I was at work and we were told to go see this dentist for a free check up, so I went, figuring why not, it’s free. Turns out the dentist would look at your teeth and then promptly proceed to pull out your pointy canine teeth. Like, wtf. So he pulled out both my teeth, and all these other coworkers had gone, and we’re all walking around missing those teeth. I was super upset about it, and Zach one of my old students found out after a few days we could go back and get the implants put in. But I could never figure out where to go to get them done, and still none of it made any sense to me. So I ended up at my real dentist so he could look at my tooth holes and figure out what to do. He ended up taking me to Las Vegas. We were in Caesar’s and Celine Dion was performing, but she didn’t have her own show room she just performed on the casino floor, you didn’t really need a ticket unless you wanted to be up front. So we went back stage into her giant hotel suite, and a bunch of other rich fancy people were there hanging out. Somehow I started to suspect my dentist and all these people were vampires. They’d talk about how old they were and how long they’d been coming to hang out in this suite, and I was like, are you guys vampires, and they would say, nooo. Then they’d talk about something else vampire-y like buying coffins, and I’d be like, are you vampires, and they’d say no. There was something about my dentist’s baby dying because it fell off the roof or balcony and landed on a submarine sandwich, so no one was allowed to eat subs anymore. And something else about how no one was allowed to say the word “poker” because of something else traumatic that happened to this group of people/vampires. I wanted to go gamble because I was getting bored up there, but now that I knew about these people I couldn’t leave. Since my dentist seemed so all powerful and rich, I asked if they could get me a private table set up in the room to play, but he said no. Then it changed and my dentist and some other guy were driving me around looking for locations for them to take over, for their coffins or lair or whatever, even tho nooo they weren’t vampires. So it was really urbex-y, looking at these abandoned places, including one super industrial site, that was full of electricity transformers and elevated railway tracks that were all covered in ivy and looked super awesome.


Dreamed my friend Melissa lived near Darien Lake and when we were going out there she said to stop by her house, which was practically in the parking lot. All the times we had been at her house before she never let us inside, for whatever reason, but this time she did. Turns out she had a lot of people living with her. Instead of having 3 kids like in real life, she had 5, which she all let live with her. And a few of them were adults, so they had partners and their kids living there. So the entire house was full of people, sleeping on every flat surface. So we went back outside and there were still more people. Because beyond the immediate family, she had like 8 sibilings who she all let live there, with all there kids, and they were everywhere. Everyone was asleep, laying on the ground and lawn chairs, just, everywhere. There was no where to walk, you basically had to step on people, kids, babies. Then I realized there had been so many people living there, they couldn’t all eat, so outside there were a ton of dead bodies, mostly babies, and you had to step on them, and crush them, and there were little skeletons everywhere. I was so grossed out and disgusted that I had dead people on my shoes.


2nd dream that Melissa and Harold stole my phone and when I got it back they had taken over 200 photos trying to get dick pics. But it didn’t really work, so there weren’t any actual dick pics on my phone haha.


I was at a bar with cassie and trent reznor showed up, apparently he worked there. he was behind the bar walking around, and his wife showed up to talk to me. we were like, barf, eye roll, and everyone else is like, she’s so hot. but they were talking and he clearly was so happy it made him look so super hot. so i was like fine, i’ll accept her and let her stick around if it’s going to make him that happy and that hot looking. so she left, and trent started talking, cuz it wasn’t work, it was some kind of fan gathering. and he was talking about his kids and how he never thought he’d like to have kids but how great they were, and again, he was clearly happy. then it wasn’t just a bar but also a kitchen, and he grabbed some food to start cooking. and we were like holy shit, trent is going to cook for us. cuz apparently trent was previously trained as a chef, not a pianist. everyone realized something crazy was happening and started taking photos etc with their phones, but we weren’t because we knew it would piss him off and we didn’t want to do anything to get in trouble and miss out. i did post on facebook though that trent was about to cook for us. we got steered to this other area to find seats for dinner. it was going to be a random selection of people who got to eat what trent made, cuz there were too many people for him to cook for everyone. the rest of the people got to eat what his team of chefs were making. people were still on their phones. so security came in and picked cassie and 3 others to leave and i was like oh no! i didn’t know what she or the rest of them did wrong that they got asked to leave. but then i thought maybe it wasn’t for bad things, but maybe for good, like they knew she was a foodie. then security picked me out and used me as an example to the rest, and told me to empty my pockets and surrender my phone, cuz they didn’t want anyone taking pictures of the food. so i did, but didn’t see the point in emptying the rest of my pockets, cuz i had money and chapstick and ibuprofens, but they said no i had to empty everything. people still didn’t want to surrender their phones, but if you didn’t, you didn’t get dinner. trent came out and said what he made and what the other chefs made but even in the dream i couldn’t remember what he said, so when they started serving, i didn’t know if i ended up with trent’s food or not.


crazy exploring dream: i was going to check out a new location that was supposed to be a school before my friend came into town. i googled it and the satellite view/street view made it look just like central terminal, and i was like “come on now google, that can’t be right” but then i realized it was just the same general shape as the terminal, it was located near by, but it was an actual different building. so i went by to check it out, it was late in the day, so i wasn’t going to spend much time there. i was making my way through a bunch of rubble and 2 other people showed up, these explorers i knew from instagram, and then 2 others, one gay guy and a female. i was like, well for this being a “new” location it’s pretty popular. so we found a broken open wall and went inside. and it was no school. it was an entire abandoned town inside the walls of this building. there must have been some harry potter cloaking shit going on, like hogwarts, to make it look like this entire town was just an abandoned school. the town looked like it was just completely abandoned all at once, like everyone just walked away. there were tons of cars all over, mostly 57 chevys in perfect condition, and then some vw buses. we got in one of the cars and started driving for miles through this town. i thought we were making way too much noise but no one else was worried about it. i figured someone would still hear us “inside the school” and call the cops. we drove by a bunch of row houses, all full of people’s personal stuff, but none of the buildings had windows. like all the windows had been removed and reused when the town was abandoned, not that they were all broken. because this town was perfectly intact. no one knew that it was there, no graffiti, no vandalism. so we wandered around, but i didn’t get my photo gear out since the daylight was fading and i was going to come back the next day with my friend. i took some cell phone shots but that was it. there was so much cool stuff to see, and it was so big i kept saying i was gonna come back and just camp there for a week, exploring everything. i kept being amazed that this town was sitting there unknown in the middle of buffalo. at one point we were walking around and you could see the brink of niagara falls and i was like, how is this possible that we are on the edge of the falls. then we realized there was some sort of glass we were looking through and we were actually below river level. there was some really nice ballroom we found, and the gay guy started playing a pipe organ, and again i was like, dude, not stealth, we’re making way too much noise. we finally decided to leave and ended up going out a door that ended up on the sidewalk, i turned to the others and said, we can’t tell ANYONE about this, since other explorers suck and ruin everything. of course we walk outside just as a security guard is walking by. he didn’t seem to mind that we were clearly coming out of the place, but he did say that on monday a bunch of dirt was getting delivered to bury all the entrances. we were bummed that this town was going to disappear again.

then i dreamed i was being held down in bed by invisible forces i assumed to be demons. i was trying to fight them and get them to let me go but it was too hard. then i heard my friend mary’s voice saying that i couldn’t give up and i had to fight them off.

then i dreamed that pano’s restaurant was in niagara falls and more like salvatore’s italian gardens, with these weird giant talking head statues. i was trying to find my mom’s car to put mr kitty in it while we ate and couldn’t find it. i kept wandering the parking lot that kept getting bigger and bigger, and i walked by groups of tourists who came in on buses. there were a bunch of kids trying to catch an all white flying squirrel. there were lots of power lines and a bunch of animals had gotten caught in them and were being electrocuted, and so much electricity was coming off these animals that any kids that were underneath them looking at them started getting electrocuted too.

insane dream

dream: I had gone with my parents to this giant resort spa place that had the weirdest decor. the place was huge but it was decorated everywhere with mannequins. i was wandering around, really looking for these custom ovens i had heard about that an artist designed that looked like horror movie characters were coming out of them, cuz i wanted to tell phil about them. the place was huge, and you didn’t really stay in single rooms with the people you went with, but giant communal rooms. so i found the room the adults would stay in, and i found a room for real little children that was full of toys, and more weird mannequins. i finally found the room that teens or young adults stayed in, and i left my bag there. the beds weren’t really beds but like dental chairs, that reclined back into almost flat beds. they all had numbers, and then in the front of the room there were numbered tables where you could leave your stuff. i had picked chair 12, and then left wandering again. i found this room that was completely just a sort of exhibit with mannequins, of a 1950s beach scene, complete with water and waves made out of plaster. i left the room to go find my parents to half joke around that we were not at a spa resort, but at a wax works horror show and we were all going to be turned into the mannequins. at some certain time we were forced to go to bed, so i went back to the large young adult room, and someone had taken my chair so i had to find another one, so i took chair 16. there were almost like groups of chairs, you could barely discern one group from another but they were just ever so slightly closer together than other chairs, and i was expecting jason to show up, so i picked a chair that had vacancies near it. there was this red headed girl next to me, who i had seen around. a guy took the one in front of me, and jason did show up and took the one kitty corner. i started joking around that we were in a wax works and going to be turned into mannequins and they joked that they agreed, but you could tell we weren’t really joking. the whole place was weird. i joked that the red head girl was in on it because she was too normal, and perfect looking. this black guy walked by and he was all sort of jolly and joking around, and i was like see, we’re in a horror movie, he’s the funny black guy providing comic relief. and no one better have sex, cuz you’ll die right away. then all the lights went out for our forced bed time. it was completely pitch black. after a little bit we heard someone outside start yelling “everybody!!” and we were like wtf….and they’d yell it again. you couldn’t see anything cuz it was so dark. finally they come in, and it’s a band…some like…electronic/dance band like fatboy slim, or daft punk and they start performing. and the whole thing turns into this giant party full of debauchery. and that’s how it is every night after that. we never see any of the adults again, every night is this giant mardi gras like party full of craziness. jason and i still think it’s mega weird, a few others do too, but everyone else is like “this is the best resort ever” with secret parties the adults don’t know about blahblahblah. one morning we’re all being herded out to some activity and the whole thing feels really weird…like this is when we get sent out to become mannequins. even though i don’t remember any other activities the place provided us, it really has a cult like feel. so jason and i are walking in the big group towards this activity and he’s like, do you really want to do this, and right away i say no. then we see what it is we’re going to, those sensory deprivation pods, and i’m like NO WAY i am not going in one of those, they’re going to do something to us. so he’s like ok let’s leave. i didn’t think we’d be able to because there were security guards everywhere, but we decide to just walk by them. one of them calls my name and i just say NO at them, and they let us keep walking. we pass other groups of security guards who look like they’re going to stop us but then they just let us go. there are people near the doors handing out “swag bags” of literature on the cult, but we don’t take them even tho i am sort of interested to see what they said, for purely sociological reasons. we get outside and are in this chain link fenced in walkway, sort of like a prison, but it’s a pathway and exit, it’s just disorienting, and it doubles back on itself, and creates optical illusions while you walk. but we keep going and we see a delivery truck, or like an ice cream truck style vehicle with a rocket launcher on it, and we’re like, wow this really is a militant cult, we weren’t imagining it. and we seem to escape safely with no issues but somehow we know, we’re never going to get left alone really, we’re going to have ppl tailing us and trying to get us back into that weird resort.


dream about exploring again. this time 2 dreams about the steel plant in ohio i went to with alex last summer. we were there again, and i think almost getting caught again. we split up to try to make it out, he went alone, and i went with old friend angela. we ended up walking through a little neighborhood on site, it must have been the company town where the workers lived. supposedly it was abandoned too, but there were newish cars/trucks in every driveway still. but no people anywhere. so we’re walking through, and a car is suddenly coming toward us, so i say “it’s time to do what we normally do, and act like we belong here” and it drove by. then a security truck comes by, same thing, we just act like there is no reason for us not to be there and it ignores us. so we get back to the blast furnaces where we have to exit, alex is waiting for us, and unlike when we came in the sun had burned away the last of the rusty metal, so there are tons and tons of holes in the metal walkway that we have to go on that weren’t there when we entered. some are so big we have to find alternate ways to get around. one we couldn’t pass so i’m like, turn around and go in that room, maybe there is something we can put across to walk on. the room is a little kids bedroom, with a bed and toys and stuff. so we grab some books thinking we can layer them across the hole, as if it’s going to support our weight. at least we found tape to tape the books together haha.

and dream i was late for work because i fell asleep while driving there twice.


dreamed i was exploring some factory with alex and coworker monika, but it was semi active and we got caught ( i think it was her fault). the security guard took us into the main office of the factory, and was going to cuff us, but for some reason didn’t. i kept thinking, this isn’t a cop, this is just a security guard so he can’t cuff us, and he can’t himself arrest us. so we’re in the office, and finally i’m like, can you please let us go, we aren’t like normal explorers who come to steal and vandalize, we’re just photographers, we weren’t harming anything. but the guy was all like shut up we don’t care we’re gonna arrest you. so we’re in the office still, and now it’s been an hour, and the manager is there, and i’m like “god it’s been an hour and you haven’t done anything yet, just let us go” and i guess he did, after a bit longer wait, cuz then we just left.

then dreamed i was exploring the richardson complex, but it too was semi active as a hospital still, and i was almost caught again. i went into some area, that used to be the chapel and used to be locked up (but it was really the chapel area from Eastern State Penitentiary that Lei and I talked our guide into letting us go in). the fact that it wasn’t locked tipped me off to the idea the area was being used. sure enough saw some people, so i had to hide. i ended up hiding in someone’s therapy group and participating in the session. after i went out nonchalantly like i belonged there, and went looking for my car. i got stopped by one of the people from the group who asked me what i thought about it, so i made stuff up about how helpful i thought it was and blahblahblah (and this guy was actually one of my white bacc players from work). i told him i lost my car and had to go to the other side to look for it, so i left before he got suspicious, but somehow ended up on a roof of the building. i had to climb through a window in a ceramics classroom (because apparently, it was also being used as a school). and the roof was covered in hay, like a thatched roof. i guess i wanted an above look at the lots for my car. so i’m on the roof and i run into another patient from the group, sitting over the edge of the roof on this part that is jutting out. i didn’t know what to do, if she was suicidal or whatever, and if i should tell someone. so i was just like, oh i’m looking for my car i think it’s that one over there cuz the bumper stickers looked familiar (obama stickers) but then i realized it wasn’t my car, so i left to go back through the window. i had to lift myself up into it though, and it was hard to do, plus there were ceramic things on the window sil that i was sure i was going to break and some kid was going to be sad, and they were going to know that someone went through the window. i managed to get in, and then i heard meowing, and mr kitty was on the roof too. he was going to have to jump a long way to get into the window, but he managed.

election results

as a liberal, of course i am happy with last night’s election results, of obama’s victory, of 3 more states legalizing gay marriage. i really can’t fathom people’s extreme levels of discontent. it’s not like we elected W again hahaha 🙂

last night i dreamed i was dating the president. every time he picked me up for a date in his presidential limo it rained. and one time, his limo driver opened the door for us and the door fell off. i was like, wtf kind of shitty presidential limo do you have that the doors fall off!! then i had a thought that it was sabotage and someone put a bomb in the car, god father style, and it was gonna blow up. but it didn’t. then i realized my neighbors probably hate when he comes to pick me up, cuz of the whole motorcade and secret service dudes and everything.


dream: i was exploring with david. we were going to this hospital that was really really easy to get into, which meant everyone went, but i wanted to go anyway. it was called cargill even though it was not related to the grain elevator or company. so we had to climb a ton of stairs to get to the top floor of the hospital, and i was on the phone with my mom getting irritated that she wouldn’t hang up. when we got to the top floor, it was still at sea level, or a few stories above, and it was on an island so there was water all around. the hospital had floor to ceiling windows, so you could see all around, and i was trying to take a photo of the city, presumably detroit, with my cell phone. but it was windy, so the buildings kept swaying, and i couldn’t hold my hand still to get a clear photo. then my mom was there, and it was her first exploration. the floor was an open plan, with hospital beds and desks scattered around. looking out the window there were 3 boats parked really close to the building/island, and since we were pretty much at sea level, i was pretty sure they could see in the hospital and see us. one boat was like a tug boat, one was military looking, and another was just a boat with people on it. then we could see a guy coming off the boat and into the building, and i was like, yeah, crap, they see us and we’re gonna get in trouble. david insisted they couldn’t see in cuz of the glare on the windows. but then the guy came in, obviously he could see us. i told my mom to drop down on the ground, and we tried to hide, but it was stupid cuz he clearly saw us. but he didn’t say anything. then 2 other military guys came in and joined the first guy. they crouched in front of the windows and then just open fired through the glass to the boat below. i was like omg, they’re shooting them. but there didn’t seem to be anyone getting hit with bullets, so i thought they must be shooting blanks, even though something had gone through the window and made holes. i think i tried to get up, and the one gun man turned his gun on me and shot. again i wasn’t sure there were real bullets in the guns since i didn’t get it, (well he didn’t aim at me, he aimed next to me, as if just to scare me, but there was no bullet that hit the floor near me either). finally we were like, we gotta get out of here, so we started running away and back down the stairs with a bunch of other people, who i guess had been in the hopsital with us. on kid was playing with the empty shells from the guns, so i was like, oh i guess they must have had real bullets, and i want a shell as a souvenir!


dream: i was going to the albright knox art gallery with Jason M to see a special exhibit. it cost me $39 to get in and cost him $72 because he had to pay for parking, and that was very high, considering th museum used to be free. we got to the exhibit and i had to sit down because i was just so overwhelmed. i wanted to cry, but kept saying, don’t cry stupid, it’s just art. but then leighanne was there, and she was crying too so i felt it was ok to cry. Jason gave us tissues. the art wasn’t anything super amazing. it was no sistine chapel, it was more modern type of art, some lichtenstein-esque pieces, some installations, like a gnome fairy house thing with green fur for grass. there were little worry dolls that looked like u2. there was lots and lots of stuff. on the way out we were looking at the gifts, and leighanne wanted a calendar, so she asked for one, and the price ended up being $79, for a freaking calendar, but she bought it anyway so she wouldn’t look stupid saying she didn’t want it. the guy behind the counter tried to sell it to me too but i was like no way. whatever i did buy tho was still expensive, and the guy just took my whole wallet to go through for the money, as if i didn’t know how to count money.

in real life…it’s 80 degrees out…on march 20th. w.t.f. this has been the weirdest winter ever. at my house, i maybe got 8 inches total. there were 4 separate snow falls that could have used a snow blower, but i only used it twice, because every time the weather forcast would say it was going to be 40 degrees a few days later, so i just let the snow sit there until it melted. i don’t think my yard ever froze through, and i already planted some peas. we are in for it this summer i think. my AC better get fixed since the guy never came to fix it last JULY! i’m sitting outside on my deck on my laptop, which i can barely see cuz it’s so sunny haha