urbex injuries

my injured arm is about 7 different colors. every color of the rainbow is represented on my arm. if i could take a photo i would but it’d in a weird spot, and it’d be very difficult hah. you’ll just have to take my word for it.


ha this has to be a joke. NHL schedule for next season…one… ONE…home game on thurdsays. WTF! 11 on wednesdays that I could go to, 14 on fridays that Phill could go to…but ONE FUCKING GAME ON A THURSDAY that both of us could go to. *shakes head* don’t they know?!?! haha

had a nice day exploring with ian/dagr despite scraping/brusing my arm to hell exiting the first location. i guess that’s what happens when dropping off a roof forward instead of backward like normal people. i can’t help it, i need to do things face first! i would have scraped my face the other way!! haha got dinner at the freedom fries diner then headed to transfig. no go. more fencing, boards. difficult way still there, but we decided to climb cargill instead. good idea, great lighting. sat on the roof for a long time before heading back down. i had laughed in the morning because when i woke up it was raining, and it seems every time we make plans to explore it rains. luckily all the rain came in the morning and it turned into a really nice day. 75 maybe instead of 95. lots of photos to go through. hopefully good ones.

also. i’m glad that i don’t weigh that much, and my friends are all stronger than me. because this is the 2nd time in recent explorations where someone has lifted me onto a roof hahah.

the spice girls of urbex

wednesday’s top secret mission status: SUCCESS!


body is going to REVOLT tomorrow. funniest moment – adr2 trying to lift me onto the roof, and me getting stuck ha. oh and the inside self portrait hahahahahaha

that is all. *you’ll have to ask me through email if you want to know where this was*


actually had some fun exploring today. matt and katie were in from mass. and wanted to see bct. well no go, closed until the 16th for a movie shoot. so the day brought transfig, orphanage, bmalting, and a new one for me, north office. transfig is always beautiful but i’m out of shots there. orphanage, boring. still. haha. bmalting wasn’t as interesting as i remember it from 2003, but that’s ok. north office…so wonderful. must go back soon.

i so want to call in. so tired, only 5 hrs of sleep before going out to meet them. last night work was brutal. i wanted to go home sick so badly, but i was lead on tokes. just a wicked wicked headache, and it was so hot in there. when i was telling someone that i need to do something about my headaches, that i haven’t been able to get rid of this one for 2 weeks now, they mentioned hitting the deer. and yeah…it really has been since i hit the deer that my head’s been so bad. but i didn’t hit it head on, and i didn’t even feel it hit the side of the car. i can’t imagine i got whiplash or anything from it. but still… strange. so far today, even tho i gave my granola bar to a lady who accosted us outside transfig asking for money cuz she was so hungry, no headache. but i know as soon as i walk in to the casino it’ll scream of pain. and i’m sore everywhere else now. and got some weird cuts that i’m sure will get infected from bird poop diseases etc. drowning them in peroxide haha.

big BIG plans for wednesday night. get the bail money. 🙂

very glad natasha didn’t win top model. she was fugly. that is all.

climbed cargill today. it smells like death even worse than last time. seriously SOMETHING is dead in there. the smell has radiated farther than it was radiating last time, and is SO bad you seriously can’t breathe it in without gagging. i wish i could spread the smell over the internet so you can all experience it haha. it’s THAT bad. but i suck cuz i forgot the london2 dvds for alex and adr2 (cuz at 2am yesterday after re-dling the files, i got it to burn with ashampoo) and alex’s cadbury eggs from london.

vh1 40 freakiest concert moments…nice. haven’t seen this one before. u2 stuck in the lemon made it hahahaha.

catching up on america’s next top model…the final 5…natasha…WTF. she is so hideous in person. air brushing makes anyone look pretty, and dear lord do they do alot of work on her photos to make her not look so frightening.

failed infiltration mission tonight. frustrating. in a way. 3 possible ways in, 1 dangerous and easily seen, 2 breaking and entering. and a phone number, anyone want to call? 716-432-7058. nothing comes up on reverse lookup but i’m curious. anyone still good at math? i can’t remember how to do permutations, but how many possible 4 number combinations can you make from 0-9? hahahahaha aaah just cut the locks off haha.

last week someone on uer.ca had gotten into the memorial auditorium. my first reaction was pissed off. my 2nd was that i actually didn’t really care (i’m so bored with buffalo and indifferent to exploration at this time). i didn’t really know what the point of trying was, when you can’t see a damn thing in complete darkness. a tiny flashlight isn’t going to make a difference. so i thought, well whatever, maybe some day i’ll get in legally. then someone sent me the photos. and i was sorta interested again. they’re not good pictures in the slightest, but they’re very sad. i have absolutely no memory of what the aud looks like inside. i was there as a very little kid for disney on ice shows, and i saw a sabres game in what…95? with adr and her youth group. as i was telling phill the other day the only memory i have of that game is that we played pittsburgh, and i just remember jagr and everyone shooting the puck behind the net along the boards and it was boring. last row oranges behind the goal. and it ended in a tie. i have no idea who was even on the sabres at that point.

anyway. it did sorta spark my interest into finding the way in again. i parked near an interesting…i don’t know what you even call it…an area that ends up under ground level on the side of the building. possible that it offers access into a basement, but it also may not go anywhere. and it was full of wood and debris. i was on my way to the game so i didn’t check it out much…and other than that, i have no. clue. at. all. how one would get in.

oh well. and wow it is in bad shape. serious reuse, especially as a smaller capacity venue would take aaaalooottt of money to fix up. you can see the bad air quality in the photos, mold and “orbs”, lots of debris. and sadly some graffiti. and not amusing graffiti at that.

return of the geese alarms

guess what i did today? the unthinkable. i climbed cargill with adr2. we didn’t quite intend to do so but…there we were, on the top top roof, dancing to year zero. and filming stupid videos on our phones. haha. we found THE most perfect spot for the art show…but of course, cargill has no stairs so that’s a bit of a problem if you want people to SEE the show. but yeah. totally have a new fav urbex spot. haha 2 of them at cargill.

and the return of the geese alarms. ok cargill stunk really bad. and the first thought we had was, we’re gonna find a body. we didn’t, but it smelled very bad. climbing through the marine stacks, and through the building, then back…on the way back what happens, but adr2 almost runs into a goose again. it started hissing at her and she started running. just like at great northern. omg so funny. we both swear that the goose wasn’t there protecting her nest the first time we walked by there. but there it was, and it’s mate was in the water below and we were just waiting for it to fly up in our faces.

but anyway. somehow climbing the stack came up, and she gave it a shot, up one flight, said it was easy so i tried. and then we were at the levels where there are stairs again. then the floor at the very top of the storage bins. so pretty and peaceful. great view. then up more sort of stairs and rusty ladders etc etc. and i found the perfect piece of wood on one of the roofs for an idea i had for the show. score! there was a scary moment that wasn’t so scary though…adr2 went onto the small roof, or well tried, a bunch of concrete crumbled to the ground below, scared the shit out of me. hahah. the roof was fine though, the concrete came off of the window. 🙂

great adventure, great view of the city. finally did it, never thought i would. legs are wobbly now, and my hands hurt from hanging onto rusted railings for dear life. or should i say they are now ex-foliated haha. hooray for tetanus shot

All the rest

Maybe I should talk about everything else that happened aside from meeting Trent Reznor.

Gent – the 2nd day we went out to the Dr Guislain museum of psychiatry. When I discovered it, it was the main reason for staying in Gent over Antwerp for a few days, it sounded so cool (especially to me). It is in Belgium’s most well known asylum – part is the museum, and part is school area, with a new psych hospital close by. Dr Guislain apparently pioneered alot of psychiatry in Belgium, building the hospital based on research of what works best in treating patients. Unfortunately the “History” part of the museum didn’t really go into what exactly these elements were, which would have been interesting. But they had alot of history of Dr Guislain, the hospital, others that worked with him for improved treatment for the mentally ill and for mentally retarded children. A bulk of the museum is “outsider art”. They have a current exhibit called Beyond Good and Evil, and featured works with those themes – not just from patients, but from other…”normal”? artists, and other tribal cultures as well. Quite interesting but to me, the “outsider” patient art was more interesting. I want to make crazy art. Maybe if I stop taking my meds hahah. There is a fine line between “outsider art” and “toddler art” however – some of the things just…unworthy of such a distinction. Other stuff was quite amazing including this very involved installation that I can’t even describe – strange dolls and just…stuff. And it wasn’t just a collection of crap like what Psycho Ted left behind in the REA terminal. Most of the artists had blurbs about them, not going into details about what exactly is wrong with them mentally, but describing their life and situation. Not all of the artists were mentally ill either, some just considered “outsiders” or “folk”. It was really interesting.

Spent 3 or 4 hours there, and by that time, the Castle of the Counts was closed (closed at 4, last entry at 3, and we thought it closed at 5) so we missed out on that. Nights were early and I wasn’t feeling well that day so I stayed in the hotel the rest of the night. Watching bad American movies with Flemish subtitles haha. Tommy Lee Jones should have fired his agent after “Volcano”.

The 3rd day, with somewhat crap weather – cooler and cloudy – we went out to Lede to see the Castle of Mesen rather than stay in Gent and go to the Castle in town. Castle of Mesen isn’t quite a castle, but it looks more like an old hotel with a church attached and it was used for a variety of purposes one being a boarding school. Oh, and it’s in ruins. Ha. Beautiful place, and by far the most ruined building I’ve ever been in. It’s quite what I would imagine the Overlook Mountain House in the Catskills to look like if they hadn’t gutted the inside and just left the shell. All the upper floors in Mesen were collapsed – thankfully with exception of the theatre space, though I had to climb up a sketchy ladder to reach it – which made it interesting when trying to access other areas of the building. The chapel area had more intact stained glass windows than Transfig back at home. Very surprising. As a whole the place hadn’t been stripped too much – large sections of decorative railings remained, as well as some very pretty ceramic tiles. If my suitcase didn’t already weight 50 lbs some of them would have been coming home with me. There are a few other buildings on the property – which is actually in a public park – including what seemed to be a stable, and school area. Very pretty place. After a few hours there, we returned to Gent, got dinner, and early night again.

Gent Photos

Obviously I haven’t seen much of Brussels other than the walk from the hotel to the venue. Strangely – while we took a taxi from the (wrong) train station to the hotel, we passed an area of town where police were setting up big barbed wire fences – the type that they had set up between trenches during WWI. What the hell? The news last night said there was some kind of large protest against the Bush Administration at the EU on Sunday, that must have been it. Anyway. The hotel is not far from the Grand Place, and before the show today (Monday) I headed out to walk around with the camera for an hour or so. Very very pretty buildings around the square, again, something you just don’t see in the US. I couldn’t find the peeing boy statue though, it’s somewhere around here, but I bought some chocolates of him instead. I feel better having gone out this morning, haha I did see something while I was here. I still want to go to the Atomium tomorrow before we catch a train to Amsterdam. I guess it’s going to be dependent on whether or not we can keep our luggage at the hotel after we check out in the morning. I don’t know how close and convenient it will be to get to the Atomium then back to get the luggage, but oh well. It was the one thing I wanted to see in Brussels.

We have a very short time in Amsterdam as well, 2 nights I believe, and really only 1 full day – a show day for me. We fly from Amsterdam to Berlin, so timing of the flight will determine what I can do there. Aside from walking around and seeing the red light district and the night life in general, I want to go to the Van Gogh museum. Eh Amsterdam doesn’t really appeal to me because all I know about it is the drug stuff. So I’m not really upset. I’d much rather cut Amsterdam short (and miss the 2nd show) to spend more time in Berlin.



i was in detroit for a funeral. the person who died switched between my dad, grandma and grandpa. the family was all at this strange highrise building where the viewing was i guess, and then we went outside to wait for our ride to the next place for the rest of the funeral. when it got there, there wasn’t enough room for everyone so i had to take a different car, with 2 other people. we’re driving through detroit and pretty much everything is pretty and abandoned. we drove past this red brick structure that i guess was a church, with one whole wall missing. so i get my phone to txt david and ask about it, but i keep getting distracted. then david is the person driving the car and it’s like a tour of ruins. we get near by this 2nd funeral place i guess, and get out of the car, and his mom is with us. she’s really short and small. we’re near this other ruined place, and he wants to go in just so i can see it real quickly. i don’t have a camera or anything. so the 3 of us go in, and this first floor is super rotted and dangerous, and he’s trying to get around to the other side of a big hole to the staircase. me and his mom don’t know if we should or not, i have to go to a funeral for gods sake. but we do, and we get to the stairs and go up. the rest of this place is in pristine shape, plush carpets on the stairs and everything. and lots of windows. there are people sitting on the front porch of this place which is right in front of the stairs and all the windows. we’re like crap they’re going to see us. and this is a problem because i guess it’s a big big deal if you’re caught in this building. but we continue and these people do see us – they are little kids i think, and they’re like “look there are people inside”. we’re like oh crap. david keeps going though, and his mom turns around to go back. i decide to go back to, so i start going down. and all kinds of people can see we’re in there now. we get back down to the destroyed first floor, and his mom gets out and says there’s no one there, so i leave too. then at the end of the alley that we have to walk out, all these cop cars are parked with their lights on. oh crap. i try to act like no big thing and walk toward them. but i see them handcuffing his mom. oh crap. so then i start crying and i’m like, you can’t arrest me i have to go to my dad/gma/gpa’s funeral. and the cops don’t care, and they’re going to arrest me anyway. more and more crying and begging. then i guess we jump to me having missed the funeral. i’m back at this hotel type place that we’re staying at and am still crying cuz i know my mom is going to be mad because i missed the funeral, cuz i missed my last relatives funeral too for some reason. i eventually find her and make up a story about why i missed the funeral and she wasn’t mad. then jump to some party we’re having with various relatives really drunk, and these black girls who are apparently my cousins, who are in love with some guy who is there.

yeah i dunno. haha. no exploring today. feels like -4 out, not leaving the house today. so i *should* finally do the dishes and clean and put my xmas gifts away…