we have no hot water. isn’t that nice? i called emergency maintenece at 8 am…it’s 10…they haven’t come yet. or if they did, they haven’t fixed anything, because we still have no hot water. no one took a shower today, needless to say. it’s probably just the pilot light or something… well actually it’s kinda weird, because the water gets warm… and now i’m talking slightly above freezing point warm, not like, ok this is useable kind of warm. and it’ll get this slightly warm temperature for a few seconds, and then goes cold. almost like there is a big hole somewhere, spurting out all our hot water, instead of sending it to the sink. some of the hot water gets through, the rest is flooding something somewhere. like maybe our storage room. i should go look at that (we have a nice huge wheel valve in our storage room on this huge pipe…don’t know what it’s for, i’m assuming water.)

rt.. bono sounds stuffed up in this song (do you feel loved?)…like he’s got a bit of a cold lol…and that reminds me

all my mp3s are screwed up. carolyn downloaded do you feel loved live for me the other day, sent it to me, i listened to it, yeah. i decided it was ok, so i kept the mp3. i played it yesterday, and it was only a minute and a half long. what the hell is that?! i swear it was a full mp3 when she sent it to me. if it wasn’t i would have told her it was cut off and to find another one for me. but obviously i didn’t, so it must have been fine. now it’s only half of the song, not even….and i had an mp3 of u2’s WTC telethon performance. i dled it from some site, didn’t listen to it until last night. it stops after “peace on earth”…doesn’t go into “walk on”…the title of the file said it’s the entire thing…but not the mp3 i have. so now i don’t know if something ate half of that mp3 too, or if it was always like that… and i have no viruses that would be chompin on half my mp3s…arg.

ok i’m not supposed to take any naproxin today for my shoulder, cuz i was only supposed to take 2 a day for a week. he gave me 2 weeks worth of pills tho, to take whenever it hurts… so the question is, should i take one today or no?…maybe i’ll just wait awhile. it’s not in pain right now, but my neck is kinda going numb….i’m dying. i swear.

what else was i going to talk about? OH YEAH! this gross old guy talked to me today. he’s in my criminal justice class. he is the perfect picture of a “2 pack a day i’m dying of lung cancer” old man. he’s probably in his 50s, i mean maybe he could be younger and just decrepit from all the cigarettes he’s smoked, i dunno…but he looks older than my parents… face all sunken in, really skinny, grey hair etc. school has been in session for over a month now, we have class twice a week, yet today i walk in and he all happily goes “good morning” to me… well i was totally thrown off. so i’m like all cheery “morning!”…yeah that was weird, he didn’t say a word to anyone else who walked in and sits in our area….then he kinda kept turning around to look at me, and it’s like EW wtf, leave me alone! so then of course, i was paranoid that he was going to follow me after class and talk to me or something, so i booked out of there, and went and checked my mail so if he was following me, i’d lose him. lol. i’m a freak.


fyi i have changed my cds again! currently there is NO u2 in my stereo! **shock**….we’ve got tool – lateralus, econoline crush – brand new history and a perfect circle – mer de noms

oh god, katie is playing disturbed, must turn up stereo…damn quiet tool song! louder! louder! *insert beavis and butthead sound byte here*


thesabresedge.com does these funny top 10 lists about various things… their current one is how the sabres are going to help fight terrorism.. this is one of the more amusing ones they’ve had, and i found number 7 to be incredibly amusing
Number 7…
Sneaking original Marine Midland Arena maintenance workers into Afghanistan, having them construct giant Jumbotron over Taliban headquarters.


ec’s “brand new history” is a total summer flashback cd…it’s strange. lol. ahh memories 😛 and omg “by the riverside” is totally a may/exam week flashback…cuz it was exam week when i did the 3 ec shows in 3 nights, with my personality final exam inbetween, and i couldn’t concentrate on studying AT all…and packing my room up to move back home. omg this is like one of the biggest song flashbacks i’ve ever gotten! lol

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