nin tour song stats

there exists a site ( that makes counting how many times i saw certain nin songs alot easier than me going through all my setlists. so this didn’t cut and paste very well but here it is. btw, i changed 2 of them because the site has the Erie setlist wrong, they list march of the pigs twice instead of mr.self destruct so i fixed those 2 numbers.

Total Shows Attended 51
Total Unique Songs Seen Performed 97
Total Songs Seen Performed 1181

1 Ghosts I 2
1,000,000 11
17 Ghosts II 3
19 Ghosts III 7
21 Ghosts III 1
25 Ghosts III 1
31 Ghosts IV 7
5 Ghosts I 6
6 Ghosts I 1
8 Ghosts I 2
999,999 8
Atmosphere (Joy Division cover) 1
Banged And Blown Through (Saul Williams cover) 1
Beside You In Time 17
Burn 39
Closer 48
Complication 1
Corona Radiata 1
Dead Souls 13
Deep 2
Discipline 11
Down In It 9
Echoplex 10
Eraser 26
Even Deeper 12
Every Day Is Exactly The Same 7
Final Solution (Pere Ubu cover) 2
Gave Up 48
Get Down, Make Love 2
Getting Smaller 2
God Given 8
Gone, Still 2
Head Down 9
Head Like A Hole 51
Help Me I Am In Hell 15
Heresy 8
Home 6
Hurt 50
I Do Not Want This 3
I’m Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie cover) 3
In This Twilight 7
Into The Void 9
Just Like You Imaged 1
Kick In The Eye (Bauhaus cover) 1
La Mer 12
Last 7
Letting You 10
Lights In The Sky 1
Love Is Not Enough 17
March of the Pigs 51
Me, I’m Not 2
Meet Your Master 1
Metal 3
Mr. Self Destruct 10
No, You Don’t 8
Non-Entity 7
Now I’m Nothing 1
Only 40
Piggy 23
Pilgrimage 4
Pinion 27
Please 1
Reptile 22
Right Where It Belongs 15
Right Where It Belongs V2 1
Ruiner 4
Sin 13
Something I Can Never Have 20
Somewhat Damaged 11
Starfuckers, Inc. 8
Strange Kind Of Love (Peter Murphy cover) 1
Suck 33
Survivalism 22
Terrible Lie 44
The Becoming 3
The Beginning Of The End 7
The Big Come Down 17
The Collector 8
The Day The World Went Away 7
The Downward Spiral 2
The Fragile 3
The Frail 32
The Good Soldier 6
The Great Below 1
The Great Destroyer 3
The Greater Good 7
The Hand That Feeds 48
The Line Begins To Blur 23
The Mark Has Been Made 1
The New Flesh / Pinion 3
The Warning 6
The Way Out Is Through 2
The Wretched 25
Vessel 5
Wish 51
With Teeth 5
You Know What You Are? 23

Wish and March of the Pigs was played at every show, Hurt at all but one.

This Is It

I ended up going to see the Michael Jackson movie, This Is It, by myself today. It was probably for the better, I didn’t cry, but quite a few times especially in the beginning I wanted to.

I don’t know where to start in “reviewing” it. I think it is a fascinating look into what goes into putting together a giant pop music spectacle. It’s also a great look at Michael as a person and as a brilliant performer. He knew exactly what he wanted from the band and the dancers and what was best for the “show”. (“it needs to simmer” haha) I think some people take it for granted, what a great talent he was. He wasn’t like pop singers now, who get songs handed to them, videos put together for them, and they just show up and do it. MJ had his hands in every aspect of his career – he wrote songs and music, he came up with video concepts, he choreographed, designed sets and costumes. He was an artistic genius, even if you are not a fan of pop music. The songs are just absolute classics, perfect pop songs. I forget sometimes. The movie showed him at his most comfortable, I think, at work, on stage doing what he loved. He was in control, he was himself. He was likeable, and not at all “weird”.

There were times where you could tell MJ was not giving it his all, since all this footage was just from rehearsals, and it was still fantastic. This was going to be a great show. I was so completely impressed at how much he actually sang. As MJ fans know (and Britney Spears fans ha), pop stars do not sing live alot. The HIStory tour was mostly lipsynched, and I expected that to hold true if these shows had ever happened. But nope, the majority of the songs they showed were sung live and were incredible. He still had quite the voice (though “black or white” seemed akward being sung high, same with the end of “earth song”). “Human Nature” is always a favourite of mine for showing off his voice and it didn’t disappoint. “The Way You Make Me Feel”, which I so badly wanted to see at my 2 HIStory shows, was great. “Thriller” had a funky cool ending and great visuals to go along with it. “Man in the Mirror” got to me, but like I said, I managed not to cry.

I wish they would have shown more of the aerialists and “pole dancers”, or mentioned what song they were performing in at the very least. That could have been amazingly cool (I can only hope it was “Who Is It”, since it was being played during that part, but I doubt it).

The filmed bits for songs like “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller” were cool and had a musical theatre vibe to them that I liked. But I’m slightly disappointed that the routines were all from the past. For MJ wanting to give people something they hadn’t seen before, seems odd that there was no new choreography in the show. I understand it’s hard when these songs are so classic, with videos so iconic, people don’t want to see an all new routine for “Thriller” etc. I admit, I too want to see these iconic moves, but there are songs such as “They Don’t Care About Us” that didn’t have a hugely choreographed dance sequence, which could have been reworked from the HIStory tour routine, but totally wasn’t. Oh and I could TOTALLY DO WITHOUT THE GIANT BLACK WIDOW SPIDER! Jesus christ, that was unnecessary.

I hate the orange pants. LOL I just hate orange. He looked good, though skinny, but healthy and completely able to perform. If he was in pain, as he said before, from knees or whatever, you couldn’t tell. He looked happy, and proud of the show he was going to put on. I don’t understand why he wore wigs out in the media, his real hair, curly and pulled back looked so much better. The dancers all looked so ridiculously excited to be part of the show, I feel bad they weren’t able to get to London, but happy they got the chance to at least work with him in planning it all.

Everyone who ever liked any MJ song should see this. Anyone who ever paid attention to him, even if just for the “freak show”, should see this. Any dancer or aspiring pop star should see this.

Now the depressing part…We shouldn’t be seeing this, we should have been seeing it for real in London. Blame can be laid upon many people, like the thisisnotit campaign claiming it’s AEG’s fault he died, to my personal belief that if the autopsy report says he was healthy, he shouldn’t have died, but he did because Conrad Murray gave him propofol. (goddamnit when is he going to be arrested?!?!). MJ had a drug problem, he had a doctor problem, he had a yes man problem. Yes, I think as thisisnotit does, that people should have stepped in at some point, but when was that point? Just now when he agreed to the shows and was overworked, or years ago when he started having a drug problem? This might have happened without preparing for a tour, or without AEG, as these doctors prescribing him anything were around regardless. It’s sad, but I am sure this is going to happen again to some other pop star (Britney? take notes dear). I don’t know how to fix this hollywood problem of doctors doing whatever celeb patients want, but it need to be fixed or we’ll lose more and more of our stars. In the end, ultimately this is where I think the blame lies…MJ wasn’t addicted to street drugs, he was addicted to things he could get (and did get) from his doctors like Arnold Klein. People gave MJ whatever he wanted, seemingly without a care. Someone should have cared.

I don’t know what else to say.

*edit* MJ wore an awesome long (thigh length) black coat with a black cross on the back at one point. want. want so bad!

wave goodbye

08.22.09 – new york, ny – bowery ballroom (capacity 550)
08.23.09 – new york, ny – webster hall (capacity 1400-2500)
08.25.09 – new york, ny – terminal 5 (capacity 3000)
08.26.09 – new york, ny – terminal 5
08.28.09 – chicago, il – aragon ballroom
08.29.09 – chicago, il – aragon ballroom
09.02.09 – los angeles, ca – hollywood palladium
09.03.09 – los angeles, ca – henry fonda theater
09.05.09 – los angeles, ca – wiltern theatre
09.06.09 – los angeles, ca – echoplex

RIP Michael Jackson. omg.

Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009.

I should say something shouldn’t I? I am not sure I have the right words. There are very few people in my life right now who were around back in the 90s when I became a Michael Jackson fan. There are only a few in my life right now who even know I ever was…so I don’t expect most people reading this to understand what I am feeling upon hearing about his death.

It is hard to express what MJ meant to me, because people have their own thoughts and opinions about him. But he “came into my life” at a time where his music spoke to me, and he had a huge hand in what I have become. People see his controversies and his plastic surgery, but there was much much more to him than that. He made a lot of mistakes with his life and his own PR but I truly believe he was a genius. It is tragic what he had become. But everyone needs to remember what he was, what he did for music and dance, the doors he opened for black performers, his impact on pop culture. He was an immense talent, and his influence can be seen in every dance move by today’s stars like Usher and Britney Spears, and dance troupes like the Jabbawokies and those other dancing tv shows. Any artist who denies that he was an influence is a liar.

I am more upset than I expected to be when this happened, considering I haven’t paid much attention to him in years. It is a shock, for sure. I joked that I didn’t think his London concerts would ever happen, but I didn’t think it would be because he died. I still thought about flying out there for a show every day, but now I have to be content with having had the chance to see him perform twice in 1997.

Despite whatever MJ had become, he was a great artist, a great man, he was a father, and a brother, and a human being. He didn’t seem to have much peace in life, I hope he does in death.

Anyone who has rude cracks to make about him or his death, please don’t talk to me.

U2 wishlist

been listening to live u2 (even the awful boston show with the worst setlist ever) and thinking of what i want in september…

new songs i’d like to hear for sure:
get on your boots

new songs i wouldn’t mind hearing but wouldn’t mind if they don’t play them
no line on the horizon
white as snow
cedars of lebanon
stand up comedy

songs i have not heard before but really really want to (which means i’ll hear none of them)
hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
do you feel loved?
last night on earth
love is blindness
so cruel
dirty day

songs i’ve seen but are still an absolute MUST
bullet the blue sky
until the end of the world
running to stand still
sunday bloody sunday
city of blinding lights
where the streets have no name (really only in this category cuz ppl would yell at me if i didn’t)

songs i’ve seen but wouldn’t mind seeing again
mysterious ways
who’s gonna ride you’re wild horses
even better than the real thing
stay (faraway so close)
walk on
beautiful day
staring at the sun
out of control (cuz i have to pick at least one old song)
love and peace or else

old songs i can do without
pride (for sure, please, just stop playing it)
i still haven’t found what i’m looking for
new year’s day

songs i absolutely DO NOT want to hear (which means they’ll play all of them)
moment of surrender
i’ll go crazy if i don’t go crazy tonight
miracle drug
all because of you
sometimes you can’t make it on your own (really, anything from how to dismantle an atomic bomb)
miss sarajevo
peace on earth

and i think that is it. cuz really, only cassie will read this.

music stuffs

i’m watching duran duran live at wembly arena 2004 on vh1 classic and am thoroughly enjoying it. it’s only an hour long sadly, so it’s really just the big hits and seemingly 2 “new” songs (aka ones i didn’t know). simon le bon sounds really good, way better than some other live things i’ve heard of theirs. wish i could have seen them at the casino on that tour.

in other music news…

lacuna coil released a new album, “shallow life”…produced by a guy who also worked with linkin park and avril lavigne…so i wasn’t really expecting much, and good thing. it is so completely mainsteam modern rock radio friendly. it is completely devoid of the “goth” creepiness factor that made them interesting when i discovered them 6 years ago (that long already!). “shallow life” lost most of the nu-metal, fieldy-on-bass sound of “karmacode” but it is just so so soooooo modern rock. it’s good for what it is, but it’s disappointing for what i want from lacuna coil. i’ve only listened once, will give it more time, but it’s nothing like “unleashed memories” and “comalies”…

i tried to buy julien-k’s album but have not been able to find it at hot topic (where they begged you to buy it in their newsletter…) downloaded it and i actually like it more than i thought i would. i had downloaded the ep last year and didn’t really care for it much. again, i need to listen more, but first impression is that it’s decent and listenable. the “kick the bass” video, which last time i checked was still on youtube, is basically porn. weird.

and i might have already mentioned it…new depeche mode “sounds of the universe”. it’s sorta chill and mellow. there are a few upbeat songs like “wrong” (which still sounds like marilyn manson and not u2 :P) but alot of slower things. i don’t know if i’ll end up listening to it much, instead i’ll stick with the singles discs and ultra. we shall see. i still want to see them in toronto tho.


i finished the first 5 ender books, and need to get the newest one. until then i borrowed The Stand from adr2 and bliss, and um…this other one by poppy z brite but i can’t remember the name. and i’m still reading atlas shrugged. i just keep taking time off to read other things haha.

and my laptop is back in service after the power cord finally bit the dust – after being bitten by kitty. and just in time, i didn’t know what i was going to do with myself while watching my shows tonight hahaha.

No Line On The Horizon

“no line on the horizon” officially was released today so i headed out to bestbuy to pick it up. they had all 4 versions on sale, the box set for $64 so i gave in and got that one. when standing in line at “media” stores i always check out what other people are buying. the guy in front of me bought the watchmen dvd and vicky christina barcelona. the old guy behind me, all i could see was u2’s slane castle dvd…then he notices that i’m buying the box set, so he asks me if it was for my daughter or did i like u2? daughter? why would he think i had a daughter? so he says he likes u2 alot too, and shows me his other items…under a blood red sky dvd and the new one, and says “i bought everything they had”…that was all they had? haha i think he would have talked to me for ages if i didn’t get to go to the next cashier.

the box set is very nice. they advertise that the digipack comes with a poster…which it does, but it is GLUED into the cd packaging. what the hell! it folds out but one square is glued into the digipack so you can’t cut it out to display it at all. stupid stupid. the box set has another regular poster, but it’s just the album cover on one side and a shot of the band on the other, while the one glued to the cd is really nice with 9 different b&w photos on one side, and fez on the other (i assume). the hard cover book is full of photos, hand written lyrics, and an interview with the 4 guys. it’s nice but i find myself completely uninterested in reading it haha.

i need someplace to display these box sets i’ve purchased without them getting filthy…ghosts was black cloth, and nloth is all white. neither one good for dust and cat hair haha

U2 “Cedars of Lebanon” review

Cedars of Lebanon: Another storytelling song, but very reminiscent of “If You Wear That Velvet Dress” or “Your Blue Room”…talking over low music, not subject mater. And then it just ends…The whole album just ends. That was odd. Ok the song…it’s really almost just spoken word, apparently about a war reporter. Another grown up sort of song, and again not something I’d usually be very into, but it’s well done.

Grade: B – it’s interesting, will have to listen more

As a whole….At first few listens, it’s not awful. It’s still U2, but it doesn’t sound like cookie cutter, U2 by numbers, like the last album (or 2). I wouldn’t call it ground breaking the way Eno/Lanois/U2 have been describing it. It certainly is not “molten metal from mars” and maybe Bono should not be allowed to talk about their recordings before the album comes out haha. Despite what other reviews say, there is not much sonic adventure, which I think would be necessary for something to be “ground breaking” (unless you count organs and random horns for no reason). I really can’t hear ANY sort of musical experimentation in any of the songs.

In a way it also doesn’t seem like a lot of fun either. It has peppier songs, but it seems very heavy for some reason. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, there is no overarching sound that wraps everything into a cohesive album. I was reminded that it was recorded in 4 locations, so maybe that’s it. You can group songs together….”White as snow” and “cedars of lebanon”…”unknown caller” and “crazy”…”breathe”, “magnificent”, “stand up comedy” and i guess you’d have to throw “boots” and “no line on the horizon” in that group too. “fez-being born” and “moment of surrender” are sort of both on their own. There doesn’t seem to be any strong singles, I can’t really imagine any of the songs on the radio – even the ones that I like. I figure they’ll go with “unknown caller” and “crazy” as singles because they are “safe”.

It’s going to take a few more listens to make a final decision as to if this is going to sit on the shelf along side Bomb and All That You Can’t Leave Behind. I have to remember that in my past experiences with U2, I have to let albums sit unlistened to and then go back to them to really appreciate them (though that didn’t work with Bomb, it’s still not good).

the end.

U2 “Breathe” review

Breathe: Rocking guitars, absolute “Rattle and Hum” feel to it. I sort of expect a harmonica in there like “Trip through your wires” or “Desire”. Vocals are quick and monotone, in a good way, but I could do without singing about cockatoos and joo joo man LOL. Nice piano work. Part of the guitar makes me think of recent Depeche Mode too. “the people we meet will not be drowned out. There’s nothing you have that I need, I can breathe.” “the war that lies on the other side of silence”…very nice. I do absolutely hate, in all recent u2 songs, Bono’s need to sing part of the chorus in a forced high note, it’s unnecessary. The music is so good, the piano would be great if someone (ie Bono) really plays it live. Really love the piano.

Grade: A – best song on the album

And speaking of depeche mode, they apparently have an album coming out in april. first single “wrong”…video was released the other day. it’s sorta creepy but neat. the singing of the word “wrong” throughout the song sounds like marilyn manson. it’s not bad tho. they’re playing toronto in july, molson ampitheatre, so i should be able to afford lawn tix this time around.

tomorrow, the last song “cedars of lebanon”