ok so i just found out something about someone that is so fucking hilarious i think it made my life.

and i also found out something i totally wasnt expecting and don’t know what to think about…*blindsided*

and something that proves how totally manipulative and evil someone is. but i knew that.


i love my cryptic entries where even a week from now i wont know what the hell i was talking about lol

in warren. the viewing today was sort of weird. first of all the morticians glued my grandmas face so much that she actually looked like a human and not so much like a witch/skeleton that she has looked like recently. everyone who had seen her the last few weeks has said she looks much better now in the casket. got to see the freak show that is one part of my family…the mobster part, the related to sonny bono part. i didn’t bring my camera but if i had, i wish it wouldnt seem so rude to take pictures of people at a funeral haha. the rosary was so god awful. i just don’t understand religion. i’m not sure my brain is capable of wrapping itself around the idea. whatever. and it’s sort of funny cuz neither my mom or her siblings are practicing catholics and a few xmases ago we discussed how pretty much none of us believe in the idea of a christian god. but while my grandma hasn’t gone to church in any of my 20 some year memories, she did believe and was religious as much as she could be from home. so since it was for her i guess it was nice. i absolutely for sure don’t want a funeral. i want everyone to be punked out and having a party.

trying to talk to dan cuz i’m freaking out here but hes NOT ANSWERING ME

and i’m drunk.

LOL that’s right. aunt carol and her gay friend rob (i swear every guy i know named rob is gay, and looks alike…ahem meltzer, sheridan, this rob lol) and i were gonna go out, but in returning my car to the old house we came inside and were talking with my parents. so we opened a bottle of wine as my parents decided to go out LOL so we drank the bottle and my aunt and i went to a rock bar in royal oak for a drink. yep. we left when some other 40something guy who was wasted try to talk to us. haha my aunt was suddenly all “my drink is gone lets go!” hahaha the bar was next to noir leather, the gothy store with the back room of sex toys that me and my aunt went to on xmas eve a few years ago LOL i wish it had been open cuz their clothes were probably cheaper than what i bought in toronto.

so i’m back at the old house. no trip to mcs this time. will have to try again. may have been able to make a stop there friday but i didnt bring my camera so no point. hopefully getting dinner with amira tomorrow. she lives an hour away but seems willing to come out here. i don’t know how to get anywhere around here myself. we’ll see. i should try to sleep since the normal people in this house already are and expect me up at like 9.

i’m sleeping in my grandparents bed. i don’t want to think about it lol

so i just got the entire week off of work. my 3 bereavement days, plus my 2 normal days off, and this weekend off for tony’s wedding and nin show in saratoga. ha not going to detroit until wednesday too. i don’t understand. when my grandpa died my mom was freaked out and yelling at me and i had to tell her to fuck off (seriously) because i didn’t want to go to detroit with my parents to sit around and do nothing for 2 days before the viewing. this time i volunteered to go tonight, and she said no just come wednesday with my dad. ok then. only 1 day viewing, and funeral thursday. i get off friday instead of another 10-6 shift yay! but my god, our scheduling boss, who i thankfully don’t ever see cuz she leaves at like 5, is such a fucking bitch. i tell her my grandma died, and she goes “who are you.” wtf. it’s only been 3 and a half years. she said i have to bring in proof of the relationship… not an obit, not a death certificate, proof of the relationship. what, do you want a fucking family tree? wtf. bringing the death certificate, worked last time.

my bank has refunded about 375$ so far of my identity thefted money. waiting on 4 more transactions to get fixed.

my grandma died tonight. probably going to detroit tomorrow evening, though i dont know the funeral plans. definitely not going to work tomorrow, because with my days off, if i stay here and work i’ll get screwed on my bereavement pay. trying to work out going to check out michigal central station tomorrow before i meet up with my mom, but i doubt that’s gonna work out. too late of notice to david to get up to the city from indiana.

will have laptop and sporadic stealing of wireless connection. if you need to get a hold of me, txt me through my lj user info, or call, or whatever. be back by saturday i’m sure.

u2 totally sold out with all these world cup commercials. now i’ve seen a 3rd one, using a 3rd different u2 song…with bono narrating of course. god they’re so pissing me off. no, not u2, just bono. so not interested anymore.

so my grandma is apparently halucinating. she’s still in the hospital. i don’t know if its cancer or not, but whatever it is, in her lungs, it caused one lung to collapse, and then pushed all her organs over to the other side of her body. the lung keeps filling with fluid, and there’s something about painting on teflon to prevent it from filling – i dunno. anyway…she’s halucinating and keeps talking to a little boy named davey, and no one knows who this davey person is supposed to be. she has 19 days to die. this will not interfere with my nin shows. that is cold and heartless and i don’t care.

going to cobblestone for the game tonight. probably just me and phill, unless anyone else wants to come, we’ll be there. jerry is supposed to come by too, possibly with some other people. no one is sure of anything haha. it’ll be fun. i really want a beer. haha

one of my grandmas lungs is completely gone to cancer. that’s not a huge surprise, given that she’s smoked her whole life. what is weird though, is that through all the medical scares of the past 15 years (intestinal hernia or something, dislocated shoulder, broken hip, congestive heart failure…she had total medical check ups last year) they didn’t find it, or even think to look….??? so it’s a matter of time now, but her heart is “fine” so it’s not like she’s going to die tomorrow. i think she’s 80 so it’s not a huge sad deal or anything. it’s just aging.

the tournament was pretty neat. different. very much less stressful and people aren’t really mean (just one guy really). worked 4-11 and then we went out for drinks on 3rd street. tony met up after class ended and it was a nice time. and i had 4 drinks and was not even buzzed. it was funny to be drinking with people who took me to the hospital last time hahahahaha. it may become a monthly thing again, so if i get included it will be nice to have an early night right before my “weekend” once in a while without getting docked on pay haha.

the new plan for tickets is…besides me and phill trying for tickets, carlo who was going to be getting his own is now going to try to get 4 too, and if any of us get 4, we’re sharing with each other…any extras we sell. hoping at least one of us, or one of phill’s 3 other people trying for us will get some. god it’s like u2 all over again haha

may be going to detroit sooner than expected. mom was on her way home when my uncle called her, the nursing home is rushing my grandma to the hospital. so my mom is on her way back to detroit…i’m expecting the worst. this is an alright week for it. i’m so mean ha.

last night the crew was over for gifts and watching episodes of arrested development. hadn’t seen it before, funny show. i’d venture it’s one of the better sitcoms on tv right now. not that i ever see sitcoms always being at work. since most of us are still awaiting gift arrivals in the mail there will be another gift night next week or the following. slow mail month…the big gift of the year is the chicken egg vending machine….!!!

today i went to see the parents for dinner and gifts, they are going to detroit tomorrow. james said he wanted to come over tonight to work on his painting, he surprised me by coming online today to follow up on coming over tonight, but he didn’t actually come over…i assumed since he hadn’t called or IMed me by 9 that he wasn’t coming. shouldn’t surprise me anymore really. nevermind.

brian invited me to his house for christmas eve with their family. 01111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 (that would be the cat) it might be a game time decision though. we’ll see i guess.

safe to say this has been an oddly emotionally trying month. if it’s some sort of test i’m failing miserably.

watching “black sheep”…i remember it being alot funnier than it is right now…


Merry Christmas.

Went to brian’s for dinner with their family, which was very good. it was snowing here when i left, dusting on the roads and the salters hadn’t been out yet. it just got worse though. it was pretty bad for multiple reasons 1. i have severe road rage in the winter 2. no plows had been out, tho HERE there was nothing to plow, everywhere else needed plowing, so people were driving scared 3. grand island was a near white out. there were at least 4 inches when i arrived at brian’s, and probably 6 or 7 when i left. here, we still have nothing. roads are fine pretty much now.

brian’s sister sherry gave me a banana republic leather jacket that didn’t fit her anymore, one more to add to the collection hehe, and this skirt that would probably fit jasen’s daughter, but the point was it’s the coolest fabric ever, totally fun. will need to find something to make it into.

it was a very nice time, and i thank them again for inviting me.

i called my grandmas house on the way home (since my phone won’t work here). it was sort of tough, though they all seem to be doing fine. it really is just not the same with my grandfather dead, and given my severly depressed emotional state it would have probably been very hard for me to be there despite all my professions of hating spending Christmas there. eric said there were still many incredible stories that i was missing, to be sure to ask for the update in toilet stories, and that i’ll definitely be seeing pictures of the black and leopard negliges that my grandma bought for everyone. HA i can only imagine. carol said grandma didn’t get me one though, cuz of course, i’m still 12.

so anyway. merry christmas.

i think something might be wrong with kitty’s teeth…the 2 big bottom teeth seem to be cracked and i never noticed it before. dunno…and his breath smells again but it might be from the cheese its haha.

i have a new obsession with the abandoned city hall subway station in nyc. i’m trying to get legal access, and ashamedly, i played the CTRC card. i gotta use my influence somehow i think hahah. hopefully it works out and we (me, lei and whoever else wants to go) can plan a weekend trip down to the city to take a tour. but if it doesn’t pan out we can just bribe the subway train driver to take us through on the out of service 6 train, and let us out onto the platform for a while. gotta love the internet with providing me all this useful information. i do believe that this station is where the river of pink slime ran through in ghostbusters 2, and if not the exact station, they definitely modeled the pink slime tunnel after it….now how to find out if it really IS the same station without going to rent ghostbusters 2 (tho i do love that movie for some reason, watched it a few weeks ago on tv as matter of fact).

i think i have an unhealthy interest in subways in general…i just find them so fascinating and i don’t really know why.

i’m in a ok mood right now, drastic change from before, if anyone managed to catch the post i just deleted from earlier…

*update* click more if you want info on the ghostbusters/city hall station thing…it sort of confused me but maybe that’s cuz i only have 2 of my painkillers left….


“Slime! It’s a river of slime!”

Once one of the main stations for a revolutionary idea for an experimental subway system, it has now fallen into decay and has stagnated for over half a century. The main feature of the pneumatic railroad was it’s revolutionary idea for fan forced air trains and was built around 1870, however the system was later abandoned in favor of the now world renowned New York Subway. The pneumatic railroad, consisting of mostly illegal construction became abandoned and its inventor vanished.

F/N The NYPRR did actually exist, the station known as Van Horne is based off of the design for the old City Hall subway station, the very first station to be opened on the New York Subway. In 1870, Alfred Beach was determined to create the first subway system in NYC powered by air pressure. Using $350,000 of his own money, his crew worked for 58 days to build a tunnel 312 feet long across the street from City Hall.

The work was done in secret in the basement of Devlin’s clothing store. As of this moment, I have two sources that proclaim its location in two different spots. However, the tunnel was built curving outwards into the middle of Broadway where the current R line runs, connecting the Southern block of Murray street to the South Western Corner of Warren. The tunnel was 312 feet long.

Beach opened it to the media and then the public for 25 cents a ride, impressing all but the corrupt Tweed administration currently in power within the city. Beach attempted to get support to make his Pneumatic system larger for $5 Million, but Tweed and his cronies squashed it. After Tweed was arrested, Beach tried again, but this time landlords interfered, fearing tunnelling could weaken their buildings’ foundations. Beach closed his line.

Devlin’s store burned down in 1878 and the rubble removed to reveal the sealed up entrance to the secret subway. It was opened once for inspection, then resealed as a new building was constructed. In 1912, those contracted to build the modern subway wanted to take possession of the forgotten tunnel, causing a legal battle with Beach’s son, citing his company owned it. A portion of the tunnel was taken out to make room for the new line, but the rest exists, marked by a plaque in the now closed lower section of the City Hall station.

Ghostbusters II blended fiction with reality nicely. While their Pneumatic Transit System ran under the length of First Avenue, the tunnel work matched that used within the subway stations in the birth of the Metro Transit System. Even though the set encompassed 2 different centuries of architectural innovations, it’s still one helluva ride.

(from a site i forgot to copy the url of)

No real subway content here but the station that the Ghostbusters descend into and discover the “River of Slime” is based on the City Hall Station and may actually have had parts filmed there (I suspect it was a set based on the station). There is also a scene in which the Ghostbusters descend into a rail tunnel but this is probably just a set and not based on any particular location.

“A piece of the tunnel remains under the City Hall station found in 1912 when they constructed the BMT lines we have today.”

i wonder if there is any possible way to access that anymore….beyond the plaque haha

merry christmas to ME

i just found 6 of my prescription painkillers in a bottle of ibuprofin!!!!!!!!!!

and i return from the dead. was that inappropriate?

well. friday on the way to the jordan concert we passed a funeral parlor. jenn started talking about her father’s funeral this past christmas, and i had mentioned it was going to be horrible when one of my grandparents finally went, because it would be a big family reunion full of people i don’t know or remember, telling me the last time they saw me was when i was “this big” and how big i am now. it was exactly like that.

so i drove out there tuesday. upon going into canada i was told i wasn’t going to be allowed back into the country on my way home, and would have to go through ohio and pennsylvania, because i didn’t have a passport. gave me a really hard time for no reason. jerk. stopped at ikea in burlington on the way. and it still only took me 4 hours to get there. oops. i arrived at the funeral home before the rest of my family did. viewing was from 4 to 9. it was pretty bad. my grandma can hardly walk, so she spent the entire time in a wheel chair. she has no teeth anymore, can hardly talk, and of course was extremely upset. it was rough. big giant family reunion. have i mentioned how big my family really is? both sides of my mom’s family are huge, and most are still in michigan. my mom has 52 first cousins (i have 2…), and who knows how many 2nd cousins (over 100). aunts uncles cousins everywhere, and i probably only remembered…10 at most (many i’ve never met to begin with). and the last time i’ve seen even these 10 was over 10 years ago. so anyway…

my grandpa was a very colorful person, as are most people in my family. loud, opinionated, obnoxious, never shut up. a character. it was hard not to expect him to sit up in the casket and start talking. it really was. one of his friends said if we played a tape of rush limbaugh he surely would sit up and start yelling ha.

wednesday was the marathon 8 hour viewing from 1 – 9. even more family i half remember. a less emotional day for the most part. i was accosted by 2 cousins? who wanted to make sure i’d be voting for Kerry because my grandpa would haunt me for the rest of my life if i didn’t. no worries there. aahhh the freak show showed up on wednesday. half my family is very very good looking, some modeled, some are just really attractive. the other half is out of a haunted house or something. there’s aunt rose, my grandpa’s sister. she has really bad alzheimers and didn’t know where she was or who anyone was. wears a very bad white wig (even though she has hair which her husband dyes blond for her…). her husband, dominic, is the one related to sonny bono. imagine sonny bono but with a very bad black hair piece, bad upper lip moustache, much worse skin, huge nose, and generally more twisted up and you have dominic. in a purple somekind of print suit. their daughter, donna, the 400 lb schizophrenic…dominic bleaches her hair blond as well. their son sammy, the don (seriously), who looks like a young dominic, not quite as horrifying. daughter susie, smaller and less crazy version of donna, but still horrifying, but with dark hair. she had some supremely scary stoned looking boyfriend with her. i really wish i would have brought my camera, because omg, they were amazing…

ex uncle mark came one of the days. he is the artist who thought i actually have some talent. it was nice to see him again, it’s been a long time. other colorful family members were there as well, and some 2nd cousins or something who remembered me. it wasn’t as horrible, but it was so long and boring and i don’t know what to say to anyone. oh my personal favourite moments of the few days were the “she has a 4 year degree in psychology but works at a casino” comments, laced with disappointment.

today was the actual funeral. cousin billy told him the red sox won (grandpa died of a heart attack eating pizza and watching the boston/ny game on saturday). a friend of his said he’d see him soon, but hopefully not TOO soon. haha. it first time i was at a real catholic funeral. lonnnnggg. and horrible. we didn’t go to the cemetery thankfully, but right to the luncheon. by this time i was in severe withdrawl from my meds which i forgot to bring with me…my dad and i left for home around 4. i was allowed back into canada thank god, and am home now trying not to be sick. i feel like crap.

i found it all to be a bit disturbing for some reason. i can’t really explain it. it was really emotional, and seeing everyone else emotional made me even more emotional. i don’t know why. selfish reasons i think. as much as i complained about him and dreaded the holidays there, he was very loved by his huge family and lots of friends. and it made me feel really sorry for myself because i don’t have that. i probably never will have that. i don’t know why it made me feel even worse than i already felt, but it did. i found the whole…viewing thing slightly disturbing, because it’s all these people gathered in a room, a room you’re sharing with a corpse! a dead body!!! my family would touch him, and i didn’t even want to go near him. HE’S DEAD!!!! but it was like, no big deal, happens all the time…but it bothered me for some reason.

i do not want a funeral. i do not want to be buried. for those of you in my life now who may be still in it when i die…if you want to have some kind of gathering or memorial, have a big ass party. i do not want a casket, so i guess my dead body wouldn’t even be at the party. if you insist on me being there, you can rent caskets until creamation. yes i’ve decided now that i want to be creamated. my ashes can be thrown around wherever you want…but i don’t want any part of me to be buried. the party should be big and glam and glittery and fun, and i only insist on my 2 nin instrumentals “leaving hope” and “the persistence of loss” to be played at some point during the party. i can’t think of any other instructions for you at this point.

mr kitty is like twice the size he was when i left tuesday. i swear he is. stop growing!! i bought the most fabulous jacket at hot topic before i left. it’s so wonderful. saturday is tea party concert.

I think i had mentioned to most people, that my aunt trudy was hired by NBC to drive around important people in Athens during the olympics. trudy is one of the most facinating people you will ever meet. i wish i could be like her, and do the things she’s done, and that whole thing…

but anyway….if anyone is interested in reading her experience at the olympics, continue…

Hi Walt, hi Laura, hi Sara.

Hi all – long time, no hear, no access to computer. Just got back the other day and must now clear up tons of stuff on the computer along with other piled up jobs. But what I really want to do is lay back for a while.

Did you watch much of the Olympics? Thought you might want an update on my time there so here goes.

My experience at the Olympics was interesting from many perspectives. It was of course, fun to be a part of it all especially since it all went so well surprising everybody, foreigners and Greeks alike. Just minor glitches like a few busses arriving late in the beginning and the head of NBC security whom I was driving around once told me nothing of import had occurred. It was overkill all the way across – too many security people, too many volunteers, too many drivers (never had a job where I was paid to watch TV). They left absolutely nothing to
chance. I could not believe that the metro came every two-three minutes, the special events busses every two minutes and they were mostly empty, a sign all got to their venues on time. Took only 20 minutes to let everyone in for the opening ceremony which was fantastic. I watched the fireworks from a balcony of a friend who was just across from the stadium. Incredibly the Greeks honored (for the most part) the Olympic fast lanes reserved for Olympic traffic and it was weird to see a lane without a car for several kilometers in the middle of Athens – no doubt the drivers squeezed into the other two lanes were cursing under their breath. When the Olympics are finished end of September they will use those lanes only for cars with more than one person in them.
I went to only two events to get the feel of the whole place – it was fabulous, specially at night. Once I went to a tennis match and on the next court was playing a Greek female player who had courageously defeated her opponent the day before despite having obtained a serious leg injury falling down twice and screaming in pain several times. You would have thought there was a football match on the way the spectators roared every time she made a point as if a goal had been made for Greece. This match, despite all that psychological support, she lost to a Russian, however. The Greeks did incredibly well in the medals department – the best for countries that size. It was great to see them win with all that enthousiastic support.
Athens was unbelievably clean, efficiently run, dispersing information everywhere (new maps etc.), festive, music and performances on every street corner, beautifully lit up specially the Acropolis and Thission temple. I took advantage of the fact that my accreditation card allowed me free entrance to all the museums, galleries, archeological sites, and special exhibits and I visited everything after work, even one trip to Epidavros for an ancient tragedy performed in an ancient amphitheatre – just the bus trip there was fantastic. I usually take advantage of all opportunities that present. I even talked Kiriakos into coming to see the new Athens for a couple of days as we had both become disenchanted with that city.
It was also good for me personally, as I learned a lot. I am totally confident now about driving around Athens, even on the highways. It was great for my ego to be the oldest female hired – we had mostly young folks just finished or finishing their degrees. Sadly, most of these fine young folks will be looking for jobs shortly. It was nice to be accepted by them as well. I had some stress in the beginning trying to learn the new and difficult routes – stressed because the training was totally inadequate to the point that after a week I had to speak to
the higher supervisor and tell her I would like to support her in her task but because I was getting no proper training I would be unable to. She corrected it right away. The Greeks, too, were having difficulty but refused to speak up even telling me to go talk to our American Supervisor, so because I did speak up I had some difficulty from the immediate Supervisor, a British gal. But that was also a learning experience, that is the way I am looking at all challenges. Met some interesting people, both fellow drivers and passengers. Dan Hicks, a sports newscaster at NBC, head of security, couple of producers, a three times gold winner athlete in the field of archery, to name a few. And I made a few bucks, too. All in all, it was a positive experience.

What did you think of the Olympics? Wasn’t the opening ceremony great? But I think the Chinese will put on a real extravaganza – enjoyed their part in the closing ceremony. We got a pretty good salary for Greece from NBC – no tips, just doing our job.

I’m at the crossroads right now in my life wanting to do something constructive but balancing it with time for myself. That’s even tougher with less money these days. Many thoughts float through my head. Example, I was at the Goulandris Natural History Museum recently and I had a thought – all these wonderful things to look at but the small little village schools on the islands have no chance to see them. I thought maybe I should get together a traveling, very small museum in my Motorhome and entertain/educate the children along with my animal awareness program all around the islands. Would take a lot of organizing but I am used to that. We shall see. My immediate goal, however, has to be simplifying my life, getting rid of all kinds of things I don’t need anymore. I must remember KISS – keep it simple, stupid.

it’s a politically incorrect christmas….that basically sums up christmas 2003. i have returned from hell. oops. i mean michigan. here goes nothing.

Left for detroit wednesday morning at 10. arrived at the grandparents house in the afternoon, and carol and eric were already there. same old same old. ed and laurice came later and we all had dinner. that’s when the fun begins.

i don’t ever really know how conversations begin at the dinner table, because i usually don’t pay attention. but i almost started crying all through dinner, because it was just beyond sit-com funny. and i don’t usually cry when i laugh. i had to try very hard to compose myself. i don’t know the order of the following events, but that’s ok.
1. according to grandpa (from here on known as gpa) michaelangelo was gay.
2. i don’t know how the topic of people to trust/not trust came about. but…the conversation sorta went like this
gpa: you know who you should never trust?
us: *brace for commentary on arabs and muslims*
gpa: those goddamn russians.
us: *that’s a new one. but communism is so 15 years ago*
gpa: *commences rant on why russians are evil*
the evil russians conversation ended with the revelation that my great grandfather, who lived in poland, was ok with germans. he could distinguish between hitler, who was a nazi you know (really?!?! i had no idea), and the german people who weren’t nazis. but those goddamn russians killed two of his nefews. took them out into the woods and shot them. so i guess my gpa can’t forgive the entire russian ethnicity for shooting his nefews in wartime.

now during this conversation, with my gpa ranting away about how all russians are theives and murderers, food continuously sprays from his mouth, decending upon my mom to the left of him and eric on the right. which was cause for much of my tear inducing laughter. it spurred on the comment that they were “a human shield with a different intent”

so dinner is done, but not without the running joke about how russians are evil, and not to be trusted – which went really well when eric unwrapped a bottle of vodka imported from russia.

it’s gifting time. we all pile into the living room. we find a religious calendar on the table.
ed: dad look what the arabs at the liquor store gave you when eric went to pay your bills
gpa: what’s on it? some rag head? oh it’s jesus
me: *dies laughing*

someone unwraps candles. someone mentions how gpa never let gma burn any candles in the house. because gpa hates them
gpa: you see the movies where people light 100s of candles to go to bed. I’d be too scared of fire to screw.
gma: what a wonderful way to die
along the same line, before that comment, was this
gpa: sara, some day when you have the time, i’ll tell you about mine and gma’s love life
me: that’s ok, i don’t really need to know that.

as long as we’re talking about sex, how about my gpa’s joke
gpa: 2 gays went to rob a bank. the one waited outside for the other gay, but he didn’t come out of the bank. So the 2nd gay went inside and everyone was standing around his partner. he asked what happened. A man said “some big dick strangled him to death”. The accomplis said, “what a wonderful way to die”

we’re still unwrapping gifts now. gpa unwraps a package of socks.
gpa: this isn’t no hanes or fruit of the loom. this is kmart’s best brand, texas steed. though i hate texas.

of course through the night, along with the running anti-russian jokes, we tried to figure out other countries we hadn’t yet attacked, bringing up korea (gpa: those goddamn korean kids don’t appreciate what the US did for that goddamn country), france, central america, etc….and of course, the rag heads.

this is the best part of my christmas. in bold so you actually read this part, while you ignore the rest of this post. i unwrapped a package of black socks from my grandma. something fell out of them. i looked down. IT WAS A FINGERNAIL. someone’s fake fingernail was in my socks ROFLMAO!!!! seriously. best christmas gift ever

so ends xmas at the mom’s family. bedtime and all that. it had started to snow that night, and i was rudely woken up in the morning by someone shoveling outside. the continuous scrape scrape of a shovel on the cement. so i got up expecting 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. THE PAVEMENT DIDNT EVEN HAVE SNOW ON IT. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY SHOVELING?!?!?!?!?

xmas at the dad’s family on thursday was and always is, rather uneventful. i don’t get any presents, and my 2 cousins and the 2 2nd cousins, get tons and tons and tons. whatever.

a few last gems. we go back to the grandparents house after xmas #2, and my gma is talking about our cousin gary. “Gary has a lovely, if you can call it lovely, trailer.” ROFL she also let us know that gpa tells her that if he had life to live over again, he’d do alot of things different in their marriage. gma replies that she would never marry him if she had to do it over again, and would probably become a teacher. LOL. she continued talking about how she hated being married, esp to my gpa, and blahblahblah. she told us if she knew about all the things he did as a teen, she’d never have married him. and from this we got a new story. about a fox. apparently when my gpa was still a juvenile deliquent, him and his buddies were driving around and saw a fox tied up to a tree. so my grandpa stole the fox and put it in the car and drove it back to his house. of course they didn’t know what to do with the fox at that point, and no one wanted it, so my grandpa tied the fox up to a tree in his backyard. his mother saw it and said to get rid of it, so i guess he just untied it and let it go. and the fox somehow made it up to the altar in some neighborhood church. the fox incident actually made the news paper – an article my grandma had read, about how a man was missing a fox, and how he found the fox because it walked right into the church and up to the altar. she had no idea it was my gpa who had stolen the fox.

michigan is sad. they’re not long for the world anymore. my gma looks like a corpse. she was laying on the couch sleeping with her hands folded on her stomach, and mouth hanging open, and she looked like a skeleton in a coffin. not happy. but as my mom put it, even tho my gpa won’t live much longer, it’s still so hard to be nice to him.

the shirt i wore on thursday dyed my skin purple. the purple won’t come off. we waited for 3 hours to cross the lewiston queenston bridge back into the US. it was our only wait out of all 4 border crossings.

who bought me a red chinese umbrella? because i now have one. it came in the mail. and i don’t know who it’s from. all i know is i didn’t buy it. lol. it’s rad. maybe tony got it for me, tho i don’t think he knew i wanted one. got carolyn’s xmas gift – the ziggy stardust movie – rad. em sent me the goodies she comandeered while interning at interscope records – 2 u2 photos, a trent photo, and jordan knight photo. hehe. i haven’t gotten any email or phone calls from leighanne, so i’m assuming she hasn’t met trent reznor on the streets of new orleans yet. still have to get together with adr and danielle for xmas, and mail eric’s gift to him since he’s never home. i don’t think i have his address tho. i’m not sure if i mailed him an xmas card or not lol. whatever. then i have tony and brian’s gifts here for whever i see them.