dream: the toronto nin show was coming, and at the last minute mary from work was able to get 2 pit tickets for us… only it wasn’t at molson amp, it was at a small club that looked like a barn inside. it had a high ceiling, and it was broken up into sections, and we could go into the front section with our tickets. there were high bar tables in front of a wall and window, so we took seats there, and realized you’d be watching the concert through the window. the stage, which was 4 tables put together, was in this room on the other side of the wall/window. sometimes there was glass there, sometimes there wasn’t. apparently i had a recording rig with me too, to bootleg the show, so i started setting it up. it was fairly small but still very noticeable. another guy sat at our table, and he had this super huge recording rig and i was like wtf, so not stealth. and he set his up next to mine. mine was a digital recorder, his was like, reel to reel tape hahah. no one was really paying attention but i heard the beginning of “999,999” so i scrambled up to my rig to hit record, but couldn’t find the button, and they started playing “last” and i freaked out that it wouldn’t get recorded, but i found the button. but then there was no band, it was just trent and now he was on the other side of this barn, so we all went over there, and he was going to play alone, and acoustic. but he was playing covers, and like…folk songs. i hoped that even on the other side of the building it was getting recorded cuz this was a one of a kind show. then he started talking to me about how he saw the rig, and did i really think i’d be able to get out of the building with it, without getting caught? and i was sort of taken aback because i thought he was pretty taper friendly. he said something about how traffic was so bad i’d be stuck there for 2 hours and that was enough time for authorities to come take the tape. and i said, well it’s a good thing i didn’t drive then, i won’t have to wait in traffic. then he went back over to the other side behind the wall/window so everyone went back over there and now there was a woman with headphones simultaneously checking the tapes to see if it was recording and it was.

and in non dream news: adr2 reported that according to the radio, NIN is the headliner of the toronto show. it’s finally listed on ticketmaster, but no ticket prices. helpful 😛 *edit* oh, the presale is today in an hour, and ga pit is 102.75 and seats 68.75….*edit2* gave in and got pit tix…$94 after exchange so it ended up being cheaper than the US dates…


thank you trent, i wasn’t excited for a “home town” show or anything, and you go cancel Darien Lake in favor of yet another show in MA…so how many is that now? did you play clubs there? I think you did, but am not sure…then Boston Nov 05, Amherst 06?, Boston ampitheatre, Worcester…so we’re looking at 6 shows in MA, and zero in Buffalo in 9 years. Thanks. Super.

oh and then on top of that, Jane’s Addiction is already doing a presale for Kansas, and the tickets are $150 or $75…WHAT? are you kidding? maybe there is something special about those tickets, some kind of package. signed up for JA’s site and presale, no mention of a VIP package at that price…really? Those are the prices for the first 2 levels of seats…well maybe there is something weird about Kansas…maybe other venues won’t be so much. Oh no wait, Vegas is $154..that’s fantastic.

Seriously? an AMPITHEATRE tour, with only 4 members in the band, stripped down, for $150!? I don’t give a SHIT that it’s a janes addiction reunion tour, who the fuck are they? They are still an “opener” and sorry, they are not special enough to justify these prices for an ampitheatre tour. Bauhaus who i’d consider to be a more important band than Janes did not warrant a price increase in 2006…Even with the increasing costs for touring, gas and travel, there is absolutely NO REASON for this tour to be 3 times as much as Lights in the Sky, or any other tour by a band at the same “level” (say depeche mode). DM’s toronto tix are 90 something, 70 something, lawn is 30 something. I would expect tickets to be near 70, but I’d also expect to be in a pit, and not be stuck in seats in the 2nd tier (or worse)!

I am hoping for a pricing miracle for Toronto but I am not holding my breath, they’re usually one of the most expensive cities on the tour. The way things are looking it may be the only show I go to, and I might not even go to that…I just can’t justify it. Ampitheatres for $150, makes me ill. Even freaking U2 is offering $30 tickets that are GENERAL ADMISSION!

I am so pissed.


first set of nin tour dates announced. looking at 3 for sure, toronto, darien lake (!!) and pittsburgh, and maybe detroit. there is a big chunk of dates out in new jersey but i really really don’t want to drive out there again. so this should be good. 3 shows with no need for hotels, and in detroit there is family if needed.

i am very nervous about u2 playing stadiums…even if bono says they’re going to keep prices low for ppl effected by the economy, and then have really expensive tix for rich people…there is no way the cheap seats are going to still be GA, and the $$ seats be lower bowl in a stadium. i am not paying over $50 to see them from stadium nosebleeds…


i come home to the u2 album leak, and the nin photoblog showing 2 songs of the australian setlist which OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s all i’ll say since I know adr2 won’t want to know what 2 songs they are. but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bono quote

“God is interested in truth, and only in truth. And that’s why God is more interested in Rock & Roll music than Gospel… Many gospel musicians can’t write about what’s going on in their life, beacuse it’s not allowed ..If you can’t write about what’s really going on in the world and your life, because it’s all happy-clappy… Is God interested in that? I mean, ‘Please, don’t patronize Me! I want to go the Nine-Inch-Nails gig, they’re talking the truth!


rumor has it the nin tour, and the “big group” trent mentioned in the vegas interview is with….rage against the machine…oh god please no. pleaaaase no i beg you. i can’t do it, i just can’t. unless nin is the opener and i can leave for rage, pleaaaaase no. tons of douchebag jocks beating people up to songs that all sound exactly the same and have 5 words in them. gaaaaaah


holy unexpected batman…adr went to the last nin show in vegas, and reported back that josh AND ali said goodbye…whuh? ali? yeah that was a well kept secret, because no one had any idea ali was leaving too. trent said touring in feb in australia and US in april, as a 4 piece…how weird will that be? nin has always been 5 members, how are they going to play the songs without keyboards and random electro gadgets?? it’ll be interesting…


dream: i was at work, in the old section – pit 3 or 4 – and i was apparently a floor supervisor again. trent was playing black jack in the next pit over and had a problem with his spoon….he had a spoon and something was wrong with it. apparently i had a spoon too, and he kept mentioning me to the dealer because he wanted to borrow my spoon…he left to rejoin the tour, and people were telling me he kept talking about me and arrangements were made that next time he came in i’d be the one to deal to him. so he did come back in, and my job was to make him soup…so we were in some other area, that had a stove and i was asking him how he liked his soup, with a lot of noodles or not, and he just shrugged. so there i am making chicken soup for trent, when i have no idea how to make soup. i just broke up noodles and put them in a pot to boil, and added chunks of chicken, assuming there was broth someplace. so he left again, and i kept trying to think of ways to impress him, so i decided to give blood. even tho in real life i vowed to never give blood again after they took it from me when they shouldn’t have. so i went to the blood bank and was waiting in line. i guess it was closing time because i never got called, and went back the next day. again, didn’t actually give any blood and then i was at home with my parents who were both sleeping because they had given blood and were tired. then trent showed up again and was like, i was at a store and i saw a pot with alot of holes in it (maybe a colander?) and it made me think of you, because maybe you have a lot of little holes in your surface that i can try to get through to reach you, and he gave me a hug.


another dream about going to see nin, and with angela again. most of it was waiting in line outside the venue, walking around trying to find where we parked the car. then realizing that my right front door wouldn’t stay shut..you could slide it over and it would open, whether or not it was locked. i started freaking out that the car would get broken into or stolen. then ang didn’t have a ticket for the show so we were asking in the line and i ran into people i knew from other shows, and got in line with them. but then i left again to go back to the car to check on it, and i swear it had moved to another spot. i ran into rob taking pics around town. back into the line, and smashing pumpkins were playing and you could hear it from outside the venue. ang had disappeared somewhere, which was crappy cuz she really liked SP when we were in high school and now she was missing it. i found a bike and again went back to the car, which had moved to a completely different parking lot. then glen and his family were there, who knows why. started riding back to the venue, and realized i was late and doors were already opening and i had lost my spot in line. crap.