so old!

cassie and i had a “We’re Old” moment at u2…on thursday we were in line with 2 young girls who were skipping school to queue all day. i couldn’t tell if they were high school or young university students. possibly high school because she said they went to such and such academy, which sounds more high school than college. we were talking about the show the night before and i had said they didn’t play alot of really old stuff, besides “the unforgettable fire” and “sunday bloody sunday”, to which the one girl replied “oh no they didn’t play beautiful day?”…..

*sigh* 2000 was considered “old u2” to these girls…

we’re old.

U2 toronto, September 16&17

u2 in toronto sept 16 and 17

things didn’t really go as planned, as kate had to cancel because she couldn’t find her passport, and leighanne had to cancel because at the last minute her work wouldn’t give her her time off 🙁 so it ended up just being me and cassie heading up to toronto for the 2 shows. because of traffic we didn’t end up getting to the rogers centre until just after 10am, and were 272 in line. not too bad. we were aiming to get inside the circle, towards the back center and the story was that 2500 people can fit inside so it didn’t look like a problem. hung out at the venue the whole day with walks back and forth to the hotel. got let in around 5:30 and ended up basically where we wanted to be on the inside of the stage. snow patrol went on at quarter after 7, and they weren’t bad. i didn’t know them, so i was expecting whiney emo stuff, and it wasn’t so that was good 🙂 i wouldn’t listen to them on my own, but they were better than the openers in 05.

u2 went on just before 9, with bowie’s “space oddity” as the intro song. yay bowie. u2 came out opening with “breathe” which was very good. the crowd however, sucked ass. they were completely not into the show, not cheering or singing or moving or anything. wth. it was bizarre and crappy. once again, for reasons i can’t comprehend, u2 starts their show with the majority of their new material. it all sounded great, but why not space it out? whatev. “magnificent” was a little disappointing, it lacked the epicness that i was expecting, and i think i figure out that it was because larry’s drums weren’t loud enough. it has such a driving beat that needed to be brought out more. the “i’ll go crazy…” remix was a bit reggae and fun, and it made the song tolerable as long as you pay no attention to the crappy motivational speaker lyrics 🙂 “moment of surrender”, the closer, is still crap. bono’s vocals sound painful. but edge and adam sounded good. it was nice to hear “stay” again as i had only heard it at my very first show in 2001. “until the end of the world” and “ultraviolet” were awesome, as is anything from achtung baby hehe. bono hit himself in the face with the mic during “one” i think, when he went to say something to the crowd haha. “unforgettable fire” was pretty great, especially with the way their light screens move down forming a big red cone above the band. all in all, it was a good show. the crowd still seemed pretty crappy through out. part of me wondered if it just sounded quiet because it was outside with the dome open, as opposed to in an arena where the crowd noise would be echoing around. but then the 2nd night the crowd was way louder, so it must not have been the open dome.

the next day was more of the same, getting in line earlier than the day before but being almost 100 back from where we were the day before. but once again it wasn’t a bad spot. we aimed for outside stage rail, edge side, and got it. it was a much better vantage point, as i am spoiled with always being on the rail and being able to see. i didn’t like having to look around heads to see the stage the night before, and this position meant no one in front of us. woo. 2nd night got some set list changes including “mysterious ways” which is a rarity on this tour. bono also did something he hadn’t done yet this tour, and brought someone on stage…he pulled a little kid, maybe 9 years old, up out of the inner crowd onto one of the moving bridges. it was a bit scary cuz i was sure he’d drop he kid or separate the kid’s shoulder haha. but the kid made it up on the bridge in time for “city of blinding lights”, ran around the catwalk with bono, got to wear bono’s glasses, and had bono sing to him. how awesome! what a great story to tell at school the next day. there are high rise apartment buildings around rogers center, and at one point bono was talking and called out to the buildings, asking anyone who was watching the show from the top floors to flash their lights, and a few apartments did hahahaha. edge’s mic stoped working at one point, and while they fixed it bono gave a speech about all the celebrities he had run into around town while doing his laundry, and other places, and closed it with “then i went back to my hotel and megan fox was there” hahahaha. everyone got a kick out of that one. anyway, another good show with a much better crowd.

sept 16
1. Breathe
2. No Line On The Horizon
3. Get On Your Boots
4. Magnificent
5. Beautiful Day/ Alison(Snippet)
6. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
7. Elevation
8. Your Blue Room
9. Unknown Caller
10. Until The End Of The World
11. Stay (Faraway, So Close)
12. The Unforgettable Fire
13. City Of Blinding Lights
14. Vertigo/ Pump It Up (Snippet)
15. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
16. Sunday Bloody Sunday
17. MLK
18. Walk On

19. One w/ Hear Us Coming/ Amazing Grace(Snippet)
20. Where The Streets Have No Name

21. Ultraviolet(Light My Way)
22. With or Without You
23. Moment Of Surrender

sept 17th
1. Breathe
2. No Line On The Horizon
3. Get On Your Boots
4. Magnificent
5. Mysterious Ways
6. Beautiful Day
7. Elevation
8. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/ Movin On Up(Snippet)
9. Unknown Caller
10. New Year’s Day
11. Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
12. The Unforgettable Fire
13. City Of Blinding Lights
14. Vertigo
15. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight(Remix)/ Two Tribes(Snippet)
16. Sunday Bloody Sunday/ Rock The Casbah(Snippet)
17. MLK
18. Walk On

19. One/ Amazing Grace(Snippet)
20. Where The Streets Have No Name

21. Ultraviolet(Light My Way)
22. With or Without You
23. Moment Of Surrender

i’m not sure how i feel about stadium shows. you could hear a pretty bad echo during quieter songs like “one” and “with or without you”, but over all the acoustics were decent. but arenas and their echoes sorta give a richness to the sound that i actually like. it was great to see a show in such a big place, but small is better. the claw stage set up looked very cool in the shadow of the cn tower, and under the open dome. it really was massive and scary looking haha. i had fun, that’s all that matters.

U2 wishlist

been listening to live u2 (even the awful boston show with the worst setlist ever) and thinking of what i want in september…

new songs i’d like to hear for sure:
get on your boots

new songs i wouldn’t mind hearing but wouldn’t mind if they don’t play them
no line on the horizon
white as snow
cedars of lebanon
stand up comedy

songs i have not heard before but really really want to (which means i’ll hear none of them)
hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
do you feel loved?
last night on earth
love is blindness
so cruel
dirty day

songs i’ve seen but are still an absolute MUST
bullet the blue sky
until the end of the world
running to stand still
sunday bloody sunday
city of blinding lights
where the streets have no name (really only in this category cuz ppl would yell at me if i didn’t)

songs i’ve seen but wouldn’t mind seeing again
mysterious ways
who’s gonna ride you’re wild horses
even better than the real thing
stay (faraway so close)
walk on
beautiful day
staring at the sun
out of control (cuz i have to pick at least one old song)
love and peace or else

old songs i can do without
pride (for sure, please, just stop playing it)
i still haven’t found what i’m looking for
new year’s day

songs i absolutely DO NOT want to hear (which means they’ll play all of them)
moment of surrender
i’ll go crazy if i don’t go crazy tonight
miracle drug
all because of you
sometimes you can’t make it on your own (really, anything from how to dismantle an atomic bomb)
miss sarajevo
peace on earth

and i think that is it. cuz really, only cassie will read this.

yahoo re: metallica’s induction into the rock and roll hall of fame: “The evening ended with a jam for the ages as Metallica, Beck, Jimmy Page, Aerosmith’s Joe Tyler and Flea brought the house down with a performance of the Yardbirds’ “Train Kept A Rollin.””

who is joe tyler? did aerosmith get a new band member? 😛

the u2 tickets arrived in the mail, and you know how the first ticket in the bunch is your receipt…i didn’t realize quite how high the fees were until i saw that receipt…$53 in fees. that’s almost one whole extra ticket. i really wonder what that money goes to…$12 per ticket x 10,000 tickets = $120,000 for what? that is a racket and a half. arg

u2 tix

u2 added a 2nd show in toronto…apparently added today, which makes me feel better for not realizing it had been added ha. i thought it had been added a while ago and i just wasn’t paying attention. but the tickets go onsale monday, and thankfully leighanne txted me today to ask if i was getting any. i had no idea onsale was monday. hopefully eric will be able to try to get tix for me, lei is trying, and me…anyone else want to help out? 🙂 🙂 i don’t have any more u2 fanfriends to help like last tour.

i hate buying tickets

now i’m confused about the state of u2 ticket sales for the upcoming tour too….initial reports said that the field was GA and that the tickets would be $30 (plus fees duh). but an article today, at least regarding european shows, says that the band is auctioning the best stage side tickets to benefit project (red) and it described different types of field tickets for different prices, and that the field tix furthest away were the ones that were 30, and closer were more. so there are different sections of GA on the field? AND different prices? so in the end I WILL end up getting fucked? UG this years concerts SUCK!

u2 on latenight

i wonder how bono is going to do a tour when his voice is so weak…”magnficient” is not what I’d consider a hard song for him to sing, pitch wise, and he still has issues. sad, tho people would argue he never COULD sing haha

must remember to watch letterman tonight, however that would require WATCHING letterman, and i find him annoying. and paul schaffer makes me want to stab myself.

an aside, i figured out you can turn of those stupid bubble messages people put in their youtube videos, it’s called annotations.

*edit* letterman tonight was “i’ll go crazy if i don’t go crazy tonight”…booo. still don’t like the song. but u2 also did the top ten which was amusing, especially edge’s #5



first set of nin tour dates announced. looking at 3 for sure, toronto, darien lake (!!) and pittsburgh, and maybe detroit. there is a big chunk of dates out in new jersey but i really really don’t want to drive out there again. so this should be good. 3 shows with no need for hotels, and in detroit there is family if needed.

i am very nervous about u2 playing stadiums…even if bono says they’re going to keep prices low for ppl effected by the economy, and then have really expensive tix for rich people…there is no way the cheap seats are going to still be GA, and the $$ seats be lower bowl in a stadium. i am not paying over $50 to see them from stadium nosebleeds…

No Line On The Horizon

“no line on the horizon” officially was released today so i headed out to bestbuy to pick it up. they had all 4 versions on sale, the box set for $64 so i gave in and got that one. when standing in line at “media” stores i always check out what other people are buying. the guy in front of me bought the watchmen dvd and vicky christina barcelona. the old guy behind me, all i could see was u2’s slane castle dvd…then he notices that i’m buying the box set, so he asks me if it was for my daughter or did i like u2? daughter? why would he think i had a daughter? so he says he likes u2 alot too, and shows me his other items…under a blood red sky dvd and the new one, and says “i bought everything they had”…that was all they had? haha i think he would have talked to me for ages if i didn’t get to go to the next cashier.

the box set is very nice. they advertise that the digipack comes with a poster…which it does, but it is GLUED into the cd packaging. what the hell! it folds out but one square is glued into the digipack so you can’t cut it out to display it at all. stupid stupid. the box set has another regular poster, but it’s just the album cover on one side and a shot of the band on the other, while the one glued to the cd is really nice with 9 different b&w photos on one side, and fez on the other (i assume). the hard cover book is full of photos, hand written lyrics, and an interview with the 4 guys. it’s nice but i find myself completely uninterested in reading it haha.

i need someplace to display these box sets i’ve purchased without them getting filthy…ghosts was black cloth, and nloth is all white. neither one good for dust and cat hair haha

U2 “Cedars of Lebanon” review

Cedars of Lebanon: Another storytelling song, but very reminiscent of “If You Wear That Velvet Dress” or “Your Blue Room”…talking over low music, not subject mater. And then it just ends…The whole album just ends. That was odd. Ok the song…it’s really almost just spoken word, apparently about a war reporter. Another grown up sort of song, and again not something I’d usually be very into, but it’s well done.

Grade: B – it’s interesting, will have to listen more

As a whole….At first few listens, it’s not awful. It’s still U2, but it doesn’t sound like cookie cutter, U2 by numbers, like the last album (or 2). I wouldn’t call it ground breaking the way Eno/Lanois/U2 have been describing it. It certainly is not “molten metal from mars” and maybe Bono should not be allowed to talk about their recordings before the album comes out haha. Despite what other reviews say, there is not much sonic adventure, which I think would be necessary for something to be “ground breaking” (unless you count organs and random horns for no reason). I really can’t hear ANY sort of musical experimentation in any of the songs.

In a way it also doesn’t seem like a lot of fun either. It has peppier songs, but it seems very heavy for some reason. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, there is no overarching sound that wraps everything into a cohesive album. I was reminded that it was recorded in 4 locations, so maybe that’s it. You can group songs together….”White as snow” and “cedars of lebanon”…”unknown caller” and “crazy”…”breathe”, “magnificent”, “stand up comedy” and i guess you’d have to throw “boots” and “no line on the horizon” in that group too. “fez-being born” and “moment of surrender” are sort of both on their own. There doesn’t seem to be any strong singles, I can’t really imagine any of the songs on the radio – even the ones that I like. I figure they’ll go with “unknown caller” and “crazy” as singles because they are “safe”.

It’s going to take a few more listens to make a final decision as to if this is going to sit on the shelf along side Bomb and All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I have to remember that in my past experiences with U2, I have to let albums sit unlistened to and then go back to them to really appreciate them (though that didn’t work with Bomb, it’s still not good).

the end.