U2 “Breathe” review

Breathe: Rocking guitars, absolute “Rattle and Hum” feel to it. I sort of expect a harmonica in there like “Trip through your wires” or “Desire”. Vocals are quick and monotone, in a good way, but I could do without singing about cockatoos and joo joo man LOL. Nice piano work. Part of the guitar makes me think of recent Depeche Mode too. “the people we meet will not be drowned out. There’s nothing you have that I need, I can breathe.” “the war that lies on the other side of silence”…very nice. I do absolutely hate, in all recent u2 songs, Bono’s need to sing part of the chorus in a forced high note, it’s unnecessary. The music is so good, the piano would be great if someone (ie Bono) really plays it live. Really love the piano.

Grade: A – best song on the album

And speaking of depeche mode, they apparently have an album coming out in april. first single “wrong”…video was released the other day. it’s sorta creepy but neat. the singing of the word “wrong” throughout the song sounds like marilyn manson. it’s not bad tho. they’re playing toronto in july, molson ampitheatre, so i should be able to afford lawn tix this time around.

tomorrow, the last song “cedars of lebanon”

U2 “White as Snow” review

White As Snow: Definitely a story telling song. Minimal music to begin. A bit of a grown up song. I was about to say there is a little country twinge to it, barely, but there (Cassie says it’s Johnny Cash sounding)…but then weird horns come in for no reason. They quickly go away again so that’s ok. The storytelling feel continues throughout. It sorta makes me think of the Joshua Tree as well.

Grade: B, it’s not typically something that i would really get into, but it is nice and well done. i think i really like it. i think.

tomorrow, the best song on the album, Breathe!

U2 “Fez” review

FEZ – Being Born – ….an intro that echo’s “let me in the sound” from boots…then a weird change into something else…more echo…another SEVERE change into the song. And more Bono yelling OOOOOH jesus christ ENOUGH! Think of something else! The music is very pretty and listening in the car I realized it sounds just like The Unforgetable Fire! You can almost sing the lyrics of the song to this music. It’s nice.

Grade: C as it stands now…if they had just broken the 2 songs up into 2 songs as it was clearly meant to be it would have been much better. It would have made sense. Fez could have been a nice interesting, even if short, instrumental to follow “boots” the way A Perfect Circle did with “pet”, it would have worked. And Being Born is a very pretty piece on it’s own and in no way is improved by the Fez intro. Put together like this just sounds weird.

tomorrow, white as snow.

U2 “Get on your Boots” and “Stand up Comedy” review

2 today because i forgot yesterday 🙂

Get On Your Boots: Looooooove. I don’t know how people can NOT like this song. Yes the lyrics are ridiculous and silly, but it’s supposed to be fun and frivolous. I already reviewed it, but in case you missed it…it has a fun retro vibe to it, the guitars are killer and it’s going to be fabulous live. The “let me in the sound” bridge is wonderful. Edge’s chorus background is lovely, Bono’s high notes could be toned down, but it works. It’s got flashy colorful fun video to go along with it. Now it completely does not fit into the rest of the album, but ah well…

Grade: A! Super fun!

Stand Up Comedy: Very funky. “Stop helping god across the road like a little old lady” LOL “Come on people stand up for your love”. It’s got a sort of hippy vibe to it. I apparently do not have a lot to say about it. It’s fun and rock. Interesting guitar work.

Grade: B

tomorrow…fez-being born

U2 “I’ll go Crazy…” review

before i go onto the next song, i have to make a comment on “moment of surrender”…i re-read the Q magazine review of the album from January, which calls the song an instant u2 classic, and this album’s “one”…are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! seriously, this song is on the list of the worst u2 songs ever, along side “the playboy mansion”, “miami”, “peace on earth”, and “yahweh”. it is absoultely an awful song that makes no sense and is way way too long. they claim it was recorded in one take but that has got to be bull. no way.

I’ll go Crazy if I don’t go Crazy Tonight: Woah high notes for no reason, unnecessary! Especially when you can’t hit them, as in the 2nd verse. Completely uninteresting song, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and could easily fit into How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. That’s not a good thing. It must be one of those songs that was at one time 2, and eno/lanois did a mash up so that it makes no sense anymore. With a title like this, it should have been a fun upbeat dance-y kind of song. It’s not. In any way shape or form.

Grade: D – the more i listen to it the more i hate it

tomorrow, get on your boots.

U2 “Unknown Caller” review

Unknown Caller: Macphisto sings a line! Ok enough already with the “oh oh oh oh ohs” seriously!!! Interesting chant like chorus, would be neat to hear live with crowd participation. “Restart and reboot yourself, you’re free to go”…hmm…not sure about that. And ANOTHER organ. What the hell. And horns? I can’t tell what this instrument is…trombone or something. Edge guitar is nice, but again seems too above the music, and does not blend well. The music, minus the chours, makes this song “the most likely to have been on All That You Can’t Leave Behind”

Grade: C+, “classic u2” except for the chorus.

tomorrow: I’ll go crazy if i don’t go crazy tonight…

U2 “Moment of Surrender” review

up next…

Moment of Surrender: Boring…zzzzzz….nice bass line. Adam’s been practicing! Holy Bono forcing his voice, no thank you, calm down. Background organ does not go with the bass line and drum machine. Weird gospel sound to it, do not want. The lyrics aren’t bad, a bit deep actually. The chorus is horrible.
Edge guitar is nice, but maybe mixed too loud. Ok I take it back, not sure on the lyrics…the beginning verses are decent, choruses all suck. Then WOAH loud out of place guitar riff for no reason. And more “oh oh oooohs”. God it’s 7 minutes long. 7:24 exactly, how awful.Who thought this was a good song? Who green lighted this one to be on the album? Fire them.

Grade: F. Hate. Will consistently get fast forwarded.

tomorrow, Unknown Caller

U2 “Magnificent” review

Time for….

Magnificent: Great start, great bass, great beat, great synth (lol), builds awesome. And then… “magnificent” *cringe* wow. Chorus: “only love can leave such a mark, only love can leave such a scar”…The verses are very nice, and as a whole the song is really good, I love the music of the song so much…except for no reason Bono sings the word “magnificent” and it ruins it all. Lots of “oh oh oh ohs” again. I think Bono runs out of things to say so he just goes “oh”. That’s ok, better than “some people get squashed crossing the tracks” haha.

Grade: B, love the music, hate the word “magnificent”. Please release multitracks so I can edit it out.

Next up: the gem…ha…Moment of Surrender

U2 “No Line On The Horizon” review

and now my song a day review of U2’s “No Line On The Horizon”

Song: No Line On The Horizon

I’d downloaded the b-side version a few days ago, it is much more atmospheric than the album version. Kicks in nicely, good start to the record. Cassie says i’m wrong, but something about it constantly makes me think of Coldplay. I could do without the “woah woah woah ooah”s…The chorus is nice, and I’ve recently discovered how much I generally hate u2 choruses of the 2000s. I don’t have alot to say about this one, mostly because I like it…stay tuned for some of the others LOL. I like the remix as well, gives it a different kind of feeling.

Grade: B, only because I have to compare everything U2 does to the genius of Achtung Baby and nothing will ever compare…Ok if you force me to grade it in comparison to 2000s u2, then A- or B+. It’s not “beautiful day” or “walk on” but it’ll do.

Up tomorrow: Magnificent

Oh and I have to add…this was a legit purchase-able “leak” from the Australian Universal Records page…someone’s getting fired tonight 🙂


i come home to the u2 album leak, and the nin photoblog showing 2 songs of the australian setlist which OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all i’ll say since I know adr2 won’t want to know what 2 songs they are. but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!