 9 to hang out.

i think i’ve decided that i need to be a shut in again. i can’t deal with people. someone in clinical had such horrible breath and kept breathing at me, i almost died. and i hate drunk people when i’m not drunk too. lol. and leah is cooking ramen and the smell is making me sick LOL. i need to open a window.

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