urbex haiku

an article in artvoice about the election concludes with an appropriate analogy…that this election is the prom king and queen star football player and head cheerleader vs the skinny guy and the nerd (something like that), and implies that america will vote for the prom couple. the analogy sorta gives me hope, because our prom queen was brooke…who was not a cheerleader, who was not in the “popular” crowd, who was validictorian…oh who am i kidding…

BCT on ghosthunters NEXT WEDNESDAY! don’t forget. don’t let me forget and watch 90210 instead đŸ™‚

my uncle who writes haiku sent some of my last photos from detroit with david to a friend grant hackett, who wrote haikus about them…

To keep my hands in idleness and decay :: the piano is wrecked

An old friend says :: your name will be left in the air

Stuffed with echoes :: some day it will rain through the roof

You can see untitled stars through the holes in their eyes

i promise to take some house pics soon.

urbex visit

David came into town for the day on his way to NYC, and since it was nice out (and hot blaaah) we did some exploring. Hit up the battery factory and north office, 2 places i’m not sick to death of and he hadn’t been to during previous trips. i don’t think much changed at either since august, tho possibly some more collapses at battery. at some point while at battery i got another bug bite, right ring finger. it is swelled up like a sausage, was purple for a while, and i can’t bend it completely. i took some benedryl but it didn’t help. i told my mom and she wants me to go to the hospital if it gets worse because it might have been a brown recluse bite and that i should stop exploring because its dangerous. LOL of all the things to worry about while exploring – collapsing floors, asbestos, toxins, police – she is now worrying about bug bites. i suppose if i wake up and my hand is the size of a baseball mitt i’ll go to the hospital. but now, hours and hours later, i do think it’s a bit less swollen and i can bend it a tiny bit more than i could before.

met jenn and mary for dinner after their gun permit class. had some good pizza with hot peppers on it. yum. had a few drinks and david got to hear all the casino drama hahaha. we have tons.

looking at a few houses tomorrow, and work at 8. art show at the terminal this weekend but i dunno if i’m going to make it there or not, a bunch of stuff has come up that i need to get done. i was there wed afternoon returning and going through the merch we have left and i killed my knuckles. so one hand has a sausage finger, and the other bloody knuckles. i’m a mess. just no more passing out. oh did i mention that? i almost passed out at work again on monday. great.

trent announced the final tour line up. that rich fownes guy is out already as bassist, wonder what he did, and some knew guy who apparently played with beck is in. in the rehearsal photos he has a big fro ha. and the tour name is “lights in the sky over north america 2008” which makes me think of 2 things…ufo’s and an extraterestrial theme, and lazer floyd hahaha

too hot in here, and humid cuz there was a storm. no ac in my room yet and the ceiling fan makes clicking noises. blah. why can’t it just be 60 degrees forever.


it snowed/is snowing. kitty is fogging up the windows watching the snow fall ha

and i dreamed trent called me. someone called and caller ID came up as trent, i tried to answer but the call was disconnected. hours later, another call and i answer, and he asks “why didn’t you call me back?” and i’m like, who is this, and he says trent. so then i’m sorta freaking out, although not at all wondering how he had my phone number. apparently we had talked before for some reason, i just never expected another call. so he’s talking like we go way back, about regular kind of stuff. he was selling his house and someone had come to look at it that day. i kept having trouble hearing him, and then he’d also stop talking and there’d just be long periods of silence. i didn’t know what to talk about, so i asked when the tour was starting. he was silent, thinking about it, and i was like, i know i should know, but i suck as a fan haha. so we were going to hang up but i had to bring up the terminal and the suggestion that he play a spiral only show, or a bridge school type show at the building. i explained the whole thing about the terminal, and he didn’t say anything..and i was like, are you still there. and he said yeah he was just writing all the info down.

also dreamed that dan and i went to explore what was left of spaulding fibre. we don’t see any workers around so we went in and were wandering around. we started climbing this sketchy ladder to figure out what this big tube thing was in one of the rooms. we get to the roof and there were people up there. oh shit. i tried to go back down the ladder but dan didn’t, cuz he figured, we’re screwed, who cares. but these workers totally ignored us, and went on their merry way. then for some reason there was a days inn in the middle of this abandoned factory. wtf. and we had reservations there. so then we were chilling in the hotel room, which had a gift shop selling random things that had been found inside the factory as they demolished it – lots of stuffed animals for some reason. the next day i guess, i want to take a shower, but all the showers were fucked up…no shower curtains, absolutely no room to fit into the shower, etc. i kept getting pissed off, and eventually was like, fuck this i’m just going home to take a shower, i live down the street!



very strange dream about being at a u2 show…or possibly a sound check situation, i’m not sure…but i was behind the stage with cassie and someone else and at one point during the show larry froze and sorta started having a seizure. apparently this wasn’t the first time. we tried to help him, the rest of the band just sorta stood there until he was ok to play again. the show continued, but then the same thing happened towards the end of the show.

also some dream about going to some abandoned thing in mercer pa, which also turned out to be a hang out for the delinquent kids in town. when i was leaving all these other kids had shown up and this black kid who sorta looked like saul said he was going to cut me. all i said was “no” but he did, huge cut on my leg, i freaked out and since i had no idea where anything was in mercer (aside from the high school ha) i didn’t know how to get to a hospital. 2 guys showed up who apparently owned this abandoned place, saw what happened, and were nice enough to take me to the ER.

an update on my phone. cingular phones sending me txt messages still go to the old phone. but if you send me a picture message, it’ll go to the new phone. when will this end!?!?!?!



i was so so bored so i decided to use the new fabric i bought and make a bag. was going fine, tho threads kept getting caught on the bottom and tangled etc…don’t know why…but then the needle broke, and now it’s jammed and i can’t move any of the parts. same as last time i broke it, and there were no parts of the needle in the bobbin area. grrrrrrrrr. and i was almost done!!!

i should post something more than photos of being silly….so, photos from the week he was here, that he is not in hahahahah using annoying deviantart embed codes đŸ™‚ i just noticed they existed hah
under pressure by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
north office

pole dance by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
north office
extinguishing dreams by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
north office
04 vs 07 by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
comparison of the -5 degree trip to battery factory and the +90 degree trip
irony by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
in perspective by ~fragilemidnight on deviantART
battery – it’s showing up englarged, that’s why it’s blurry
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toledo is bitchin’
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ha wtf
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more tomorrowmore tomorrow

Pittsburgh urbex

While the “Steelmark” logo only contains the word “Steel”, the Steelers were given special permission to add “-ers” in 1963 after a petition against AISI. thanks wikipedia

anyway. got very dirty and it was extremely hot, so we found a hotel, got clean, and went to see the simpsons movie. I give it an A-. needed more ralph, tho his 2 lines were pretty fantastic haha.

day 2 didn’t go as well. we left the hotel and headed to the Dogma Church – the one in the movie. unfortunately, it was boarded up pretty tight, and the 2 people who were loitering didn’t seem interested in making an entrance for us hahahahahahah. so plan b, a state hospital. only the place wasn’t abandoned, it was half active on a huge piece of property. we were pretty quickly apprehended by security, dan had to turn over his film even though we hadn’t taken a single picture. the double bummer on that one was that it was like an hour and a half drive from the city through lots of construction. ah well. at that point we weren’t too far from an old amusement park, Idlewild. I had found it while looking for a Mystery Spot on the east coast, and they had one. so we headed over there. this is one of those parks that have been around for over 100 years and have tried to keep up with the times, but not quite making it. it’s like a Fantasy Island, but actually smaller with less rides. it did have quite a fabulous Storybook Land – very VERY similar to the Enchanted Forest in MD, just not abandoned and turned into a strip mall. rode the 2 “coasters” and walked around the park, got dinner. all the little kids liked dan’s mohawk. after the park we decided to head back, and ultimately all the way back home.

here, hot, work tomorrow.

also, the nin setlist for the moscow show included “the great destroyer”. oh dear god. i will not be able to hear that song live without cringing and/or laughing. haha

ue drama hahahahah

oh man this is funny. oh noes everyone hates me!!

i posted a message on uer.ca about the urban explorer convention in buffalo, and how i had asked them not to include BCT in any activites, but they included it as a “featured place”. apparently i’m completely out of line in trying to represent the CTRC and the CTRC’s wishes to protect the building. my bad.

you only said that the BCT will not host any OPEX events. which it isn’t – it is a “featured location”… so is the richardson center! people are encouraged to go and take photos of the richardson center from the outside, but are warned of the massive security there. same thing with the BCT. if people who are in town for OPEX decide to go to BCT on their own, and ask for premission, that is their choice.

A lot of people are in town for the event, and some of them want to see BCT, even if its just seeing the outside. The BCT’s attitude on this has been noted by many explorers who have heard of the issues there recently, and there is a great lack of respect for yourself as a fellow explorer for even forbiding people from asking permission to view the main hall and make a donation and sign the guest book.

People have been advised to ask for permission to visit BCT, they always have been! in no way is anyone being encouraged to tresspass or cause any harm to that property.

You are not welcome at the dinner tomorrow, as I am sure no one really cares to hear what you have to say.

about UE in general, and your views:

If you are this fussy about UE, why not just remove yourself from any UE forum and do your own thing… UE is a growing hobby… you must learn to share. you alone will not stop the UE hobby from expanding, and your attempts to limit urban exploration in the city of buffalo to only people who you trust are futile. you do not run things, and your elitest attitude makes you not a real urban explorer, but rather a self absorbed person who wants to “control” something that they can’t control.

UER is not responsible for the growth of the hobby… we all are! even you!

once the hobby hit the internet, people started sharing info about it, and the hobby grew! you have a website about UE do you not?

if UER never existed, it would be some other forum which you would be blaming right now…

the point is, you can not stop people from exploring, and your futile attempts to limit the enjoyment of others in the hobby is causing alot of the “mainstream” urban explorers to dislike you.

isn’t the point of restoring the BCT, to make it available for people who enjoy buildings of that era to see again? if people who wish to view such a building want to come and donate on their own accord… how is that bad? isn’t that what you encourage?

if not, then why didn’t the restoration council decide to restore a crappy old building somewhere else that has no impressive features, and that no one would ever want to come and see?

just so you know the people who were rejected yesterday were willing to give generous donations, and they DID ask permission (and were initially allowed in) to get in prior to being asked (by someone else) to leave, which they did. I do not see how this in any way reflects poorly on anyone! and your response to this is clearly uncalled for and immature. infact the various mods are discussing banning you from this site for this irrational action on your part!

if you have any other issues please do let me know… i have informed everyone that the BCT is completely
off limits, even to those who wish to donate.

hahahahahahhhaha i’m crying. omg. my life is over.


another rainy morning turned into a good exploring day. ian and i hit up concrete central with intent to climb, but it is unclimbable for us novices with no upper body strength. or ladders. just one ladder to go up one story is needed. when they cut the stairs out of that elevator, they actually cut out the entire stair structure – unlike cargill. so after the typical walk through we headed to the marine-a elevator, which i hadn’t been back to since early 2004. it’s rather unimpressive, and quite small in comparison to concrete central and cargill, but it has the coolest echoes. for whatever reason the owners cut off the bottom of the silos. so you can see all the way up, just massive space, that sounds so cool with any tiny little noise. it’s really the only thing that makes it interesting. that and the praying mantis we found on a rusted barrel. and the weird half painted over mural that included an airplane that i SWEAR says “capital g” on it. also, the stacks still have stairs! woo. for some reason it felt more dangerous to be using those stairs than climbing cargill’s lack of stairs. the roof top level was very different from cargills, very small, not as many different roof levels. somewhat anti climatic after trying to get up there, but still cool to see. interesting view from up there, but i don’t see making a return trip in my future though. i do need to find a ladder of some sort to take to concrete…

got dinner at amy’s so i could finally get the falafel haha. drove around a bit, couldn’t find anything else. need some new places to visit for next time. suggestions welcome haha.